Lost in Lavender by Patricia Kiyono

I received Lost in Lavender by Patricia Kiyono as a review copy from StoryOrigin and am thankful to them for the same.

The blurb:

Selina Davison once enjoyed life as a countess, but when tragedy struck, she learned to take care of herself. Thanks to her skill creating hats adorned with realistic silk flowers, she’s built a successful business as a milliner. When a handsome gentleman stumbles into her shop asking for directions, she remembers and yearns for the joy of having someone to share life’s ups and downs.

As the second son of an earl, James Benton could enjoy his social privileges, but the concerns of the gentry hold no interest for him. He’s much happier to be outdoors, tending to his plants, which never judge him. His peerage connections help him secure the position as landscape architect for the winter garden in Highgate, but no one warned him of how complicated the personalities involved would make the job.

A sweet, light Regency romance.

The story:

Selina Davison is a milliner who started her business from the widow’s dowry that she received when her husband and mother-in-law passed away in an accident. The only child of her parents, she had learnt sewing from her mother who was a seamstress. Being a countess, she used to sew as a hobby, but after she had to leave the mansion, she used it to keep herself afloat. She manages to make her ends meet and lives frugally. She makes hats with beautiful handmade flowers and these hats are quite liked by the fashionable ladies.

James Benton, the second son of an Earl, is a horticulturist and wants to be a landscape architect, much to the disappointment of his parents. So when he gets a chance to build a winter garden for a wealthy patron of the Royal Horticultural Society, he takes it and ends up in Highgate. He has an awful sense of direction. One day, when he is on the way to meet his client, he loses his way and Selina helps him.

My take:

I picked up this Regency romance after many years and really loved reading it.

The characters have been described beautifully and the feel of those old days has been beautifully portrayed by mentions of trunks, firewood, candles and even sinks on trunks. Though the story moves at a comfortable pace, but the suspense kept me glued till I finished the book.

I loved the descriptions of the people, places and scenes and also the conversations between the characters.

I loved the book and am looking forward to reading more from the author.

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