That Calcutta…Those Bongs by Dipanwita Mukherjee

This book is a collection of 21 short stories by Mrs Mukherjee. Each of these stories has a unique flavor. The Bengali terms used in between and then explained at the end of the book actually keeps the feel alive in the book. It actually gives a sneak peek into the routine lives of people in Bengal. While reading the book, I realized that what looked so insignificant to us when it is a part of our daily life, becomes actually important when it is well written.

Certain stories actually can be picturised as they are too close to real life especially, Spring onion greens (the relationship of a new bride with her in-laws), wrong entrance (was my favorite, very sweet), boroma (actually describes the life led by widows in Bengal till some years ago, maybe still), waiting to go home (makes us realize why our parents worry for us) and The Piano (makes us realize that our parents can everything for us so that we are happy). Reading the Gandharaj lime, I could actually get the smell of the lime, the story is so well written. Buro Ma was quite touching (it makes us realize what a mother can do for her child, come what may) and while reading The wish, the end was what I was hoping for. It is actually worth the money spent.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Rupa & Co.

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