Against all Odds by Jazz Singh


Against all Odds is an Indireads novella by Jazz Singh. It is the story of Sanjana and Abhimanyu Chopra set in Delhi and Kasauli.

The Blurb:

On a rainy night, Sanjana and Abhimanyu meet in the most unromantic of conditions. She’s wet, muddy and is almost run over by him, while he accuses her of trying to scam money from him. After an acrimonious exchange, each hopes never to set eyes on the other again. But fate has other plans for them…

As they meet again, and yet again, Abhimanyu finds himself admiring Sanjana’s spirit and obvious talent. Before he knows it, he’s head-over-heels in love with her. It’s the perfect modern fairytale–business tycoon falls for struggling designer from nowhere–but then his mother enters the picture.

She makes it crystal clear that Sanjana has no place in her son’s life.

The two break apart until their worlds collide yet again; another accident, in another time and place. Will they come together this time, against all odds?

 The story:

Sanjana, from Kasauli is a freshly passed out Interior Designer, on her first project in Delhi.  One day, she slips and falls in front of a rich man’s car, and when he accuses her of purposely doing so, she hires an autorickshaw and goes to a hospital despite his telling her that he would take her there. She ends up with a hairline fracture. She then runs into the same arrogant rich man at her workplace and they are introduced to each other. He is Abhimanyu Chopra, a real estate agent. They keep running into each other and she starts falling in love with him but does not let him know because they are from two different world: He is rich and she is middle class, he is city bred and she belongs to a small town.

Enter Mrs Chopra, Abhi’s mother, a rich lady who thinks that Sanjana is out to get her son for money and the drama is complete. Sanjana goes away without leaving a trace.

My take:

A sweet and simple love story, with all the essential ingredients thrown in, against all odds, is a refreshing read. The characters are well described and lifelike. Sanjana has her head firmly fixed on her shoulders, sacrifices her love and does not have any bad feelings for anyone. Abhi is arrogant and nice both at the same time.

I loved it. Another must read romance from Indireads.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Indireads

Format: Ebook

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