Fake boyfriend by P G Van

51LXF1D2qPL.jpgFake boyfriend by P G Van is a short sweet read that I picked up from the Kindle Unlimited Library.

The blurb:

When her car breaks down on her way to a pre-wedding party, she tries to use that as her last chance to skip the event. The guy she had a crush on in school is her mother’s best friend’s son who will also be at the party.

She got over her school crush years ago, but she knows everyone will be giving her pitiful looks at the party and wedding that follows, which is the main reason for her to want to skip all the events.

She can’t believe her luck when she finds out the handsome stranger who offers to give her a ride to the farmhouse is actually willing to attend the party as her boyfriend—her fake boyfriend.

What happens when she needs to live the lie for more than just the one pre-wedding event and has to bring the fake boyfriend to the wedding?

Is the handsome stranger willing to be part of the charade?

Note: Fake Boyfriend is a short, contemporary romance.

The story:

Sitara Devaraj, Tara, a top selling romance author who has an offer as a script writer for an upcoming production house, is on the way to attend her friend’s pre-wedding party at a farmhouse when her car breaks down. Her mother offers to call her best friend’s son, Chetan to help her, but she refuses. Because she cannot tolerate that he and his friends think that she is still single and is not in a serious relationship because she is still madly in love with him. She has not told anyone that she does like meeting people because of her work.

So, she uses a rideshare app and calls for a car. And there comes a yellow Lamborghini with a man looking like her latest muse. He is Nitesh, an investor, who is on the way to his farmhouse because he needs to take a break from work.

An, just out of the blue, Tara asks Nitesh to be her boyfriend for one night.

My take:

I loved the story and the characters. It is a quick read that left me smiling.

Highly recommended.

If you want to read something sweet, something that makes you happy, please take out thirty minutes for this book, I promise you that you will feel refreshed.


Mohanbari Murders by Esha Pandey

41usm-6n7wLMohanbari Murders by Esha Pandey is her first book of the crime series.

The blurb:

Simran, the swashbuckling, no-nonsense new ASP of the Mohanbari District is baffled when a nine-year-old is found dead in a busy market lane. Determined to crack her first heinous crime, she doesn’t leave any stone unturned. While trying to figure out the case her path crosses with Major Imran. Sparks fly, but she is determined to hate him. As the matter gets more complicated, Simran begins to trust Imran.

Running through the nooks and alleys of dingy Mohanbari and the mysterious forest nearby, Simran must solve the mystery before the murderer strikes again.

The story:

Daughter of a decorated army officer, Simran Jamwal is posted as an Assistant Superintendent of Police at Mohanbari District. She wanted to be a horse riding instructor given her deep love for horses. Instead, she had joined the Indian Police Service two years ago.

One morning, she received information that a nine year old boy has been found murdered in Jhariang a colony of daily wagers, mostly immigrants from Bihar and Assam, who worked in teagardens to sustain themselves, in Bhawaipura, a small tehsil in Mohanbari district. And when she reaches the scene of crime, she realises that Major Imran is running a parallel investigation.

And with her never give up attitude, she confronts him.

My take:

A fast-paced murder mystery, this book kept me on the edge of my seat till I finished it. There is murder and drug trafficking, there are informers and lots of clues. Given her police background, the author has given details of the investigation including code names, making the investigation realistic.

The cover shows a strong willed, confident police officer. Simran has been depicted to be a strong girl and then there is Major Imran who wants to flirt with her, and this gives a bit of softness to the book, but please don’t mistake softness for romance, may be attraction…

Writing is crisp, language is simple and the characters are realistic.

Looking forward to more books in the series, because that is when we will get to know more about the characters and their relationship.



Satin and Sapphire: Danger meets Delight in Asar Kalan by Reet Singh

41yqYRr0UYLI picked up Satin and Sapphire: Danger meets Delight in Asar Kalan by Reet Singh from the Kindle Unlimited Library. It is the story of Latika and Danvir set in Delhi, Gurgaon, Asar Kalan, Agra and Patiala.

The blurb:

Danger meets delight in Asar Kalan!

Dr Danvir Sandhu has been dealt a cruel hand – his house of cards comes tumbling down when he loses, one by one, all the things that bring meaning to his life. He has barely found equilibrium when a serendipitous event brings Latika Anand into his orbit, and he struggles to stay aloof even as his heart yearns for a future with the maddeningly enticing fashion designer.

Considerably bruised after a break up that is as unexpected as it is callous, Latika is thrown into an even more precarious situation that threatens her life. Both experiences convince her to return to her roots and tackle old demons even if it means denying the attraction she feels for a certain utterly fascinating physician.

The story:

Latika Anand has had an unhappy childhood. Her father left them and her mother sent her to boarding school. And now, at thirty two years of age, she has been ditched by her boyfriend of two months. She is moping at her best friend, Dr Raminder (Rammi) Dhillon’s flat in Delhi, when Rammi has this idea. She tells Latika to go to Patiala and assist Rammi’s mother in finalising her wedding dress and trousseau, and put her fashion designing skills to use and forget about the boyfriend. And Rammi books her a seat in a Volvo bus going to Patiala. But this is not to be. Latika finds herself at a village in Punjab, Asar Kalan and to top it all, she finds herself engaged to Dr Danvir Sandhu, the village doctor, who happens to be her attending doctor as she had fainter in the bus and her co-passenger deemed it fit to bring her back to the village. And then there is Gurmeet, who wants her dead, because she is in love with the doctor.

My take:

The cover is beautiful. The realistic characters have been described in detail and even the secondary characters have important roles to play in the story. The author has developed the back stories in such a way that it explains their actions. The relationships between the characters have been described well, be it the friendship between Rammi and Latika or the relationship between Bibi and Danvir.

The language is simple and the story is fast paced. The twists and turns made the story all the more interesting for me.

The Mentor: A love story by Shobana Mahadevan


The Mentor: A love story by Shobana Mahadevan is the third book by the author. I borrowed this book from the Kindle Unlimited Library and is the story of a mentee and her mentor.

The blurb:

A socially awkward, technical genius. A married mentor. A story of a love triangle. A story of a metamorphosis.

Saasha works in an IT company, EdTech. She is extremely intelligent, hardworking and brilliant at problem-solving. However, despite her technical brilliance, she is a loner. Social interactions have never been easy for her and she struggles to get along with the team. In fact, with everyone.

Aditya joins Saasha’s company as the head of the IT division. He is handsome, sharp, ethical and focused. He proves to be a top-notch people leader. He notices Saasha and decides to take her under his wings. Though Saasha resists Aditya’s attempt to help her initially, she gradually accepts her own inability to resist him for long. Aditya guides and mentors her. Saasha finds herself changing under his mentorship. And Saasha finds herself falling madly in love with Aditya.

There is just one problem. Aditya is already married. What happens when Saasha enters Aditya’s life? Does Aditya start to reciprocate Saasha’s feelings? Do the complete opposites attract?

The story:

Saasha joined EdTech, an IT Company in Bangalore, as a fresher after completing her MCA and has been working across multiple projects in the company as she is exceptional at problem solving and her boss wants every project to benefit from her expertise. But, she is a loner and cannot get along with anyone. And she is used to being alone and does not attend team meetings.

Aditya joins Saasha’s company Chief Information Officer. And he decides to mentor Saasha so that she is liked by her peers. And Saasha after initial hesitation, starts changing, but at the same time, she also falls in love with Aditya. But, Aditya is happily married and dotes on his wife and daughter.

My take:

Having read the author’s previous two books, I was looking forward to this one. And I must say that she has not let me down. Though the name is The Mentor: A love story, it is not the romantic love story between the main protagonists. The characters are realistic and relatable. The story is simple and talks about a mature relationship between a mentor and his mentee. Aditya is mature and handles Saasha accordingly. I loved the relationship between Aditya and his family, especially the understanding between him and his wife, Dyuti.

Looking forward to more books by the author.


A Christmas Tail by Sudesna Ghosh

51klPhmDS2L.jpgThere are some books which you pick up because you like the name, some because of the cover and some because of the interesting blurb. I picked up A Christmas Tail by Sudesna Ghosh from the Kindle Unlimited library because I liked the name and the cover. As regards the blurb, I read it after I finished the book.

The blurb:

It’s Christmas Eve and cat mom Amanda has to make an emergency trip to the store. She’s ready to spend the holiday with her beloved pet while everyone else is celebrating with family and friends. Suddenly, it looks like the holiday gods have other plans for her.

A heartwarming short story to bring in the festive season.

The story:

After the death of her parents and her divorce, Amanda is used to being crazy cat lady and enjoys her current life. While spending Christmas Eve alone with her cat, Bella, Amanda realises that Bella has run out of food. Amanda goes to the shop to pick up food for her and there she meets crazy cat man, Matt, who is there to pick up food for his cat, George.

My take:

I loved the story which had precisely five living characters, the crazy cat lady, Amanda; her cat, Bella; shopkeeper, Mr Moore; crazy cat man, Matt and his cat, George. Fifteen pages long, this Christmas eve story set in New York is a must read. The language is simple and the story left me with a smile on my face.



The lost Princess (Sravanapura Royals Book 3) by Preethi Venugopala

410EfdcS-wL.jpgThe lost Princess by Preethi Venugopala is the third book of the Sravanapura Royals series by the same author. Having read the first two books of the series, I really wanted to read the story of Ishani, the third royal.

The blurb:


Ishaani, the newly crowned nightingale of the Indian music industry has it all: a dream career, a loving family and loyal friends. Yet, the man she has loved all her life will not warm up to her.

Rajeev, a hotshot movie director, has feelings for Ishaani. But, she is his sister’s best friend and has been like another sibling to him. Yet, what can he do if he feels compelled to make her his own?

Then, Ishaani’s life changes overnight. She is no longer a lowly commoner but a princess.

She has to make some tough decisions to protect the man she loves.

Her choices lead them both down a path filled with shocking revelations and devastating consequences.

Will true love prevail?

Or will the many twists of fate tear them apart?

The story:

Ishaani Reddy, 24, the daughter of Krishna and Priyadarshini Reddy, famous dancers, is the new voice of the Southern Star Singer contest. She lives by only one rule, she welcomes anything that puts her in the vicinity of her long time crush, elusive movie director, Rajeev Ratnam, who also happens to be her best friend Raashi’s older brother and her mother’s best friend’s son. But Rajeev either ignores her or treats her like he treats Raashi, like a kid who needs guidance.

Rajeev Ratnam, 32, is the son of producer director Raghu Ratnam and actress Urmila Ratnam. He has a married elder sister, Radha and a younger one, Raashi. As for Ishaani, he likes her but how could he fall in love with her, the best friend of his younger sister. Superstar Saket is his best friend and advises him to confess his love to her.

And as soon as the two of them acknowledge their love for one another, and are happy about it, things start falling apart.

My take:

I loved Ishaani and Rajeev’s story. The characters are realistic and I loved their chemistry. Ishaani and Raashi’s friendship has been described beautifully. I loved the banter between Ishani and Raashi. Though the characters from the previous two books make their appearance in the story, yet this book can be read as a standalone too. Emotions and feelings of both Ishaani and Rajeev have been described in detail.

The language is simple and the story is interesting from the word go. Each chapter has a timeline as well as mention of the place where the story is taking place.

The mystery as it crops up kept me guessing so much so that I read the book till 2.30 in the night even though I had to go to work today.

As with her other books, Preethi has impressed me with this one and am waiting to read Raashi’s story next.


Festivals of India by Sonia Mehta

unnamed.jpgI received the book Festivals of India by Sonia Mehta as a review copy from the publisher, Puffinn, and am thankful to them for the same.

The blurb:

Mishki and Pushka are back! They are full of excitement because Dadu Dolma is going to tell them all about India’s many colourful festivals.

What is Lohri and how is it similar to Pongal? What do the five days of Diwali stand for? What is Losar and who celebrates it? Why do people fast before they feast on Eid? What is a menorah and when does one light it? What’s the story behind Guru Purnima?

With so many communities and such a long history, the people of India have many, many reasons to celebrate all year long. Join your two favourite explorers and their wise old guide on a journey across the country and find out all about colourful clothes, the delicious food and the stories behind India’s festivals.

Festivals of India is part of the Discover India series of books that contains lots of fun facts and engaging activities. Through these books, delve into the history, culture, food, festivals, wildlife and monuments of India, and find out what makes this diverse nation such a fascinating place to be.

My take:

This is book written for kids, but this does not mean that adults would not like it. Written in an easy to follow language, this book talks about 54 festivals celebrated across India. The festivals have been arranged according to the English Calendar except the last 6). She has written about the popular festivals but there are some lesser known festivals as well (I had not heard about at least 12 of them). She has also mentioned stories behind the festivals (having celebrated Lohri all my life, I actually did not know who Dulha Bhatti was till I read this book, nor did my 77 year old mother-in-law) and also why the dates of most of the festivals change.

The illustrations are beautiful and the various activities kept me on my toes. Having read this book once, I plan to read it on the particular festival starting Diwali this year.

This book is a definite must read and will make an excellent gift.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from the publisher in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.