It had to be you by Anuj Tiwari

Girl meets boy, they fall in love. The girl disappears and the boy is heart broken. He goes into depression, gets treatment and moves town but the sImageearch is on.

It had to be you by Anuj Tiwari is the story of Anuj, a software engineer, who undergoes treatment for depression after the love of his life, Pakhi disappears. He moves to Mumbai for his job, to start afresh, but Pakhi’s memories go with him. He works, gets tired and falls asleep. But, he is still searching for Pakhi. He reads her mails, sees her picture and listens to the voicemails.

He makes friends like Payal and Meera in office and there is his flatmate, Vishal. In Delhi, he has a friend in Anushka who helps him in his search. He meets an old tea seller outside his apartment complex in Mumbai, Rahim Chacha, who helps him understand the deeper meaning of life.

The book moves back and forth from Delhi to Mumbai in search of clues for Pakhi.

The book has been written in first person and the feelings of the main protagonist have been described in detail. The language is simple and the flow is good.I liked the book but felt that the author has stretched the search too long and suddenly the track of the book changes and there is a twist in the story.

I would like to thank Shorya Bhutani of Rupa Publications India for sending me a review copy of the book.

Book Source: Review copy from Publisher

Publisher: Rupa Publications India


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