Prospects Rebound by Ira M

I picked up Prospects Rebound by Ira M from the Kindle Unlimited library.

The blurb:

Once family friends, then marriage prospects, now forced to share a room…

Shanaya Singh and Ranbir Sharma run into each other at off-site as both are trying to get away from their annoying roommates. Circumstances force them to share a room. Sparks fly, their past begins to trump their presence as they fall for each other.

Will they let go of the past and give love a second chance?

Presenting another romantic short from the author of “A Marriage of Arrangements” and “Sway With Me”

“Prospects Rebound” is first in the “Rebound” series of standalone passionate romance short stories. This has some mature content. Readers’ discretion is advised.

The story:

Shanaya Singh and Ranbir Sharma had met each other as prospective life partners when Ranbir had refused to marry Shanaya, even though their parents were friends.

Now, four years later, they meet each other at a resort, where both their companies have organised an off-site.

Not being able to stay in their allotted rooms, Shanaya asks the reception to give her a room and she is fortunate to get the last available room, only to be requested by Ranbir to allow him to share it with her.

My take:

A cute story of childhood friends meeting under unexpected circumstances after a disastrous meeting four years ago. Realistic characters and conversations were the high point of the story. I felt more editing would make the story crisp.

A fast paced, short read.  

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