Its your move, Wordfreak by Falguni Kothari

I started looking forImage the book. ‘Its your move, Wordfreak by Falguni Kothari’ when I saw her name as the next author of the Indian Author collection of Mills and Boon. I ordered it on Snapdeal, waited for it to arrive but suddenly, I received a prerecorded message from them that the order had been cancelled. I then looked up and found it available on Amazon, who delivered it the very next day and started my journey with Alisha Menon and Aryan Rajaram Chawla. The story is set in Mumbai.

The characters:

Alisha Menon, 28, BSL, LLB, a divorce lawyer, specializes in out of court mediation and does not believe in happily ever after. She is wary of men and wary of romantic entanglements. Interference makes her cranky and opposition, furious. Her parents separated when she was 11. Brought up by her mother, Savitri Menon, she is strong and independent. She does not have many friends, Diya Mathur is her best friend, she calls her Lee-Sha and Alisha calls her Dee. Madhuri Tandon, MT, is a lawyer, her mother’s friend and her mentor.

Aryan Chawla, 25, an architect with Prithvi Homes, designs environmental friendly homes. He lost his mother when he was 13 and was brought up by his grandmother, Bharati Vaidya. He is a Page 3 and knows people from Bollywood. Sameer Vaidya is his Uncle Sam, elder to him by ten years. He is an architect and Aryan is very close to him.

The story:

Wordfreak and Worddiva come across each other while playing an online scrabble game. Gradually, they get chatting, their online chats are enchanting and their scrabble competitions exhilarating, and agree to meet on a blind date. She hopes he would be all that she had imagined him to be and he is but she refuses to reveal her identity and phone number to him, whose name she overhears as Aryan. For him, she is not only perfect but his polar opposite and for her there is a reservation about their ages. After the disastrous meeting is over, they go back to their online scrabble and chat and decide to meet again. They start meeting daily and meet each other’s families. He wants her to move in with her but she lacks commitment.

Everything is nice and happy till they have a fight, he disappears and is nursing a secret.

My take:

I loved the cover of the book. The story is interesting, well written and the language is simple. The characters have been developed well. The story is fast paced and nery involving. The book made me laugh and it made me cry.

Aryan is too good to be true, just the guy you would like your family to meet. I loved it when he called Alisha, Sunshine.

I enjoyed the book thoroughly, highly recommended. A sequel would be appreciated and welcome.

If made into a Bollywood film, I am sure it would be a hit.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher Rupa Publications


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