The Reluctant Debutante by Vibha Batra

51cLWn2qFwL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgI received the book, The Reluctant Debutante by Vibha Batra as a review copy from the author and am thankful to her for the same.

The blurb:

Sanya Grewal’s all set to attend Debutante International – the most glamorous social event of the year – when she ends up fracturing her foot.

She can either forget all about her childhood dream or convince her twin sister Tanya to take her place and bask in reflected glory. Alas! Tanya’s so not interested. Besides, she’s got a secret, one that could tarnish her family’s name and nix their debutante dreams.

Very reluctantly, Tanya agrees to help her sister out and zips off to France. Everything seems to be going well when Tanya’s cover gets blown. Will Tanya make her sister’s dream come true, make her father proud, make friends and maybe even find true love? Or will it all blow up in her face?

The story:

Sanya and Tanya the identical twins, but they are like two sides of the same coin. Sanya is tolerant, speaks things that are politically correct, favourite of  and is an ideal girl. And Tanya is just her opposite. Their father loves Sanya but for some reason, he does not like Tanya. Debutante International (DI) is Sanya Grewal’s childhood dream and whenever she speaks about it, Tanya cannot help but make faces.

And Sanya’s dream comes true as she is selected for the Debutante International. Sanya is all set and they are celebrating when Sanya meets with a freak accident and fractures her leg. And then she cajoles and blackmails Tanya to take her place. Tanya, who is nothing like Sanya, except in looks, cannot replace her. But seeing her pleading, she does not have the heart to refuse her.

And Tanya replaces Sanya at the contest. Will she be caught or will she play her sister’s role to perfection?

My take:

The story is simple and sweet and is a perfect read for the beautiful rainy days. The characters are believable and so is the relationship between them. I loved how Tanya talks about her family, especially her aunt. She has nicknames for everyone and not to miss her inner voice, BBC. Some of the conversations are hilarious. Even the secondary characters have a role to play in the story.

An interesting story which I would recommend to everyone.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from the publisher in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.


Restless Hearts: A San Francisco Gold Rush Romance (Gold Rush Romances Book 1) by Mona Ingram

51tFJR-rkmL.jpgRestless Hearts: A San Francisco Gold Rush Romance (Gold Rush Romances Book 1) by Mona Ingram was a book that I picked up from Amazon Kindle courtesy BookBub.

The blurb:

Whoever said the streets were paved with gold must have been dreaming. San Francisco in the gold rush era was an intoxicating mixture of the wealthy and the desperate. How would Sarah fit in?

Determined to prove that she can make it on her own, Sarah poses as a married woman and boards a schooner bound for San Francisco.

Restless and eager to travel, Jamie agrees to set up a branch of his family’s merchant bank in San Francisco.

Each has something to prove but will their desire to succeed derail a blossoming romance?

The story:

The year is 1849.

Sarah Howard, 22, lives in Boston with her parents and younger brother Devon. Her father is a doctor and she wants to become one too, having assisted him in his practice. But her father disapproves. He wants her to get married to the boy he has selected for her. She cannot imagine living the rest of her life in Boston where nothing in the foreseeable future was likely to change. So, when her father is away, she leaves Boston, with her mother’s blessings and boards a ship to sail for San Francisco. She poses as a married woman, as she feels it would be safer that way.

On board the ship, she meets Anna and her daughter Melissa, Lucy, her cabinmate and Jamie Thompson. Jamie has worked in his family’s merchant bank. He is bored of his job as a banker and wants to have a look at the farm his grandfather left him on the Sacromento river. She is attracted to Jamie and slowly she starts loving him.

Once in California, she starts her food business and slowly she becomes successful. Sarah is a helpful person by nature and helps people she meets. Like those on the ship and even those she meets in San Francisco. But what about her, will she stay in San Francisco or would she move to Sacramento to be with Jamie?

My take:

The story is simple and the author seems to have done some research about the time, what with cars, candles and tents. Not to mention the long journey by a ship.

The characters are believable and both the primary and secondary characters are important to keep the story moving.

I really liked this book and will definitely read the next one in the series.


Red Rose dating Agency by Sundari Venkatraman

419yChR3yZL.jpgRed Rose Dating Agency (Romantic Shorts Book 8) is Sundari Venkatraman’s latest book which is available on Kindle Unlimited.

The blurb:

Ahana is not exactly sure of her feelings when the nerdy Sadashiv Prasad lands up at her dating agency, seeking membership. While on the one hand she’s amused at his audacity, his fanatical obsession with finding the ‘ideal’ mate has Ahana climbing up the wall.

When all efforts to find him a date fail miserably Ahana offers to go on a date with him. As expected, the event is a disaster. Luckily for her the winds of love are blowing in her direction as she unexpectedly falls in love with Sahil Pradhan.

Ideally, Ahana’s life should run smoothly from now on. Alas, no! Sadashiv Prasad re-surfaces in her life and what’s even worse, Sahil and Sadashiv seem to know each other. What a tangle!

Will Ahana find happiness with Sahil or is her love doomed forever?

*A shorter version of this story has been published in the anthology called Matches Made in Heaven.

The story:

Ahana runs a dating agency, called the Red Rose Dating Agency, and her business is doing well. One day, she has an unusual client, Sadashiv Prasad, a middle class salesman with a crumpled white shirt and he just manages to converse in English. And Sadashiv has an unusual request, he wants to date through her agency and he also wants that she finds him a date who fits the bill of an ‘Adarsh Bharatiya Nari’.

And Ahana is in a fix. Who can she ask to date him? And then her father suggests that she goes on a date with him.

What will she do?

My take:

I liked the book and the story.

The characters have been developed in detail. The relationship between Ahana and her father has been beautifully depicted.

Overall, a simple story, written in simple English that can be finished in one sitting.

A Twist of Fate by Summerita Rhayne

51c+0lSoAsL.jpgI received the book A Twist of Fate by Summerita Rhayne as a review copy from the author and am thankful to her for the same. This is the second book in the King and the Courtesan series.

The blurb:

“I want to find him. And when I find him, I will destroy him.” 

Charulata wants revenge. She seeks to spill the blood of the man who ruined her. He married her and left her after one night. The diktats of her society declare only one place suitable for the woman rejected and deserted by her husband – the abode of the concubines. Charulata faces ruin and lives and breathes for one purpose…the only purpose keeping her alive. How to track Deva – and kill him.

Deva knows he had earned the wrath of this woman. Embittered and devastated, he’s a wounded lion hunting his enemies. Regrets and softer feelings are long gone from his life. He encounters Charulata with all the arrogance of his forebears. Yet the fire of hate is mixed with the fire of attraction between them. Rage and passion have become inseparable…
A Twist of Fate follows the entwining fortunes of Charu and Deva in the post Vedic ancient India. Greed, treachery, and deception feature highly in this story of royal suspense. Can love have a hope of surviving amid such intrigues?

To be a courtesan in ancient India was a fate far worse than slavery. This is the second book written on the theme by the author. Also read Against The Tide, the story of the royal concubine.

The story:

Tikandas and Leelavati are like any other parents. They want their only daughter, Charulata, to be happy. Charu is the younger of the two siblings, she has an older brother Shayamdas, who is married. Charu is multi-talented, cultured in arts, proficient in written language, fine player of veena, unmatched in dance and keeps accounts better than her brother. At the behest of the local purohit, Tikandas, fixes her marriage to a merchant’s son from a neighbouring town. He is happy for his daughter, his favourite child, but he tells his wife that in case he finds the groom unworthy of his daughter, he would send the groom back.

In the meantime, at the groom’s camp, on the day of the wedding, the groom’s father is in a fix. His son, the groom, has hurt his eye and he needs a replacement for the wedding. And he finds Deva, who is running away from the guards who suspect that he has stolen the royal ring, as the replacement.

And thus, Deva and Charu get married. The very next day, the groom’s father wants to take the bride home, and Deva has to leave the scene and he does so after writing to Charu.

And Charu is outcast, loses her parents and is thrown out of home by her brother. She ends up in a brothel. She is determined to seek revenge.

Will she be able to take her revenge?

My take:

The story is set in ancient India, the setting and the descriptions ensure that. So do the language and the characters. The cover is beautiful and so apt.

Charulata’s character has been developed in detail, she can speak her mind at a time when women are not very liberated. She is well educated and she is intelligent. the secondary characters are important and play major roles in the story. There are characters from the previous book in the series.

The descriptions of scenes are detailed and the scenes can be easily picturised. Language used in simple but there are words which are in a dialect which would be more appreciated if a vocabulary can be added to the book.

This book has all the components, love, romance, independence, treachery, impersonation and revenge.

I loved the book and finished it in one day. I feel there is another one in the pipeline….

Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of the book from the author in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.

The Bollywood Bride by Sonali Dev

51YD9OtgqML._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgThere are some books which make you laugh and some books which make you cry. And yet there are some which leave a mark that you remember them for a long long time. There are some you want to have in your physical library, this is one of them.

This book is the story of Ria Parkar, Bollywood’s favourite Ice Princess and Vikram Jathar, her childhood friend, her love, her betrayal and the deep bond they shared. I must confess to reading the book for the second time. One more confession, the previous cover was better.

The Blurb (from

Ria Parkar is Bollywood’s favourite star until one impulsive act threatens to expose her destructive past. Travelling home to Chicago for her cousin’s wedding offers a chance to diffuse the coming media storm and find solace in family, food and outsized celebrations. But it also means confronting Vikram Jathar. Ria and Vikram spent childhood summers together, a world away from Ria’s exclusive boarding school in Mumbai. Their friendship grew seamlessly into love – until Ria made a shattering decision. As far as Vikram is concerned, Ria sold her soul for stardom and it’s taken him years to rebuild his life. But beneath his pent-up anger, their bond remains unchanged. Ria must find the courage to face the secrets she’s been guarding and try to balance her reel life with her real one. Here is a warm, sexy, story of love, family, and the difficult choices that arise in the name of both.

The story:

Ria Parkar was only eight when her father sent her from her home in Pune, to a boarding school in Panchgani, and she would be sent to to Chicago in summer vacations, to live with her aunt. In school, she was known as ‘the girl who came from insanity’ and feels that for her Baba, she is ‘the girl he wished they hadn’t made’. She meets Nikhil, her cousin and they become very close.

Vikram is Nikhil’s cousin and the three of them have many childhood escapades together. Her life in her aunt’s house is happy. Then, she and Vikram fall in love, a secret only Nikhil knows, and are forced by circumstances to stay apart. Then, she is eighteen and he, twenty one.

She moves back to Mumbai to keep her promise to her dying father. She has kept her life in Mumbai hidden from her relatives in Chicago but talks to her aunt almost every other day.

Now, ten years later, she is Bollywood’s favorite Ice Princess–beautiful, poised, and scandal-proof. One day, in an unguarded moment, a paparazzi notices her standing on the ledge and threatens to expose her. And at the same moment, she receives a call from Nikhil inviting her to his wedding and she travels to Chicago for her cousin’s wedding and also to escape from the threatened scandal. But, she is scared to come face to face with Vikram Jathar, the one she loved and left.

My take:

I loved the story a lot especially, the way the characters have been developed. They are lifelike and I had no trouble at all in visualizing them. I remained in the plot of the story for days after I finished the book.

The book has all the ingredients, romance, betrayal, suspense, sibling love, relationships, and everything that we come across in day to day life. The relationships between the characters have been wonderfully depicted. I don’t remember crying so much while reading a book or even for that matter while watching a movie as I did with this one. As I sit to write a review, Ria’s childhood brings tears to my eyes once again.

The plot is simple and has been portrayed beautifully by the author. The language is simple and the flow is good, though it takes about 50 pages to get a hang of the book and then it is unputdownable.

A must read. I have re-read it after four years and enjoyed it all over again.

Metro Reader

There are some books which make you laugh and some books which make you cry. And yet there are some which leave a mark that you remember them for a long long time. the-bollywood-bride is her second book and is the story of Ria Parkar, Bollywood’s favourite Ice Princess and Vikram Jathar, her childhood friend, her love, her betrayal and the deep bond they shared.

I would like to thank Netgalley for a review copy.

The Blurb (from

Ria Parkar is Bollywood’s favorite Ice Princess–beautiful, poised, and scandal-proof–until one impulsive act threatens to expose her destructive past. Traveling home to Chicago for her cousin’s wedding offers a chance to diffuse the coming media storm and find solace in family, food, and outsized celebrations that are like one of her vibrant movies come to life. But it also means confronting Vikram Jathar.

Ria and Vikram spent childhood summers together, a world…

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The Arrangement by P G Van

51K26XOpcvLI picked up P G Van’s latest book, The Arrangement from the Kindle Unlimited Library.

The Blurb:

Niha could not deal with the not-so-glamorous side of the movie industry anymore and decides to run away from it all. Where does she end up? In a small town where she crashes her car, causing a lot of damage to the town.

The accident is a blessing in disguise, allowing her to stay out of the limelight. To avoid the media attention and her past life, she needs to make an arrangement with a man who looks at her as if he despises the very sight of her.

Mahen wants to build his ancestral town into the next big economic hub and is upset when a rash driver crashes a car into a newly constructed building, setting it on fire. He wants to cut his losses and wants her out of his town, but she doesn’t want to leave. He agrees to let her stay for a month, only as a temporary arrangement.

An arrangement that was supposed to last a short time turns into something else when sparks fly between Niha and Mahen. Niha may have run away from her past, but she cannot hide from it. When Mahen finds out who she really is, will the new arrangement last?
Note: The Arrangement is a Stand-alone, Passionate, Contemporary romance.

The Story:

Niharika Ratnam, Niha to her family and Harika to the world, is an actress. She is fed up of being manipulated by her mother, who wants Niha to live her dream, the dream which she could not fulfil because Niha was born.

In an attempt to move as far as away as possible from her manipulating mother, and from meeting a prospective producer, Niha runs away from her home. She drives fast and ends up meeting with an accident. Once she regains consciousness, she finds herself in a hospital in an unknown place with strangers around her. There is a lady constable who wants to arrest her because she has burnt down a newly constructed building to ashes.

But she is saved by Mahendra Rayadu, the owner of the building, who had saves her from the crash. And he takes her home, where he stays with his grandmother, Naani, with the intent to send her home after she tells him her who she is and where she lives.

Taking this as an opportunity to stay away from home, Niha hides her reality from them and says that she has nobody that she can go to. Mahen gives her one month to stay in his house and keep Naani happy, as this is what he considers payment for the loss he has incurred. But he gives her a warning, that he would be observing her closely.

They keep crossing each other’s paths and are attracted to each other. But what will happen after she reveals her identity to him?

My take:

A simple sweet story about two people who meet and are slowly drawn to each other. The characters are realistic and relatable and I loved the way the relationships between them have been depicted. The book has friendship, love, romance, and above all grandchild- grandparent love.

The narration is simple and fast paced and the language is simple. I finished the book in two sittings.

The secondary characters also have been given a lot of space in the story. I am hoping that the author actually writes three more books in the series, the stories of other characters like Radha, Urmila and Deepa.


Her protector by Pooja Gupta

41cweMpoIOL.jpgI was in between books, so I picked up Her protector by Pooja Gupta from the Kindle Unlimited Library.

The blurb:

When Vikram Maheshwari’s eyes met with hers for the first time, he realized Nitara Sharma was special. Innocent, broken, and in need of protection, he took her under his wings vowing to protect her from the man who had killed her mother and was now thirsty for her blood. She stirred a protective streak inside of him, but he hadn’t counted on falling for the little beauty.

As his best friend’s cousin, she was forbidden to Vikram. It was wrong, but he had never been a man to play by the rules. He wanted her, and he was going to have her, and nothing would stop him from making her his wife, not the man after her life nor his contract marriage to the daughter one of his business associates.

The story:

Vikram Maheshwari is married to Kriya for four years and they are surviving the marriage because both of them mind their own business.  She is carefree, a social butterfly who was spoilt but had a good heart and he is an introvert who barely lost control over anything.

One day, his best friend, Samrat, asks him for a favour: to take care of his cousin and protect her from her step-father. Samrat cannot leave her at her home, nor can he take her with him to London, as she cannot leave till her mother’s death investigation is over.

Nitara’s world has turned upside down, because her stepfather, the person who she considered her guide, her hero had killed her mother for her property. And now her brother wants her to stay protected at his best friend’s house till he can come back to take her with him.

My take:

The story is simple and has been written well. The characters are well developed and the relations between them have been described well. Even the relationship between Samrat and his wife has been portrayed very well. The language is simple and the story is fast paced.

Looking forward to reading more books from the author.