Growing up in Pandupur by Adithi and Chatura Rao

growing-up-in-pandupur-original-imaev4xkdbgdfgdj.jpegI received the book “Growing Up in Pandupur” by Adithi and Chatura Rao as a review copy from the publisher and would like to thank them for the same. It is a collection of thirteen short stories of children aged between seven and thirteen residing in a little town of Pandupur on the bank of River Dhun. The book has been beautifully illustrated by Krishna Bala Shenoi.

The Blurb:
Welcome to Pandupur!
With its bustling marketplace and honking traffic, posh colonies and shanty towns, dam and forest, Pandupur means many things to the children who live there. Just like the river Dhun that flows by, it teems with life….
Through Pandupur’s children, Adithi and Chatura Rao weave a web of tales – life lessons in growing up. The laughter, the small unkindest and surprising friendships in these stories will resonate in the hearts of children everywhere.

My take:
The book begins with a map which shows the location of all the landmarks of Pandupur as mentioned in the various stories. This is followed by a poetry on River Dun. Though each story can be read as a standalone, there are common characters which connect the stories. The stories have been written beautifully in simple english. The characters were such that I could easily connect with them.
The first story –“Polka-dotted Party” is about a boy who has great plans for his thirteenth birthday party….In “Goblins”, a twelve year old wants to be a goblin and so he forms a band with his friends and they call themselves Hobgobs One. “Changing Chintamani” is about a boy who wants to go for a football training camp.
“The House Painted Blue” is about three little girls who are curious about a house in their colony. “Mallipoo, Free” is about the bond between humans and elephants. “Nisha” is the story of a small girl who is a victim of child abuse.
“About Grandfathers and Trees” is the story of a young boy and his grandfather who, he thinks, is a magician. “Sister Song” is the story of two sisters. “For Preet” is the story of a girl who wants someone to talk to. “A Boat in the Rain” is about a boy from Mumbai who does not like to be in Pandupur. “Evenings in 201” is the story of a boy and a Brigadier. “Warm-fuzzy” is about how kids think about one another and the last story “The River Came Home”, is about how certain incidents in life change us.
The stories made me smile, they made me cry and some left me wanting more.
I loved the book and am sure it will make a place in the hearts of all the readers, adults and children alike.
An excellent book. Highly recommended.

Publisher: Scholastic

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