Book Blitz ~ Karma’s Dilemma by Karma

~ Book Blitz ~
Karma’s Dilemma
by Karma


About the Book:

Karma, a young man, knows very well who his soulmate is. Or so he thinks.

But, really, who is the one?

The posh Angela who he worships. Or is it Sana, the wild racer, who drives him crazy. Or is it Simi, the sensible psychologist, who puts him back together.

Or maybe there is no one for him because Karma’s deeds in his all-consuming quest as he scours the world have broken so many rules that, one day, karma, the immortal and unrelenting collector of soul-debt, comes calling for Karma, the mortal, himself.

The novel demonstrates the lengths one is willing to go to, the rules one is willing to break and the soul-debt one is willing to accumulate in the quest for a soulmate. Truly, everything is fair in love, even if not in war.

Will Karma the mortal outwit karma the immortal? Or will karma wipe Karma away…

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Read some Snippets from Karma’s Dilemma

~ Snippet 1 ~

Bengaluru, the city of gardens. The city with lovely weather. The city of the fashionable and the hep. The Silicon Valley of India.

No, that wasn’t my Bengaluru. My birthplace became a part of Bengaluru only when an estate agent wanted to sell you a house.

To understand why I wished for her, you also need to understand the background in which the wish was made. That established, the name of the small town where I was born was Hulimavu, which translated into English as sour mango. I haven’t been able to figure out exactly why someone would choose that name for a place, but I have a good guess; pregnant women loved sour mangoes and my town had a high birth rate. My town was fifteen kilometres from “proper” Bengaluru and its nearest claim to fame was being close to the Bannerghatta National Park, a forest reserve, where tigers lived in blissful ignorance of their nemesis, the army of sour mango eating women, whose children would probably take over tiger territory one day.


~ Snippet 2 ~

It was my mother who named me Karma. It so happened that my chosen name was Kumar, but I am told that the outspoken nurse, who looked after my mother at the hospital during childbirth, said: “Tell your husband that your undernourished body is not meant to be used as a child producing factory. You have already given him two sons, what more does he want? This child is not Kumar. He is karma, the karma of your husband’s lust, who almost took your life.”

“But he didn’t take my life. So, if he is anyone’s karma, he is mine. My good karma,” Mother replied and named me Karma.


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About the Author:

Dear Readers,

Before I tell you more about myself, I want to answer a question that might arise in your mind. Given there are already so many writers (some might think too many), the question is: Why should I write at all?

Simply, I write because I was not allowed to write. Or read, any book which had the word love in it. In my family, it was believed that reading about love lead to rebellion. I myself picked up the pen when my only child was six-months old. At that time, I was without a job. I wrote because there was a lot that I wanted to tell my child, even if one day in the future, to make sense of this world. Writing also helped me keep hope alive, one page at a time, as I went from one fruitless interview to another.

As my child took first steps, I reached a milestone of my own. I completed my first book; the story of a young man’s quest to find answers to life’s questions. A boutique publisher in Paris loved it and translated my work into French. I even found a job soon after.

I am choosing to write under a pen-name because I am at a stage in my life where I prefer and love anonymity. Once my child is older, I intend to write under my own name.

Many thanks for reading my post and I hope you enjoy reading my novels.

Happy Reading!




Murder in the Chowdhury Palace by Sharmishta Shenoy

41+Bj2IyM3LI received Murder in the Chowdhury Palace by Sharmishta Shenoy as a review copy from the author and am thankful to her for the same. This is a murder mystery full of twists and turns.

The blurb:

Orphaned in her childhood, Durga has always longed for wealth and security.She finds it all when she marries Debnaryan Chowdhury, heir to an immense, multi-crore estate. But there is a curse on the family, due to which the first-born of each generation dies young. When her father-in-law Birendrnath dies unexpectedly, Durga and Debnaryan come down to the ancestral home, near Kolkata. The Moment Durga enters her new palatial home, she crosses a threshold of terror. She loses her husband within a month of her marriage and inherits the estate. Family and friends believe that Debnaryan died due to the curse on the Chowdhury family. But is it really her bad luck that Debu died? Was Debnaryan’s death an accident? Everyone in her new family and the neighborhood appear to be sympathetic. Yet, most of them have a motive to kill her. Is she now on the murder’s radar? Or is she the master of the game?

The story:

Durga’s parents died in a car accident when she was six and she was brought up by her grandmother till she was 10 and then by her maternal uncle and aunt. Her aunt did not like her so she was sent to boarding school and her parents’ property was taken away from her. And while she grew up in poverty, her uncle and his family lived comfortably off her parents’ hard earned money. And she understood the value of money at an early age and promised herself that not only would she become successful in life, she would also become rich and famous.

In school, she had no friends but books and music for companionship and she loved physics and maths and wanted to become a scientist. She joined Presidency College for her undergraduate studies in Physics and met Nagendranath, Nag, her batchmate, an orphan like her and he became her friend and mentor.

She and Nag met Debnarayan Chowdhury while they were doing their Masters in Pure Physics. And the three of them became inseparable. Debu belongs to rich family but their family is cursed: the eldest son dies without producing an heir. Durga and Debu fall in love with each other and get married. And then they receive the news of Debu’s father’s demise. So Durga and Debu leave for Debu’s hometown and Nag goes to the USA for further studies.

In the village, the big joint family has problems accepting Durga, but her mother-in-law accepts her. And then Debu dies under mysterious circumstances and unexplained things start happening in the palace.

My take:

The cover is very apt for the title. And the book begins with a family tree which looks complicated but is easy to comprehend as the story moves. Though there are many characters in the book, but the way the author introduces them into the story does not confuse the reader.

The story has been written in first person from the point of view of Durga. And I was hooked to the book from the point where Durga introduces herself.

The characters, though many, have been introduced beautifully and it was easy for me to follow them without getting confused.

The story has love, friendship, family relationships, and most of all suspense and the twists and turns that keep coming up unexpectedly make the story unputdownable.

The author has developed the plot well and the suspense is not revealed till the end. Everytime I felt that I knew who was behind it, I would be wrong. The language used is very simple and easy to follow and the story is paced well. The scenes have been described in detail and that adds to the beauty of the story.

A must-read.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for the same.

The taming of the bachelor by Jane Porter

sheenan 4The taming of the bachelor by Jane Porter is the fourth book of the Sheenan Series and is the story of the fifth Sheenan boy, Dillon.

The blurb:

Dillon Sheenan refuses to be tamed…

After three years running the family ranch, sexy thirty-year-old Dillon Sheenan has a one way plane ticket out of Montana. He’s eager to put small town life, with its emphasis on brides, babies, and families, behind him as he’s certainly not interested in being a dad, or even ready to settle down.

Beautiful single mom, Paige Joffe, juggles a lot, between running Main Street Diner and coping with her money-pit of a Victorian on Bramble Lane. She doesn’t have time for anything but taking care of the loves of her life, Addison and Tyler, and working to pay down bills. But one date–and an incredibly hot kiss–with Dillon Sheenan wakes her up and makes her dream again.

Until she finds out Dillon’s already bought his ticket out of town…

Is Dillon about to break the heart of the only woman he’s ever loved?

The story:

Thirty year old Dillon Sheenan is the fifth and the youngest Sheenan boy. While studying at Marietta High, he was the only student to have earned perfect scores on the SAT. He graduated earlier and started Tutro, a biomedical engineering start-up with his best friend some help from his brother, Troy, and left everything to come home to his dying father.

Paige Joffe, 37, owner of Main Street Diner, came to Montana from Orange County around the same time that Dillon left Marietta. A widow with two young children, Paige had moved to Marietta so that her kids could be close to their grandparents, as her husband Lewis was from Marietta and in the same class as the twin Sheenans.

Dillon has had a crush on Paige since he had seen her three years ago but she is off limits because she is his sister-in-law’s close friend and he does not date McKenna’s friends.

Dillon loves his nieces and nephews but does not commit and he does not do long term and has decided that he would never have kids. And Paige has been stubborn all her life and would not take help from anyone as needing support, needing assistance made her uneasy. She felt as if she finally understood him but with understanding came a new distance.



So when Dillon gets a call from the board members of Tutro, the company he had co-founded and was kicked out of, asking whether he would like to return back, dangling all kinds of salary and benefit packages in front of him, he goes back to do what he does best, design, engineering, problem solving and innovation.

My take:

I loved the story and also how the author brings the characters and paced from her previous books in the series into this book as well. I felt as if I was there in the midst of all that was happening and the feeling of continuity gave me a satisfaction as I was reading the book.

The characters have been developed well and are realistic and their feelings have been described so well. I loved Paige’s kids and the interactions she has with them and also the interactions between Dillon and Paige and Dillon and the kids.

I enjoyed the story and loved the pace at which it flowed.

The next one in the series is about the fourth Sheenan boy, Cormac.


The Secret Love by Nisha Sahoo

51F1RY4vcVLSome books you pick up just because you like the blurb and some because of the cover. I picked up The Secret Love by Nisha Sahoo as I liked both the blurb and the cover:

The blurb:

Tania had different aspirations and dreams but guilt forced her to safeguard her father’s dreams. However huge debt by her father made her agree to an indecent proposal.
She could have still continued with her life if her family wasn’t so hell-bound with her fake husband. There was no escape for her, either she had to deal with this alpha mighty egoist man or return his money.

Read THE SECRET LOVE to find out what happened to Tania and her father’s dreams.

The Story:

Tania Sharma, the daughter of Anand Sharma, is an architect who works for a renowned builder in the city as a junior architect. And once her father passed away, she turned into a poor commoner from a pampered princess. She is upset to see her mother sorting out jewellery to raise money to clear the debt and decides to visit her father’s best friend to take help. But Mr Ahuja refuses.

Sahil Mehta, a visitor at Mr Ahuja’s office, sees her there and decides that he would marry her and tells his mother so, but Tania refuses to marry him. He then offers to buy her father’s business and she tells him that she would not sell as she would try to keep the studio.

Her long term boyfriend breaks off with her because she refuses to go to the US with him and then suddenly, Sahil tells her that he is ready to help her run the business, if she would agree to marry him as that would make his mother happy.

My take:

A simple story written in a simple language.

The characters are realistic and so are the conversations between them.

I liked the flow of the book, but I felt that the second half was a little rushed.

The Indian Prince’s Scandolous bride by Devika Fernando

51sFZkcEvcLThe Indian Prince’s Scandolous bride by Devika Fernando is a sweet read set in Rajasthan, India.

The blurb:

Wedding planner Ashley Davies has left England behind to organize a royal wedding in India. She’s expected a cultural shock and lots of unforgettable memories – but never in a million years would she have thought she’d fall in love. When the mysterious and irresistible Vivaan turns out to be none other than an Indian prince, it’s time for her to make a decision: risk everything for the sake of what feels like so much more than a holiday fling, or resist their forbidden attraction and save her job as well as her heart?
Prince Vivaan of Yogeshpur certainly doesn’t want to get involved in the organization of his brother’s grand wedding, but then a free-spirited and smart redhead from England captures his interest. Suddenly he finds himself eager to get to know a woman who would never receive his mother’s royal seal of approval. Should he give in to his feelings or stay away from the ‘scandalous’ wedding planner?

The story:

Ashley Davies is a wedding planner and co-owner of Cloud 9 Weddings in England. Their owner bags a contract to organise a royal wedding and so, she arrives in Jaipur with her assistant, Peter Atkins. While she is sightseeing in Jaipur, she meets Vivaan, a spice trader, who shows her around. The next day, she travels to the Palace where the royal family resides and meets them and is shocked when she is introduced to the brother of the groom who is none other than Prince Vivaan Arjun Dewar, a Royal of Yogeshpur, whom she had met as a spice merchant.

My take:

The story is interesting and is fast paced. I loved how Vivaan and Ashley meet. The scenes have been described in detail and could be easily picturized. The characters have been developed well and are realistic. The language is simple.

I loved the story and am looking forward to reading more from the author.

Seeking Love by Devika Fernando

51XnDoTaL-LSeeking Love by Devika Fernando is a sweet romance set in a small town in USA.

The blurb:

A small-town girl with a tragic past – an English billionaire with a secret – an old ranch that brings them together

When a handsome and infuriating stranger from England finds his way to the small American town Misty Springs and turns everyone’s lives upside down, Abigail is forced to question everything she’s ever believed in. Despite her reluctance, Thomas wiggles his way into her heart. Sparks fly, and nothing will ever be the same again. But just when she may have found true happiness, a secret threatens to destroy everything.

The story:

Abigail Jones was ten and her sister, eleven, when their father left them and their mother at Misty Springs, a small town in America. And Grandma Harris took them in hiring their mother as a housekeeper. Abigail was seventeen when her mother died and her sister went away to live with their father in the city and Grandma Harris became the only family she had.

Now at 27, Abigail collected everything that the people of Misty Springs, a small town in America, had once treasured and did not need anymore and sold at her shop, The Little Shop of Everything. To her, even man-made things had a life and even everything artificial had a story to tell. And then Grandma Harris passed away leaving her alone.

One day, an Englishman comes to her shop looking for a garage and helpful Abigail takes him to a mechanic. He is Thomas Parker who is at Misty Springs for some work and she takes him as a house guest.

But then, she comes to know who he really is….

My take:

A sweet, small town romance, this book has a warm, small town feel to it. Everyone helps everyone and everyone knows everyone. I loved the characters and the warmth they exuded. Abigail’s shop is a paradise, I would really love to visit it someday and listen to her stories. I loved the book and want to read the next in the series.


Locked in by Iris Darshi

51xOGKBC7KL._SY346_I picked up Locked in by Iris Darshi from the Kindle Unlimited Library because I liked the cover. This book is the story of Jiya and Dev.

The blurb:

Two hurt hearts, one locked room and a panic attack…Sometimes you have to be locked in to see you never wanted to escape…

Jiya is raised to be a perfect lady, she’s taught to obey, even if it is her husband asking for a divorce, after promising to love her forever. It’s okay. She’s fine. She just wants to sign papers with dignity and end it all civilly.

Dev is pissed. For five years, he worshiped the ground Jiya walked on. And what did he get for it? Loneliness and heartache. And while he wants to punch the wall, his beautiful wife is sitting demurely signing papers.

Fate intervenes in the form of two best friends, by locking them in the very room in which they signed their divorce.

What happens when two people who never stopped loving each other are forced to confront their mistakes?

The story:

Jiya and Dev met while they were doing their MBA and got married the second they finished their MBA.

Now, three years later, Dev is a poor start-up founder and she is an investment banker. And they have been fighting and arguing for the past two years.

Jiya feels that they are hardly a match, she being a boring career woman whose most exotic hobby is her flowerpots and he is an adventurous man who surfs, climbs rocks and used to laugh easily.

And now they are heading towards a divorce, which is being handled by his lawyer cum best friend Vardhan and Rohini, her best friend and lawyer.

Will this mean that five years of love, a defiant house wedding, three years of marriage and all silly dreams are over??

My take:

A short and simple story which has been written from the point of view of both the characters. Their emotions have been described beautifully.

As I was reading the book, I really wanted to know what would happen next and I finished the book in one sitting.

A Christmas Conspiracy by Reet Singh

41WEntQQVzLA Christmas Conspiracy by Reet Singh is one book I picked up from the Kindle Unlimited library and enjoyed.

The blurb:

Christmas has never been more complicated!

Goldie Gill works in a recruiting firm in Toronto and has had it with his mother’s single-minded desire to see him married off to a nice girl. Goldie has no wish to find himself a nice girl – he is perfectly happy living the life and hanging out with his cat, Billy.

It takes a chance encounter with a dusky, doe-eyed, scatter-brained beauty, just before Christmas, for Goldie to seriously reconsider his plans. But then, he learns that his meeting with the girl isn’t a happy coincidence – somebody has been meddling.

What is the conspiracy and how is Goldie going to get to the bottom of it considering that the girl has disappeared?

The story:

Goldie Gill, 32, works in a recruiting firm in Toronto and never bases his judgement on appearances at all but looks at work credentials and biodata followed by character references. And his mother, wants him to get married and is always on the lookout for a possible candidate which includes browsing dating sites. And he feels that he is perfectly capable of finding himself a partner if he needed one.

So when he is home for Christmas and when his mother mentions the word Marriage, he walks off to a café which sells horrible coffee to stay away from home. There, he meets a girl who is as irritated by the prospect of meeting a boy for matrimonial purpose as him.

My take:

This story is set in Toronto, Canada and is very warm and nice.

I loved Goldie’s mom the most and how she sets him up.

The language is simple and the story is fast paced.


About last night by Nidhi Javalagi

41Mzy0-GdNLAbout last night by Nidhi Javalagi is a short book of seventeen pages that I picked up from the Kindle Unlimited library as I liked the blurb.

The blurb:

She’s a runaway bride. He’s a superstar. Two different worlds. One unforgettable journey.
Sasha Surve has been stood up at her much awaited destination wedding in Goa. Humiliated and embarrassed she decides to run away rather than face the pity of her wedding guests. Her destination? Comic Con Mumbai. Except of course her car breaks down and she’s stranded on the highway at night.

Kabir Kapoor is India’s new heartthrob. He’s the guy who seems to have it all. He’s driving back to Mumbai when he finds a distraught girl on the side of the road and offers her a lift.

Thus begins a 10 hour journey from Goa to Mumbai that neither of them will ever forget.
Full of love, laughter and warmth, ‘About Last Night’ is a heartwarming story about heartbreak and healing.

The story:

Pune girl, Sasha Surve, had been stood up by her fiancé at the altar and to avoid a confrontation, she runs away to Mumbai from her destination wedding at Goa hijacking her own “Happily Ever After” car by promising the driver some extra cash. They are gone some distance and the car breaks down. As she is panicking, a car stops and it is driven by Kabir Kapoor, India’s hottest new superstar, who id driving to Mumbai and offers her a lift.

And the journey begins.

My take:

A book with two characters, though there are a few more, but this book focuses on just the two main characters.

The conversation between the characters just flows. The book is funny at times and I loved the easy banter between the characters. The author has developed the story giving a bit of back story which explain a lot of their actions. Overall, a nice book written in a simple language that left me wanting for more, maybe there would be a longer, better edited version of the story.


A Runaway Bride Sasha Surve Who While Making A Getaway From Her Destination Wedding In Goa Bumps Into The Bollywood Matinee Superstar Kabir Kapoor. The Overnight Road-trip From Goa To Mumbai Forms The Backdrop For About Last Night..


Memories in the Locker by Shobana Mahadevan

41oahnF-gVLHaving liked Shobana Mahadevan’s books, I picked up Memories in the Locker from the Kindle Unlimited Library.

The blurb:

I was engaged to my best friend. And I held a wonderful management position. I should have been ecstatic. But I was not. I realized that the original passion that I had for Sid had not dimmed with the passage of time. And my management position? Well, I had absolutely no passion for it! However, I was almost ready to grit my teeth, accept reality and move on when my whole world collapsed.

And while I was still struggling in the throes of depression, my dad passed away.
And it was during that lowest point in my life that I made a shocking discovery. I stumbled upon my dad’s past love affair. A past strong enough to haunt me. A past strong enough to make me undertake a journey to uncover my dad’s secret.
Did I uncover my dad’s secret? Will I have the courage to throw caution to the winds and follow my heart?

With the memories of my golden days still lingering in my mind, will I get a second chance?

The story:

Nikitha and Ankitha are twins and are as different from each other as chalk and cheese. They have grown up in a big joint family with four cousins in Coimbatore. Their father has supported the education of all the kids. Then Ankitha went on to do medicine and Nikitha went on to do her graduation in chemistry and followed it up with an MBA because people said that she could make more money from a management position and she wants to support her father financially. During her MBA at Chennai, she meets Siddharth, her senior, they become friends and he asks her to marry him. And then she meets his fiancée.

Now, five years later, Nikitha has been working in Bangalore since three years and her best friend has proposed marriage which she has accepted but is not happy. She still thinks of Sid. But then she is laid off and goes home when her father dies to find a letter in the locker, and she is off to solve the mystery.

My take:

The story has been written in first person from the point of view of Nikitha, Nikki and is about friendship, family and romance. The language is simple and the characters have been developed well. Though initially, it took me time to get a feel of the book, but then as we moved into flashback, I was hooked.

The conversations between the characters and the relationship that has been portrayed between Nikki and Prabha; Nikki and her sister and also between Nikki and Sid is very realistic.

The story moves from place to place, from Bangalore to Chennai to Coimbatore and them more.

A nice read.