Love, Scandal, and Second Chances: A scandalous second chance romance (The Kapoor Brothers Series Book 3) by Shilpa Suraj

I received Love, Scandal, and Second Chances: A scandalous second chance romance (The Kapoor Brothers Series Book 3) by Shilpa Suraj as a review copy from the author and BookR3vi3ws and am thankful to them for the same.
The blurb:
Arav has only ever loved one woman, Disha. But, she broke his heart to further her ambitions.
Years later, she’s achieved everything she set out to but at a steep price. She wants to come home but home doesn’t want her and her work won’t let her.
Arav knows Disha needs his help and the boy he once was can’t walk away. But while his heart is large enough to forgive, it hasn’t forgotten.
Can they overcome the bitter hurt of their shared past, face the scandalous present and find their way back to each other? Is this their second chance at love or a first chance at redemption?
The story:
Arav Kapoor fell in love with Disha Bakshi when they were eighteen and he had to tell her that he loved her and ask her to marry him. Disha had snubbed him. And they became friends, he was the only friend that she had, until, one day, she humiliated him in front of his friends saying that she deserved better.
Now, Disha is a famous television star and Arav, an investment consultant. She wants to quit her job in Mumbai and come back to Hyderabad and at the behest of her cousin and Arav’s sister-in-law, Alisha, approaches him to help her in financial planning. Not only that, Alisha’s mother has suggested that Arav marry Disha. But, what about his feelings for her. To make matters worse, Disha does not even recognize him.
And when she goes to Mumbai to wind up her things, she tells her colleagues that she is quitting because she is getting married to Arav, thinking that no one would know, but……
My take:
Arav has been my favourite, the older sibling, the quieter one, the serious one and I really wanted to read his story and so picked the book up as soon as I realized that it had been released.
The characters are well-developed, realistic and relatable as was with the other books in the series.  We had met Disha in the second book and I had an inkling that Arav liked her. I loved the mature conversations between Arav and Disha and the easy camaraderie between the cousins. I would have enjoyed reading more conversations in the cousins’ WhatsApp group. The presence of characters from the previous books helps maintain the continuity in the series. I felt that I was right there sitting in the Kapoor house and witnessing everything unfold before me.
I enjoyed reading the book and finished it in one sitting until three in the morning. I am really going to miss the Kapoors now that the series is over.
Waiting to read more books from the author. 
Disclaimer: I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for the same.

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