Accidental Husband: An Indian Billionaire Romance by M V Kasi

51LuI46lH4L.jpgI picked up Accidental Husband: An Indian Billionaire Romance by M V Kasi from the Kindle Unlimited Library.

The blurb:

A billionaire farmer. A city bred woman. An accidental marriage. And falling in love…
Priya Shankar‘s life has been planned by her high-achieving mother even before her birth.
Things always went by the rigid plan, except three years ago when Priya had met a gorgeous man during her trip to Vegas. A wild, passionate weekend was followed by an impulsive marriage and a hasty divorce.

And now, on the verge of accepting the proposal from a man hand-picked by her mother, Priya found out that her divorce hadn’t gone through! And that she must make a secretive trip to a small village in India to find the man she had married and have him sign on the divorce papers again.

The problem? Arjun Pratap, her accidental husband, doesn’t want a divorce! And worse, he’s even challenged that within a month, he would change her mind.
With stolen kisses in the wide open fields, adventurous tractor rides and camping under the stars—can she resist the sexy farmer who is determined to use every bit of his wicked charms to make her stay married to him?

ACCIDENTAL HUSBAND is a passionate standalone romance.

The story:

Priya Shankar is the only child of an ambitious single mother who wants to Priya to be as successful as she is. So she plans everything for Priya including her work and her marriage. In Vegas for a meeting, Priya takes a break, and meets Arjun Pratap, and marries him. The marriage is followed by a divorce and Priya manages to keep everything away from her mother.

Now, three years later, Priya’s mother has found a suitable alliance for her and Priya is OK with it because it means her mother would be happy, but she does not bargain for is that the marriage has not been annulled. And for Arjun’s signatures on the dotted line, she has to travel to India from the US as he says he will do it in person.

And once she is in India, she realises that Arjun is a farmer and wants to know more about her and spend time with her. And then if they think that their marriage is a disaster, would he sign on the papers.

My take:

The story is simple and revolves around the main characters. The secondary characters have some role to play in the story. The scenes have been described vividly. The language is simple and the story moves pretty fast.

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