Unsuitable Husband by Anika Rao

I picked up Unsuitable Husband by Anika Rao from the Kindle Unlimited Library because I liked the cover.

The blurb:

She was about to be forced into a marriage. To escape it, she married another man temporarily until she receives her inheritance. The man she married is her best friend’s brother whom she had a crush on during their childhood.

But her problems didn’t stop with signatures on a marriage certificate. Her uncle didn’t think her marriage to a struggling mechanic would last. She has to now live with her husband to prove that her marriage is real.

Living in close quarters with a handsome man she used to crush on isn’t easy. Especially when all their interactions indicate that her unsuitable husband is actually the most suitable one…

Note: This is a standalone short and sweet romance with a happy ending.

The story:

Kajal is twenty and in a fix, because her guardian, her uncle, wants her to marry his business partner, an old man. She asks her best friend for her help and she suggests that she marries her brother, Bharat Sahni, an automobile engineer, and Kajal’s crush during her growing up years. So she meets Bharat and they decide to have a court marriage. But her uncle finds him unsuitable and calls him a ‘mechanic’ because Bharat owns a garage. And wants to prove to the court that the marriage is a sham.

My take:

A sweet story with realistic characters and conversations. I loved the friendship between the girls. I loved the secondary characters as well, Nani, Bharat’s parents and sister.

A must, must read- This story left me with a happy, happy feeling.

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