Circle of life by Ketaki Date

circle of lifeCircle of life by Ketaki Date is a very sweet book. It is the story of Nandini, a girl who has been working as a journalist for 6 years.

Nandini grew up at Dinanath Home in Pune, because she is an orphan and has lived in a hostel throughout her life, without friends. In college, she worked in a photo studio part-time. She meets Rhea, in college and then Rhea becomes her best friend cum colleague at Times of India, Pune, where they both work as journalists. She loves her job and finds solace in books, films and art. She wants to take a sabbatical for a year from work and write a book. She decides to go and meet the woman to whom she owes everything, Gayatribai Ranade, in Shipole. She reaches Shipole only to find that Gayatribai is no more and her friend, Neela Gokhale, may be of some help.

Prayag Gokhale, after obtaining a master’s degree in agricultural and resource economics, works as a farmer on his father’s land where they grow cashewnuts, mangoes, black peppers, bananas, jackfruits.

The book has been written very well. The language is simple and the flow is good. Something, like a breath of fresh air, something that gets you so involved that you forget all your stresses and worries.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Pageturn

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