Book Blitz: ASHERAH: THE WARRIOR PRINCESS A FANTASY ROMANCE (The Goddesses Trilogy Book 1) by Rubina Ramesh





(The Goddesses Trilogy Book 1)

Rubina Ramesh


Print Length: 257 pages
Publication Date: May 21, 2020
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Bound by duty…Longing for love.
Warrior Princess Asherah’s mission is to destroy the cruel godling, Sandor, who was feared both by men and gods. She is forced to seek the help of the ancient God and her husband, Lord El, whom she married at a young age. But there she falls in love with Lord El’s stable hand, Hanish.
Hanish knows his limits. He knew falling in love with Asherah was forbidden.
The Love…
They’re both bound by duty – one to her kingdom and the other to his master – and so they try their best to fight the growing attraction between them.
Will this forbidden love ever reach fruition? When Asherah discovers the truth about Sandor, will it sabotage her love for Hanish? Or will the truth about her marriage to Lord El destroy her forever?
Caught between three men, Asherah has to travel to her past to know her present. Will her heart finally recognize her true love? Grab a copy of Asherah now to find out.

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Mr & Mrs Sehgal (Mr & Mrs Series Book 1) by Madhuri Tamse

41QxLIKvgxLMr & Mrs Sehgal (Mr & Mrs Series Book 1) by Madhuri Tamse is the first book I picked up from the author.

The blurb:

Kabier and Aashi’s is a marriage of utmost convenience. Everything about the marriage is wrong yet Aashi falls for her tycoon husband who has no time for her. While Kabier is busy earning billions, Aashi battles her solitude until she decides to give up. Jealousy creeps in Kabier’s heart when his wife’s friend comes into the picture. Will Kabier realize Aashi’s worth? How will he woo her back?

A romantic tale of arrogant Business Tycoon Kabier Sehgal and his Former Miss India Wife Aashi Sehgal with sparks of attraction, love, jealousy, and a happily-ever-after.

The story:

Aashi Sinha was raised by her mother single handedly and had been modelling ever since she was ten. She was 23 when she won the Miss India paegent. Soon after, she had met Kabier Sehgal, a billionaire and spilt her drink on her him. And then he had proposed marriage to her and she had refused. But circumstances demanded that she marry him. Kabier, a born businessman and raised by his parents for the same, was a workaholic and had married her to satisfy his parents. And theirs was a marriage of convenience.

Now, two years later, Aashi Sehgal, the vanity wife of billionaire Kabier Sehgal, has everything that one could desire, but her husband’s time and attention which she gets only when she has to accompany him to an event which requires both of them to attend.

But one day, Kabier realises Aashi’s worth, but is it too late?

My take:

I love stories that have a happy ending. This story is about two different people who are married to each other, stay in the same house, but have no interaction and don’t even know much about each other but circumstances change and they change. The characters are realistic and well developed. I loved the secondary characters, especially, Aashi’s mother, Nikhil, and Kabier’s parents. The language is simple and easy to follow, but I felt that the book needs a bit of editing.

This is the first book that I read from the author and would love to read more from her, and also the next book in the series.



Entangled by Shobana Mahadevan

41052kUj31LEntangled is Shobana Mahadevan’s latest book that I picked up from the Kindle Unlimited library

The blurb:

No relationship, however strong, can survive devastating secrets. Or can it?

Dhruv Mehta, the young and attractive CEO of Grandeur Holidays, is a rising star. The young entrepreneur’s business acumen and intelligence is the envy of many. He is one of the most eligible bachelors in Mumbai.

Vaishali is a psychologist. She is beautiful, brilliant, and totally in love with life. She joins Grandeur Holidays, intent on changing the organization as well as Dhruv.

Slowly and steadily, Dhruv and Vaishali find themselves drawn to each other. But both are harboring secrets of their own. When the secrets come tumbling out, it threatens to destroy them and their relationship. Will they survive? Will they be able to forgive the other? Are they as entangled as they believe they are? And most importantly, will they get their happily ever after?

As the story unfolds, their tale becomes something else entirely.

This is a story of love, passion, sacrifice, and a miracle.

This is a story that will pull at your heartstrings.

This is a story that will stay with you forever.

The story:

Dhruv Mehta, 29, completed his management degree from Canada and took over the reins of Grandeur Holidays in Mumbai, his father’s business, though he did not want to do so. He is a workaholic like his father and also pushes his employees to work hard. His father suggests that he take it slow and also hire a psychologist for the office staff and himself. Dhruv decides to heed to his father’s advice. As he is screening the applicants, he comes across the CV of Vaishali and is immediately attracted to it.

Vaishali is completely opposite. She has hobbies, loves life and stays happy. She even tells Dhruv to enjoy life. She even makes positive changes in Grandeur Holidays. They become friends and Dhruv also learns to relax. Slowly, Vaishali alor realises that she is attracted to Dhruv.

But their backgrounds, families and secrets rear their heads…………

My take:

This simple love story is about two different people who have different points of view and how life makes them realise a lot of things. The language is simple and the story is fast paced, I finished the book in one sitting.

The characters are realistic and so are the conversations between them. And the twist at the end was something that I had anticipated.

Loved the book and also the values that it talks about.

The Seeker by Nivedita Vedurla

41rfrmI2Z+LI picked up The Seeker by Nivedita Vedurla from the Kindle Unlimited library because I liked the cover and also because I like her work.

The blurb:

Aditya Mehta is a charming young billionaire until he meets Naina Kapoor. She leaves him shattered such that he turns into an arrogant ruthless businessman with cold brutal eyes.
He vows to avenge her and bring her down to her feet. However, he doesn’t have any inkling about Naina’s ulterior motive for coming into his life.

Destiny gives them another chance by making their paths cross, but they had nothing between them except hatred.

A story of deceitful lies, betrayal, revenge, all in the name of love.

Everyone is a liar and a culprit, and is here to claim what has been taken away from them.
THE SEEKER is here to spin the web in a manner that will blow away your senses.

Read this sensuous romantic suspense which you won’t be able to put down.

The story:

Son of a real estate billionaire, Aditya Mehta was fifteen, when his parents divorced and then his father remarried but he did not get on well with his stepmother. When in college, Rahul Gupta was his best friend and Naina Kapoor was his girlfriend. Naina made him happy and on his 23rd birthday, he proposed to her and she left urgently. Later, she broke off with him over a text message and never gave a reason for the same. He was dejected and heartbroken and his father sent him to the US for further studies.

Five years later, he was back, a changed man and a ruthless businessman with no ethics and morals. His arrogance was overbearing and he wore a mask for the real world so that no one could see his real self. His best friend, Rahul, is his assistant. And every weekend, Aditya disappears and his whereabouts are not known to anyone, and he likes to keep it that way.

Now, eight years after his breakup with Naina, he sees the advertisement of an event planning company, where majority of the work has been credited to Naina, and Aditya tells Rahul to hire them. Because he wants to belittle her and seek revenge.

But, unknown to him, Naina had made friends with him because…..

My take:

A crisp story that left me wondering till the end as to why Naina did what she did and who was behind everything. The story is based on revenge and love, but it also revolves around friendship, family relationships, trust and suspicions.

The characters are realistic and their conversations natural. The language is simple. The story is fast paced, and the twists and turns kept me guessing, and I finished the book in one sitting. I just could not keep it down.



A Tangled Web by A. Claire Everward

41YiHTP4TdLI received A Tangled Web by A. Claire Everward as a review copy from StoryOrigin and am thankful to them for the same. This book is an unputdownable romantic suspense.

The blurb:

A woman needs to disappear. A man must get his life back on track. They are both willing to pay the price.

“A superb tale of suspense spun together with intelligent characters, corporate espionage, and closely held secrets that will catch readers from the very first page! ” -In’DTale Magazine

Data expert Tess Andrews thought she was finally safe. All she wanted was to stay where she was, keep the job that she liked and the only friend she trusted. But an unexpected turn of events puts her in danger, and she has only three days to find a way out.

Billionaire businessman Ian Blackwell wants the gossip chasers to get out of his way. Besides the obvious disruption to his life, their recklessness also puts at risk a critical merger he is after, one that would put his company’s artificial intelligence arm at the forefront of technology.

With contract marriage their only resort, the two are trapped in a relationship full of disdain and mistrust. But when Ian is threatened, Tess has a choice to make. Protect herself, or help the man she married deal with an opponent who could destroy them both–and risk her secret being uncovered.

Facing an opponent who is always one step ahead of them, they must find a way to stop him before they pay the ultimate price.

A Tangled Web weaves a tale full of romance and suspense with characters who pull at your emotions and a wealth of twists and turns you can lose yourself in. A recommended read for fans of Nora Roberts, Robert Galbraith, Sandra Brown and Linda Howard.

If you like page-turning suspense and enjoy contemporary romance tinged with plenty of thrill, you’ll love A Tangled Web, the first novel in the Blackwell romantic suspense series!

The story:

Powerful, rich, and respected, Self-made Billionaire, Ian Blackwell is the darling of the Social media and being good-looking does not help. He is portrayed as a playboy by the media and that is one image he needs to kill because it would not help his businesses. So he asks his best friend and personal attorney, Robert Ashton, to hire him a wife, an ornamental wife, who should be socially adept, tasteful, intelligent to accompany him to the social functions, and the relationship would be strictly businesslike. He tells Robert that he trusts him with his choice, because he knows that Robert would find him a socialite who would be after his wealth, and he wpuld be left alone to do as he pleases, discreetly.

Ian is a ruthless and relenting, but also fair and relenting. His company IBH, Ian Blackwell Holdings is his sole focus. IBH, with its head office in San Francisco, makes companies that are not doing well its subsidiaries by buying them out. When he is in Denver in the process of such an acquisition, he is misled by his team to fire a key employee which is timely averted by Tess Andrews, Data Expert of that company. And Ian does not like it.

Unknown to them, Robert is watching this exchange and decides that Tess is the girl he is looking for to be Ian’s wife and goes through her background. She is an orphan, has no social life, no friends except her colleague, Jayden Rees and his wife, whose apartment she rents. She likes her privacy and prefers to read and is not active on social media and does not even own a television, so she knows nothing about Ian or Robert or the gossip.

Hiding his and his client’s identity, he approaches Tess and offers her a marriage of convenience with ‘his client’ and creates a marriage contract for the two of them after she agrees (because she wants to save Jayden from Ian’s wrath). And he keeps her identity from Ian, a secret, and introduces the two of them on the flight back to San Francisco. But, both Ian and Robert don’t know why she agrees.

Once she arrives at Ian’s home, she handles the social engagements well, much to the surprise of Ian who thinks that she is reserved. At home, they address each other as Mr and Mrs Blackwell (a clause in the contract) and maintain their independent lives. She gets along well with his domestic staff and also with Robert’s wife Muriel, but still she is inaccessible and untouchable. As time passes, Ian and Tess become friends and start liking each other’s company.

Ian also takes her help in business matters. And once while going through his spreadsheets, he realizes that someone is hacking into his business internally and tells Tess. She agrees to help him and the two of them start working side by side. And they are attracted to each other, though both of them do not want to acknowledge it.

So what happens next? Read the book and find out.

My take:

I enjoyed the story and loved how romance and suspense build side by side. The cover is so apt.

Initially, I found the book slow, what with descriptions of mergers, and then as the story moves, it picks up speed, so much so, that the book becomes unputdownable. The story flows smoothly and the twists and turns kept me hooked. I read till 2 in the morning, but then my Ipad had no battery left so I had to reluctantly put the book down, but I could not sleep as I really wanted to know what happened next.

The characters are so realistic, both of them have a past, which gradually is revealed. I really wanted to know about both Tess and Ian’s families and their early days. The feelings of the characters for each other become evident as the story progresses. The romance is slow and beautifully written. Secondary characters like Robert, Muriel and Graham have important parts to play in the story.

The suspense is such that I really wanted it to end soon, the stress was just too much. Though a lot of computer language is used, which I could not understand much, but still I loved how the author went about it step by step.

The scenes and some places are so well described that I could actually picturize them like the library, the apartment, the den, the office.

This is not a love story out and out, it is about friendship, trust, understanding and romance. The slowly simmering romance has been written very well.

This the first book I’ve read by the author and I plan to read more of her books. I would love to read the next books in the series. And this book can be read again.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free e-copy of the book from StoryOrigin in exchange for an honest review. I have nor received any monetary compensation for the same.

Start Up Fiancé by Shilpa Mudiganti

51JqO5aTZKLI picked up Start Up Fiancé by Shilpa Mudiganti as soon as I finished Love by Surprise by the same author as I was curious to know Arav and Nisha’s story.

The blurb:

“Tall, Dark, and Ruthless”

At least, that’s how TIME Magazine described me, Arav Shetty.

I’m a merciless, self-made businessman so it really wasn’t surprising when I met with Nisha Jain, my up-and-coming competitor, and tried to buy her company.

Nisha Jain is the last woman I should be interested in but chemistry isn’t dictated by logic. The attraction between us is overwhelming and I instantly want to win her heart. I want her in a way I’ve never wanted anyone before, but our first meeting was… rough.
When our families decided to set us up for a love match after our disastrous initial encounter? Let’s just say I have a lot to make up for.

Good thing I’m not afraid of a little hard work.

The story:

Arav Shetty,32, is a self made billionaire. He was sixteen when his mother borrowed money from his grandfather and sent Aarav to live with her brother in the US because she wanted to save him from his abusive father. Eight years ago, he started TechNotes, a technology company. Described by the Time Magazine as tall, dark and ruthless, Arav’s life is his company and has not time to date. He is particularly famous for his competitive nature and complete intolerance for incompetence. He wants to stay at the top, but a new company, Note Nirvana is slowly creeping in and taking over TechNotes’ users within six months. He fears failure as his success represented everything that he was, and not his father. Ryan Penn is Arav’s best friend and also the CFO of the company. His uncle wants him to get married and tells him that he has found a suitable match, she graduated from Yale like him and heads a company, so Arav asks him to send the details on email.

Nisha Jain, 26, the youngest daughter of Kamlesh Jain, the third richest Indian American, is the founder and CEO of Note Nirvana, a company she had started with her own money, and no help from her father. She is out to prove herself to her family and even calls off her engagement of ten years, because he thinks what she is doing is just a hobby.

Arav sends a message to Nisha and asks her to meet him for coffee but his main agenda is to buy out the competitor. But as they meet at the coffee shop, they feel an instant attraction, but things go the wrong way with Arav accusing her of being a pampered princess. And he feels guilty about it.

He receives a call from his uncle asking him how his date went, and he is surprised that his uncle knows, and then his uncle tells him that Nisha is the girl he wanted Arav to meet, and Arav had not even seen her profile.

So Arav wants to make amends but Nisha is not sure whether she wants to see him again. He asks her for another chance, and she relents telling him that he needs to meet her grandma and show her how wrong they are for each other. And her grandmother feels they are made for each other.

So they decide to give themselves a chance.

But the ex-fiance keeps popping up and also their companies.

My take:

I enjoyed reading the book and having had an arranged marriage myself, I was glad to read a book about one and that too set in the US. And the best part is that it is not a marriage for convenience type of a story but more of rivals turned lovers story.

The story is well written and a fast paced. The characters have been portrayed beautifully and are well developed and realistic. I loved how the author has described both their feelings, but she has described Arav’s feelings in detail. Usually, books talk about the feelings of the female protagonist and we come to know when she realises that she is love. I liked how they kept aside their professional differences and decided to give their personal relationship a try. I loved the secondary characters especially, the modern grandmother, Sohni Jain and her love for romances. I loved the easy banter between Nisha and her grandmother and also how she conspires with Arav. And Nisha’s father, he was a force to reckon with and how Arav stood his ground. The Indian culture and family values have been depicted well. Arav’s relationship with his uncle could have been explored further. I really wanted to meet Nisha’s other and also know about her mother.

The author’s own background in computers helps in how she could describe the technical aspects in the book. she has described locations and scenes in detail, be it Nisha’s office, her home or the clothes.

The next book is the story of Arav’s best friend and his CFO, Ryan Penn and Nisha’s sister, Anshi Jain, and the author has mentioned a bit about this story in the epilogue.


Hey Diddle Diddle? by Anushka Ravishankar; illustrations by Priya Kurian

he diddle diddleI received the Hook Books Series by Jerry Pinto, Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar, Paro Anand, Anushka Ravishankar published under Duckbill by the Penguin Random House as a review copy from the publisher and am thankful to them for the same.

The Hook Books are early chapter books for very young readers, aged five and above (for being read to) and six and above (for reading independently). Written by award-winning and most-loved writers for children, and illustrated in exuberant colour by some of India’s best illustrators, these stories are set largely in non-urban settings. These books are early chapter books with gorgeous four-colour illustrations which include short fun language or language usage exercises at the end. The series is tied together by Hawaldar Hook, the endearing mascot of the series, who takes the reader through the book.

Hey Diddle Diddle? is the fourth book of the series by Anushka Ravishankar; illustrations by Priya Kurian.

The blurb:

A horse may be able to jump over the moon. Can a cow do it? Hey diddle diddle.

My take:

This short story is about Minootty who would only half listen to her teacher in the class. She had never had a best friend which was not a dog or a cow. She wished she had a horse, but her parents would not allow. And then she made a friend and lost her friendship because she named her calf after her. And how she wins her friendship back.

The language would be easily understood by small children. The book has beautiful illustrations. The book ends with a small discussion on collective nouns and a quiz on collective nouns.

I would really recommend this book for the children, especially in the times when most of the parents are home during the lockdown and this would help inculcate the reading habit in the children.

About The Author

Anushka Ravishankar is the author of several international award-winning books. She has written over thirty books—verse, fiction and non-fiction, many of which have been translated into several language.

About the illustrator:

Priya Kurian is a children’s book author and illustrator and comics-maker based in Bangalore, she has directed educational films for the Sesame Street Show (Galli Galli Sim Sim) and has worked on various TV Commercials. She has illustrated many comics and children’s books including Ammachi’s glasses and Princess Easy Pleasy.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for the same.

Felony Melanie in Pageant Pandemonium: (The Teenage Adventures of Felony Melanie Book 1) by Douglas J. Eboch and Kris Brock

41F-J6CtxRLI received the book Felony Melanie in Pageant Pandemonium: A Sweet Home Alabama romantic comedy novel (The Teenage Adventures of Felony Melanie Book 1) by Douglas J. Eboch (who wrote the original screenplay to the movie Sweet Home Alabama) and his sister, Kris Bock (who is the author of over 80 books under the names Kris Bock, M.M. Eboch and Chris Eboch) as a review copy from StoryOrigin and am thankful to them for the same.

The blurb:

Big City, Big Glamour, Big Trouble

Introducing the new romantic comedy series featuring “Felony Melanie” seven years before the events of the movie Sweet Home Alabama.

Before Melanie Smooter became hot fashion designer Melanie Carmichael, she was known as Felony Melanie, the teenage troublemaker of Pigeon Creek, Alabama. Aching to escape the boredom of small-town life, she gets into many reckless adventures. Her boyfriend, Jake, is always by her side – and the local sheriff is usually close behind.

Melanie’s mother has been shoving her into every beauty pageant within twenty miles since Melanie was a toddler. Melanie is getting a little sick of it. She’s on the verge of quitting when she qualifies for the Miss Alabama Princess Pageant in the big city of Mobile. The first prize scholarship could be her ticket out of Pigeon Creek, not to mention that one of the judges is a real, live New York fashion designer. The competition will be fierce. Can a “trailer trash” girl outshine the snooty debutantes?

Meanwhile, Jake and his friends go to Mobile to support Melanie – and to party in the big city. But when strange disasters befall pageant events, the gang suspects someone is sabotaging the contest. They try to figure who’s behind it and why, but it isn’t easy when everyone dismisses you as redneck kids.

Melanie needs to prove herself on stage. Jake and the gang need to make sure she gets the chance. Can they show they’re more than what people see on the surface?

Readers ages 12 and up will enjoy reconnecting with their favorite characters from the Sweet Home Alabama movie. Head back in time to the early 1990s for this laugh out loud rom com based on one of the best rom coms of all time.

The story:

Melanie Smooter,16, lives with her parents in a small town, Pigeon Creek in Alabama. She and her friends keep getting into trouble and her boyfriend, Jake, is always around. Her parents are unable to understand that she is getting crazy staying in a small town doing nothing. Ever since she was a little girl, her mother has been entering her in beauty pageants. Now, her mother enters her in the Miss Alabama Princess Pageant Southern Regional in the big city of Mobile, and she is attending it as she sees this as one of the ways she can get out of town because the first prize is a scholarship which is the only way she can get into college out of Pigeon Creek.

She travels to Mobile with her father as her mother has to work that weekend. There she meets the organizer, Mrs Perry, and many girls who look down upon her because she is from a small town. Even though Jake thinks beauty pageants are silly, he and his friends drive down to Mobile to support Melanie. And Melanie wants to make her parents proud.   Though they are humiliated, Melanie’s friends hold their ground.

Then there is someone who is trying to jeopardise the whole event.

My take:

I loved reading this book. It reminded me of the books I used to read as a teenager. Melanie’s character is so realistic, I am sure all of us would have met someone like Melanie, while we were growing up. She is sweet, simple, a typical teenager and vulnerable. I hated the girls who were trying to pull her down. I liked Jake, he was friendly, helpful and supportive. The secondary characters like their friends also have a role to play in the story. Jake’s mother and Melanie’s father are so understanding; and Melanie’s mother’s insecurities and her protectiveness for her daughter are justified.

This book is an excellent prequel to the movie, Sweet Home Alabama, and now watching the movie will become more interesting. The story is interesting and right from the word go, the adventures kept me on the edge of my seat. The language is simple and easy to understand. The slang makes the story more enjoyable. At places in the book, I could feel the scenes playing right in front of me.

I am going to watch Sweet Home Alabama next.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free e-copy of the book from StoryOrigin in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for the same.


A Quiet Girl by Paro Anand; illustrations by Taposhi Ghoshal.

a quiet girlI received the Hook Books Series by Jerry Pinto, Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar, Paro Anand, Anushka Ravishankar published under Duckbill by the Penguin Random House as a review copy from the publisher and am thankful to them for the same.

The Hook Books are early chapter books for very young readers, aged five and above (for being read to) and six and above (for reading independently). Written by award-winning and most-loved writers for children, and illustrated in exuberant colour by some of India’s best illustrators, these stories are set largely in non-urban settings. These books are early chapter books with gorgeous four-colour illustrations which include short fun language or language usage exercises at the end. The series is tied together by Hawaldar Hook, the endearing mascot of the series, who takes the reader through the book.

A Quiet Girl is the third book of the series by Paro Anand; illustrations by Taposhi Ghoshal.

The blurb:

Puja smiles and smiles, and does not speak. She spends all her time with the foal, Takbak. But Takbak is going to be sold! What will Pooja do without her best friend?

My take:

This short story is about a little girl who never cried, never fussed, only smiled and smiled. Most of all she smiled at animals. As she grew up, her parents realized that she was different from other children.

This story has been written in a language that would be easily understood by small children with beautiful illustrations. At the end of the book is a quiz on animal babies.

I would really recommend this book for the children, especially in the times when most of the parents are home during the lockdown and this would help inculcate the reading habit in the children.

About The Author

Paro Anand is the author of books for children, young adults and adults including novels, short stories and plays. She earlier headed the National Centre for Children’s Literature, The National Book Trust, India. She runs a podcast on HubHopper called Literature in Action. Her books have won many awards including the Sahitya Akademi Bal Sahitya Puruskar (2017), the IBBY Honors List (2006) and the Kalinga Karubaki Award (2019).

About the illustrator:

Taposhi Ghoshal is a freelance illustrator based in Delhi. She has worked with many NGOs and publishing houses, including Katha, Amnesty International, Pratham Books and National Book Trust, among others. Her books have won many awards, including the IBBY Honour (2007 and 2008) and her work has been exhibited internationally. She is currently teaching at Riyaaz, an academy for illustrators.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free copy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for the same

A Northern Affair (The Mubaraks of the North Book 1) by Dinah Greatson

41bLKleFwULI received the book A Northern Affair (The Mubaraks of the North Book 1) by Dinah Greatson as a review copy from StoryOrigin and I would like to thank the author and StoryOrigin for the same.

The blurb:

Kimberly Greene has rules which work for her, and she sticks to them like gum to hair. At the top of the rule is “Love no man.” It is not her choice, but then again, she has never had much choices in her life until she is let go from her father’s company. The next thing she knows, she is travelling across the country with her friends to the hottest part of the country. What is the worst that can happen besides a bad sunburn?

When Kimberly meets Hussein Mubarak, she is determined to keep her distance from him. A man who prefers the open fields of the North to the plush offices of the South is a definite no go, no matter how he makes her feel.

Kimberly Greene wants nothing to do with love. Hussein Mubarak thinks he has finally found the ONE. Way up North in a small town called Mapungi, sparks fly between two unlikely souls and temperatures rise. Under the unrelenting sun, all it takes is a bit of A NORTHERN AFFAIR to burn lifelong rules to ashes!

The story:

Hussein Mubarak Daniels, born to a Northern father and a Sothern mother, lived in Mapungi, a small town up north in Ghana, and worked alongside his father and grandfather till he was fifteen. Sent away to senior high school upon his mothers’ insistence and University in South, he graduated with first class honours in civil architecture and worked in Accra designing buildings. But then he came back to Mapungi, to The Big House, their family home, built by their ancestors and is married to the land doing all the farming activities diligently alongside the farmhands.

For Jessica, his favourite cousin and best friend, he was her knight in shining armour, the one she had been able to lean on when all of a sudden, everyone and everything had been snatched away from her. They had grieved together, losing their fathers in the war. She had lost her brother, Majid Mubarak, whose life had changed forever after the war. Now, he receives information that Jessica is coming to Mapungi with some of her friends and colleagues from work. These are her best friend Kimberley Greene, Aryetey Ladipole and Emmanuel Kuma.

Kimberley Greene was twelve when her father walked out of their house on a thundering night. And she grew up overnight taking care of her mother and herself. She dropped out of boarding school and arranged for personal tutorials and for senior high school, she chose to be a day student in a school close to her home so that she could be with her mother. She was worried about her mother whose fears only her daughter could understand. She never took risks as whatever decision she took affected her mother as well, and has always been sure of herself as far as she can remember because that is what kept her two member family together. Having inherited most of her father’s properties and assets, there were some companies that she could not legally call her own, as she and her mother had refused to announce that her father was legally dead.

She meets Hussein on the day she reaches Mapungi and thinks that he is an  uncivilised bushman. She thinks that he is one of the most arrogant, egoistic and self assured man that she had met. But living in the same house with him and meeting him off and on, slowly they are attracted to each other. She knows she has to go back for her mother but she also wants to do something for the children of Mapungi, so she decides that she would open a school there.

My take:

A simple story with realistic and relatable characters. The easy camaraderie between the friends and the beautiful friendship between the girls has been described well. I loved the relationship between Hussein and Jessica. I loved the secondary characters as well, like Mati and Rueda. Kimberly’s insecurities are natural given all that she had gone through while growing up.

Though there are some grammar and editing mistakes, i did not feel that they hampered the pace of the book. Though it was not mentioned where Mapungi was located clearly, yet mention of Accra made me realise that it is in Ghana. Alos the mention of some dishes from Ghana cuisine and I was sure.

I liked the story and am looking forward to reading other books by the author and also the next in the Trilogy.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for the same.