You’re stuck with me for life by Venuka Goyal

I received a review copy of You’re stuck with me for life by Venuka Goyal from the author and I am thankful to her for the same.

The Blurb:

Neeti and Ronit both ended up in the city of Indore in central India as tragedies struck their families.

When Neeti got married to Ronit, all she wanted was to get away from her mentally unstable mother and get into a household that allowed her the freedom to work as a school teacher and the freedom to drive a car. In return, if she had to take care of her in-laws and manage the household, she was okay with that. Having witnessed her mother’s utter inability to deal with life after her father’s untimely demise, Neeti was determined to be self reliant and to never have expectations from anyone. If she didn’t expect anything from anyone, she would never be disappointed, and never end up like her mother who had forgotten how to live.

When Ronit got married to Neeti, he just wanted to get a daughter-in-law for his parents. His father had refused to undergo the bypass surgery that the doctor had recommended unless Ronit got married and Neeti came along at the right time. Living in a joint family setup with his parents and his younger college-going brother, Ronit was okay sharing a room with his mother’s daughter-in-law. He didn’t necessarily want a wife for himself. Having tried his hand at love and having failed at converting his previous year-long relationship into a love-marriage, he was not convinced that a woman could be both the wife that he wanted and the daughter-in-law that his family insisted on.

Ronit and Neeti had made their expectations with regards to their marriage clear from the very beginning and in the last one year of being married they had both held up to their end of the bargain. Love was never a priority. It was something deemed so unimportant that neither of them brought it up before the wedding. Nor did they ever talk about it over the entire first year of being married. Will Neeti and Ronit continue to live in a loveless marriage, taking it simply as a responsibility? Or will love sneak up on them on a road-trip to Ranthambore?

The Story:

Neeti and her mother moved to Indore where her brother worked as a scientific officer in a research facility after the death of their father which had affected their mother badly and all they wanted was for her to have a change of environment. She even lost her boyfriend in this process. Neeti was then in the first year in college. After completing her education, she started working in Indore as a school teacher.

Ronit moved to Mumbai from Indore to work in the creative line and fell in love with Vaishali, his coworker. He had just proposed to her when he received a call that his father had a heart attack and was asked to take things slowly. So Ronit had no option but to move to Indore to manage the family business.

Neeti decides to get married to the first not-too-creepy guy as long as he accepts her conditions and Ronit fits the bill.

And Ronit decides to get married to a complete stranger just so that his father gets his bypass surgery done. And Neeti fits the bill.

My take:

The story starts in December 2010 and moves in a fast forward way till December 2017 when Neeti and Ronit decide to make a trip to Ranthambore to celebrate their first anniversary.

A simple story of an arranged marriage where in both the girl and the boy decide to get married for reasons other than love.

The language is simple and the descriptions detailed. The story depicts the feelings of both Ronit and Neeti. I loved the relationship between Neeti and her in-laws. The author has stressed more on the present and given the back story in such a way that we get an idea of how they react to the situation.

I enjoyed the book and would recommend it one and all.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary conpensation for the same.