Falling for you by Katie Carver

I received Falling for you by Katie Carver as a review copy from StoryOrigin and I am thankful to them for the same. This book is a small town romance set in Cedar Grove.

The blurb:

When love walks through the door, you can only hope your heart is ready.

Charlotte loves her life just the way it is, but as the leaves begin to change, she misses the noisy crowd that filled her library during the warm, summer days. When a handsome stranger comes to town, his presence in Cedar Grove is a welcome distraction. Will she find that the changing season brought her the one thing she didn’t realize she was missing?

Since Mitch has never had a place to call home, he’s the perfect candidate for his job and the temporary assignment in Cedar Grove. After joining the town book club that’s led by a pretty librarian, he begins to feel more at home than any place he’s ever been. When Mitch’s true reason for coming to Cedar Grove is discovered, he must figure out a way to show Charlotte that his love for her isn’t just temporary.

A Seasonally Sweet Novella Series: Fall

The story:

Charlotte has lived in Cedar Grove, a small town, all her life. She was two when she lost her mother and she is very close to her father, who works as a foreman at a local factory. She is a librarian and knows everyone by name, especially those who were regulars at the library. She loves being a librarian and is sad after the summer holidays end and the library becomes empty, so she plans more activities.

The library has a book club that meets every Tuesday and there are only four members including Charlotte herself. One book club evening, they see a newcomer come and ask whether he could join them and so Mitch also becomes a member of the book club.

Mitch, a loner since his childhood, works for a company and evaluates plant efficiency and recommends solutions. So he is sent to Cedar Grove to evaluate Charlotte’s father’s plant. To keep himself occupied, he ends up at the book club as they are offering free snacks.

Charlotte and Mitch become friends till they realise that he is the assessor who is not wanted by the people of Cedar Grove. And that he is there for a short time.

My take:

I loved the story and the characters, both primary and the secondary characters. They have been described well and their back stories are well written and give an idea about their reservations. The feelings of both the characters have been described in detail. I loved the book club characters, they were a mismatch but gelled well together.  

I loved the small town feel of the book and the warmth exuded by the characters.

This book is a quick read that can be finished in one sitting.

I loved the book and plan to read more books by the author.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free e-book from StoryOrigin in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for the same.

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