Enchanted by You: A Destination Wedding Book (Destination Weddings 4) by Andaleeb Wajid

I had been waiting to read Enchanted by You: A Destination Wedding Book (Destination Weddings 4) by Andaleeb Wajid ever since I met Sandeep in her previous book.

The blurb:
Aditi loves her job and is proud of the wedding planner business she began even though sometimes she does get tired of dealing with neurotic and temperamental brides. When former flame Sandeep Rao reaches out to her to hire her services for his sister’s wedding, she’s conflicted, hurt but also relieved that he seems to have forgotten all about their childish pact that they had made in college.
Seeing him again brings back old memories to the fore and reminds her of the girl she was, the dreams she had and how he ruined everything for her. Will Aditi put her feelings on hold and focus on giving yet another bride the wedding of her dreams? Or will she find herself drawn to the magnetic Sandeep who still makes her heart race? Find out in Enchanted by You, Book 4 of the Destination Wedding Series.

The story:
An only child, Aditi Kumar moved to Bangalore from Chennai to attend college as she did not want to stay with her parents. Here, she met Sandeep Rao, a rich businessman’s son, who loved joking around. After hating him initially, the two of them became the best of friends, she was not in awe of his wealth and he realized that he could be himself with her. And the day she realized that she loved him, the day they made a pact, he went away never to come back. Until, ten years later.
Now, Aditi is a successful wedding planner, and owner of Happily Ever After, which she runs with her friends, Uzair and Kimmy. Sandeep, is a successful businessman, who approached her company to plan his only sister, Natasha’s wedding. Aditi cannot forget what happened ten years ago and assigns Uzair the responsibility of the wedding.

My take:
A beautiful story that kept me up through the night because I really could not keep it down. The story has been written in a unique way and moves between the past and the present alternately, building the back stories of the characters and not once was I confused.
The story is about friendship, family, romance, insecurities and second chances and has been portrayed beautifully. The characters are realistic and relatable and so are their emotions. The characters from the previous book in the series make their appearances off and on and that really helped me stay connected to the series.
I really hope we can find Ghazal’s story in the next book of the series.

A Hero for Hailey: a romantic comedy (Love will OUT Book 1) by D E Haggerty

I received A Hero for Hailey: a romantic comedy (Love will OUT Book 1) by D E Haggerty as a review copy from StoryOrigin and I am thankful to them for the same.

The blurb:

I do not need some man to come riding in on a stupid white horse to save me, thank you very much.

When I run into a teensy-weensy bit of trouble, who should show up but Aiden – my high school nemesis. Unfortunately, Aiden doesn’t realize he’s my high school tormentor. Nope. He doesn’t even remember who I am. Gee, thanks.

Suddenly Aiden is everywhere, claiming he’ll protect me. Do I look like I need protecting? But when Aiden speaks to me in that deep, sultry savior voice, my knees wobble and I forget my name.

I better get to solving this trouble I’m in, so Aiden will move right on out of my life. Only he says he doesn’t want to move on. He wants to stick by my side forever. Not happening.
But like my pops always says Love will OUT.

Click BUY NOW to find out if Hailey finds love.    A Hero for Hailey is book 1 of the romantic comedy series Love will OUT but can be read as a standalone. 

This romantic comedy features a kick-ass PI with a chip the size of a Green Bay Packer on her shoulder, a sexy detective she wants to hate but really wants to tie to a bed and see what happens, a best friend who defines the word klutzy, and a makeshift family of former Army buddies who think telling dirty jokes is a sign of love.

The story:

Hailey McGraw was twelve when her mother left them and she was brought up single handedly by her father, who owns a bar, McGraw’s Pub. And add to that a bunch of his friends, who are as protective of her as her father is. So Hailey has leart how to protect herself courtesy her father and uncles. Now, at 31, she owns a Private Investigator firm, “You Cheat, We Eat” with her best friend Suzie. And they investigate cheating husbands and insurance frauds.

And while working on her latest case, she meets her high school crush, Aiden Barnes, now a police detective, and does not remember her, much to her disappointment. And Hailey remembers the humiliation she had undergone because of Aiden and his friends.

They her office and her home are ransacked and Aiden decides to protect her much to her annoyance.

My take:

A story written in first person from the point of view of Hailey. I liked the characters, the protective uncles, her best friend cum sister, Suzie and the mysterious Phoebe. The setting is beautiful especially the pub. And the food delicious.

The book is funny and also has some suspense. The language, though simple, is a little dirty. And each chapter starts with a riddle/ joke in the form of a text. The high point in the book is the characters and the camaraderie between them.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free ebook from StoryOrigin in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for the same.

Brynn: The Callaghan Sisters Series: Book Two by Louise Grey

I received Brynn: The Callaghan Sisters Series: Book Two by Louise Grey as a review copy from the author and I am thankful to her for the same. This is the second book in The Callaghan Sister’s Series- Brynn and James story.

The blurb:

Her son’s life hangs in the balance, but the man who can save him—his father—doesn’t know he exists…

Disillusioned by her failed marriage, Brynn Callaghan’s only focus is raising her son. But when Cole gets seriously injured in an accident, Brynn has no choice but to seek the help of the man who’d abandoned their marriage. Cole’s father, James Bradford.

As the son of Michigan royalty, James’s star power has skyrocketed in New York. His architectural design firm is nominated for a prestigious award and he’s finally ready to move on from the past. But when his ex-wife begs him for help, the secret she’s kept from him for almost nine years threatens to rip the old scars from their bitter past wide open.

Can they rekindle the love that once burned brightly between them, or are they doomed to succumb to the same haunting loss that drove them apart in the first place?

Brynn: Book Two is a sweet standalone novel in the Callaghan Sisters series. If you enjoy sweet, heart-warming romance, pre-order today.

The story:

Brynn Callaghan was 14 and her sisters, Candace and Gina were 18 and 8 years old when their parents passed away.

Much to the surprise of her sisters, she eloped and married James Bradford, her high school sweetheart, right after graduating high school, before his mother could separate them. But, once they came back home, things started moving downwards after her miscarriage and they got divorced nine years ago. He moved to Oxford to continue his studies and she moved back home.

Now, she works as an interior designer in a local firm and teaches art at the community centre, has an eight year old son, Cole, who is loved by all the three sisters. James, a billionaire in New York, does not know about Cole until one day when Cole is seriously injured and James is the only one who can help them. James is shocked to know about Cole, and agrees to help her only if she marries him again.

My take:

I love reading romance, and second-chance romances fascinate me more. The book is a sweet romance that has family at the centre. It is also about loyalty to your small town and how they have each other’s back. The characters are well developed and characters from the previous books are all there and that helps maintain the continuity and the familiarity really helps. The story is about second chances, love, friendship, hope, sibling love, understanding, misunderstanding, and heartbreak.

The story has been written in such a way that I could not put it down. And having read the prequel and Candace’s story, I was desperately waiting to read Brynn’s.  These Callaghan sisters will stay with me for a long time to come, I cannot wait to pick up Gina’s story next.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free ebook in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for the same.

Book Blitz: In Debt To Her Millionaire Foe by Aarti V Raman

She Hates Him But She’s In Debt To Her Millionaire Foe

Releasing on 25th October
About the Book:

When the songbird owes the business tycoon…

Former gangster, Devansh Thackeray has finally managed to carve the life he’s always aspired to.
Building a chain of seven-star hotels all over the world, a reputation for being an honest businessman…and all the women he could ask for.
Ansh’s life is perfect. Or so he thinks.
Because he is about to hit by a lightning bolt from the past that’ll make him question everything he’s worked so hard for.
And her name is Kahini Palekar.
Kahini’s life is a nightmare.
She works three jobs to pay off the loan sharks circling her.
But, Kahini doesn’t mind because she also gets to do the only thing she’s always wanted to do.
Even if it is at a shady nightclub in the backstreets of Goa, the beach paradise of India.
Kahini’s day of reckoning arrives when Ansh arrives back in her life, right when she’s almost assaulted by the manager of the nightclub.
Ansh offers both salvation from her debt and a chance to sing at the most exclusive wedding of the decade.
But there’s just one catch.
Kahini hates Ansh’s living guts and blames him for the destruction of her life.
Even though he was the boy she once recklessly gave her heart to.
Can Ansh get to the bottom of the problems plaguing Kahini or will this songbird fly away again after repaying her debt to him?
Meet the Millionaire Foes – rising from ruin through ruthless ambition, these self-made tycoons have everything. Except, the heart of the one woman who means everything.

The Millionaire Foe Quartet series contains four steamy romances set around the world, each of which can be read as a standalone.

Read an Excerpt from In Debt To Her Millionaire Foe (Millionaire Foe Quartet # 2)

Ansh entered the bar when the lights had dimmed, already in a foul mood from the altercation he’d had outside Grungy’s.
The term “bar” was a loose translation for what the seedy confines really were. It was set in a shady part of Calangute Beach, where the locals lived. It was not the area the posh, firang tourists frequented. The air here smelled of brine and fish and cheap liquor.
The smell of the ocean was everywhere.
It was, after all, Goa the beach paradise of India.
And to everyone who came here, it promised nothing but a good time.
The patrons of Grungy’s, the small-time bar that operated till four in the morning during season, had that look about them. They were local men, embittered and looking for cheap thrills. And some willing victim to provide that for them.
Ansh knew the type. They resented the tourists for showing up and flinging their foreign currency around and expecting their silly demands of room temperature water and late-night cruises to be catered to.
And they really resented needing the silly tourists and their foreign currency too.
A classic catch-22.
But, tonight, these patrons, and that was a loose term too for what the customers of Grungy’s were, were not looking for foreign currency or cheap thrills.
They were all gathered on the rickety tables that the bar owner had graciously provided and murmuring amongst themselves while the poorly-named stage was being set up.
She was the main act tonight.
Ansh frowned and sank deeper into his chair while the bar-back set him up with a glass of the local feni – a local toddy made from fermented coconut water and rum. He frowned deeper when he saw the lipstick mark around the edge of the shot glass and gingerly cleaned the lip with his monogrammed handkerchief.
Places like these reminded Devansh Thackeray of his squalid past.
He couldn’t stand them anymore.
Then, the spotlight hit the stage. The band struck a chord and a woman in black walked up to the mike.
Ansh sat up straighter.
Was she going to start stripping or something? He hadn’t heard the best things about these places on the wharf and this one didn’t have a stellar reputation either.
And, what the hell was she doing here anyway?
He’d sent her plenty of funds seven years ago, deposited in the account her brother had set up for both of them when he had turned eighteen.
Kahini had enough money to keep her in style, because he’d instructed the company’s bankers to always replenish the funds in that account should the need ever arise. The need had never risen, to the best of his knowledge. Even though he knew the money would never bring back her dead brother.
So, was she doing this for kicks?
Some poor little rich kid slumming it thing that all the society madams were doing these days?
He honestly had no idea. And that ate at his insides, like the strength of the feni he’d gingerly taken a sip out of.
Ansh had come here to find out what the hell she’d been up to the last seven years. Since the last time he’d seen her and she’d flung bitter, accusing words at him.

About the Author:

Hi, I’m Aarti V Raman aka Writer Gal. I have been a former journalist, editor, and even a sometime-teacher before I plunged into my dream job. That of being a full-time writer.
In fact, my three favorite words are ‘happily ever after.’
This comes in handy as I primarily write bestselling contemporary romantic women’s fiction, which is all about living happily, after going through some hard times.
My more notable works include the Geeks of Caltech and Royals of Stellangård series, Something Old, Something New, More Than You Want, and The Perfect Fake among others. My chicklit family drama, The Worst Daughter Ever, has been picked up for screen adaptation.
I always love to hang with you, my dear reader friend. I’ve created Writer Gal’s Reader Pals on Facebook for this reason and I hope to see you there.
If not, I’m there on all social media as @aartivraman but I’m most active on Instagram.
Aarti on the Web:
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Her Undercover Boss by PG Van

I picked up P G Van’s Her Undercover Boss, an office romance from the Kindle Unlimited Library.

The blurb:

Arjun Bhargav cannot accept the fact that a company one-fourth the size of his has won a multi-million-dollar contract by beating his corporation’s bid. Unacceptable.
What does he do? He tries to acquire the company and make the deal his.
The owner of the company he wants to buy has one condition.

Arjun needs to work as a factory employee for six months, undercover.

For Shalini, he is the new hire at the factory on a six-month employee exchange program from Singapore. She never expected for things to get complicated as she spent more time working with him. She tries to control her wandering mind, and yet she can’t stop longing for something completely inappropriate since he is her co-worker.
She has no idea, he is Her Undercover Boss.

Her Undercover Boss is a standalone, passionate office romance with a sweet HEA.

The story:

Arjun Bhargav Dharmadeva has been living in Singapore for eight years to expand his family business, Dharma Corporation, beyond their India operations. His parents live in India and so does his younger sister, Prerna, who is married to Sameer, his best friend, who is also the CFO. Arjun is upset that his company has lost a bid to a small company and wants to take over the company. The owner of the company he wants to buy has one condition- Arjun work undercover in the company. So, he joins The Surya Group as Arjun Dev, a machinery technician on rotation from Singapore and is posted under Shalini Aravinda who works in the Human Resources Department.

Shalini is a hard-working and a career oriented girl who left the opportunity to pursue her masters in America because she wanted to work at The Surya Group in order to repay the help extended to her father.

My take:

The story is simple and well written and revolves around friendship, family and work relationships. The characters are well developed and the easy camaraderie between them has been expressed well. The language is simple and the story moves at a rapid pace. I finished the book in one sitting.

One evening in December by Sudesna Ghosh

One evening in December by Sudesna Ghosh is the third book of Neel and Gita’s story that I picked up from the Kindle Unlimited Library.

The blurb:

It’s Christmas Eve and Gita has a special evening planned for her parents and sister. Neel will be there too. The evening starts with a note of warmth and hope and ends with a special surprise. And of course, there’s the dose of drama that Gita had expected.
This short story is the third and final one in Gita and Neel’s journey.

My take:

A cute ending to a nice series. I loved Neel and how he supports Gita despite all that she is going through because of her family. I loved the Christmassy feel to the story. The end was the best.

Cover Reveal: Love, Scandal and Second Chances by Shilpa Suraj

~ Cover Reveal ~

Love, Scandal, and Second Chances
by Shilpa Suraj

About the Book:

Arav has only ever loved one woman, Disha. But, she broke his heart to further her ambitions.
Years later, she’s achieved everything she set out to but at a steep price. She wants to come home but home doesn’t want her and her work won’t let her.
Arav knows Disha needs his help and the boy he once was can’t walk away.
But while his heart is large enough to forgive, it hasn’t forgotten.
Can they overcome the bitter hurt of their shared past, face the scandalous present and find their way back to each other? Is this their second chance at love or a first chance at redemption?

About the Author:

Shilpa Suraj wears many hats – corporate drone, homemaker, mother to a fabulous toddler and author.

An avid reader with an overactive imagination, Shilpa has weaved stories in her head since she was a child. Her previous stints at Google, in an ad agency and as an entrepreneur provide colour to her present day stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

Contact the Author:


Coffee on Waihi Beach by Enni Amanda

I received Coffee on Waihi Beach by Enni Amanda as a review copy from StoryOrigin and I am thankful to them for the same.

The blurb:

A sweet & clean romance with a side of adventure.

When 23-year-old Ingrid uproots her life to track down her long-lost father in New Zealand, romance is the last thing on her mind. But then she lands a job at a local café — and meets gorgeous barista Declan.

A product of a holiday fling, Ingrid is not planning to have one. But plans are hard to keep when every day brings a new set of challenges, like sharing a sleeper van with a strange German girl, or approaching a celebrity who may or may not be your father. But, the hardest of all feats is resisting the charms of Declan.

A law student from a wealthy family, Declan attracts women without even trying. To ease his guilt over a past incident, he decides to help his awkward friend Kurt win the girl for once. Kurt has fallen in love, again. This time with the cute traveller Ingrid – a girl with secrets, and a penchant for getting in trouble. She’s intriguing. But, Declan can be a good friend. He can let this one go. Or, can he?

From the coffee culture to Kiwi style flirting, everything In New Zealand is new and exciting. It’s going to be summer, and Christmas, to remember.

A feel-good, sweet rom-com set against the dreamy, silvery backdrop of New Zealand East Coast.

The story:

23 year old Ingrid Makarainen from Finland goes to Waihi Beach, New Zealand in search of her father even though her mother does not want her to go. But she has saved for this by doing menial labour in Finland for two years and she plans to join university after she comes back. All she knows that her mother had met her father on a new year eve at the Waihi beach in New Zealand twenty four years ago. She also knows that he has ginger hair and was called Bryn. So she lands up in Auckland on a shoestring budget and after completing the requirements, she has to find a job before her meagre savings dipped too low. Ingrid meets Friedi, who is also on a shoestring budget and the two become co-travellers and even pool finances to buy a van, and drive down to Waihi beach with a plan to stay at a camping site.

As Ingrid is walking on the beach on their first night there, she comes across two men

Their first night at the beach, Ingrid meets two guys, Declan and Kurt. Declan is playing the guitar and she is drawn to the music. Kurt is fascinated by Ingrid and asks Declan to stay away from her. Ingrid gets a job at the coffee shop where Declan and Kurt work, while she continues searching for her dad.

And Declan and Kurt, both realise that they have feelings for Ingrid. But whom does she choose?

My take:

This is the first book by the author that I have read and I really liked it. Though it is a long book, but the way the author has written it with detailed descriptions, I enjoyed the journey with Ingrid. I loved how each chapter begins with a quote from Ingrid’s mother and tells us what would happen next.

It is a clean, slow paced romance, with detailed descriptions of characters, places and scenes. I loved the friendship between Ingrid and Friedi and also that between Declan and Kurt. I loved the bond that Declan shares with his mother. This story is all about friendship, family and love. I’m looking forward to know what happens next.

Looking forward to reading more books from this author.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free ebook from StoryOrigin in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for the same.

Book Blitz: Nargis and other short stories by Hermit Pen

About The Book

The book is a collection of 8 short stories, each unique and different from others, covering various facets of life, inspired by real-life characters and incidents.

The stories address contemporary social issues like loneliness, binge dating, domestic abuse, social media addiction, celebrity worship, and also contemporary environmental issues like pollution, dwindling water resources, declining fertility rate, chemical warfare, etc. 

The stories also attempt to illustrate the pain and wounds of contemporary political issues like lynching, conflicts, refugees, etc

All the characters seem very familiar and we can easily relate to them.


Book Purchase Links

 | Amazon



Book Excerpt



It is 2030 and most of the water on earth is polluted.


In the beginning, it was industrial pollution that rendered most of the water beyond human usage, and then the water wars that followed resulted in the extensive use of chemical and biological weapons, which further left the remaining water sources toxic.


In less than 10 years, water had become the currency, and owners of non-toxic water source the new age kings, with their own militias, protecting their wells and supply chain.


Water trading was the most lucrative business now.




Namita had stopped thinking about resistance or confrontation long back. Domestic abuse and sometimes physical abuse had become part of life for her. She had accepted it. It was no secret either. Most people around her knew. It’s difficult to hide the scars, especially the physical ones. 




Since that fateful day, he had wished for only two things. To meet the family of the boy he had killed and the people who had killed his brother. 


He couldn’t make up his mind as to what will give him the closure he needed. 


The atonement of his sin or revenge. Guilt and vengeance had been consuming him.




All she could manage was “Why are you good to me Shoeb? Why do you still stick around when everyone else has given up on me, and now you brought my child to me”.


Neha could not control anymore, tears started rolling down her cheeks. 


Shoeb softly spoke almost in a whisper to Neha “We have taken him out of the shelter and legally adopted him. We will raise him as our own now”




He had plans of getting married next year. An arranged marriage. His parents in Hyderabad had already selected the bride for him. He knew nothing about the girl and was not interested to know either. He believed that arranged marriage will ensure that his parents will be taken care of in their old age, which was his prime responsibility, being the only son, as has been repeatedly hammered into his head, by the society, since childhood.




The night was beautiful, a bit cold though to be sitting in the balcony in only a t-shirt, this had been her ritual, night after night. 


The silence at this time of the night is addictive. It calms the volatile souls and tames the inner demons. 




Finally, she read out Waheed’s post aloud “I respectfully decline The Smith Award, which is considered no less than Noble prize, awarded to me for my thesis “Impact of Social Media on the Psyche of Celebrities”, due to the sad and unfortunate demise of a subject during the course of an experiment.”


Oh Syria!


Qasim, on the other hand, was sad, very sad. He had this foreboding that his days on his homeland were numbered and he won’t be able to return, ever. 


This was the home of his ancestors. Their graves were here. His father used to tell him that for centuries his family had lived in this town. 



About The Author



The author Mr. Hermit Pen is a regular contributor to short stories and articles for various anthologies, magazines, and own blog. 


Mr. Hermit Pen is a Business Consultant by profession with a degree in Engineering and an MBA. He is well-traveled, having spent half of his life outside India; he is presently based in Gurgaon, India.


He is a movie buff, music connoisseur, and a cricket fanatic.  He also closely follows politics and current affairs. He is a vocal advocate of education, human rights, and equality, and he occasionally dabble in social activism.


At the cusp of reinventing himself once again, Mr. Hermit Pen with all humility showcases his debut book, Nargis.


Catch up with Hermit Pen On


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Baby Unexpected by J S Baker

I received Baby Unexpected by J S Baker as a review copy from StoryOrigin and am thankful to them for the same.

The blurb:

He needed a miracle. Fate handed him one.

Successful, career-driven, and overwhelmingly handsome Patrick Douglas has been in love with the girl next door ever since he met the spunky brunette in the fourth grade, and she has absolutely no idea. He’s had to sit by firmly in the dreaded friend zone for years waiting for the love of his life to wake up and see him. Luckily, he’s a patient man.
Danyelle Strickland, Danny to everyone except for Patrick (in his words, “a beautiful name like hers should never be shortened”), is focused on running Strickland’s Boutique and getting her new fashion blog up and running. Meanwhile, everyone around her seems to be falling in love and getting married.

It’s their funeral. After watching her father get divorced for the fourth time, Danny knows now more than ever that marriage and family life isn’t for her. She hates kids and has never wanted them. So how did she end up pregnant? Life is a cruel witch.

Can Patrick help Danny finally believe in love?

Grab your copy of this intriguing and inspiring romance today!

This is book 3 of 3 in “The Unexpected Series.” Each is a standalone romance with overlapping characters that are full of happily ever afters.

The story:

Patrick Douglas was in the fourth grade and his brother, Benjamin Franklin Douglas in the second grade, when Danyelle Abigail Strickland’s family moved in next door. Danny also was a student in the second grade and she became best friends with Ben and the three of them became an instant group of The Three Musketeers. And in the fourth grade, Patrick fell in love with Dannyelle.  

Danyelle runs the Strickland boutique and also has started fashion blogging. She knows that she may be the last one to get married in her circle of friends or not get married at all, given her family history. She hates kids and does not want any. Her father is going through his fourth divorce, and when she meets the lawyer representing him, there is immediate attraction.

Patrick has done things early, graduated early, is a workaholic, and has been recently promoted to the post of Vice President in the financial investment firm where he works. He wants to get married and have a family, and Dannyelle, the girl he is in love with has no clue. He has even designed his house for her.

My take:

This book has been written in such a way that we get a glimpse of the previous two books, this book moves in parallel to both the previous books in the series. This book can be read as a standalone, but I really feel that the other two books really need to read also as the friendship and the relationship between the characters has been beautifully explored in the series.

As with the other two books in the series, the characters are realistic. Having met Patrick and Dannyelle in the first two books, they were so familiar. I loved the easy camaraderie between the friends, the game nights and the family dinners. The characters from the previous books keep up their presence and that adds to the familiarity of the story.

The language is simple and the story flows from one chapter to next. I really loved the series and felt sorry that it had to end.

A must, must read.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free e- book from StoryOrigin in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for the same.