The love letter and other stories by Buddhadeva Bose

downloadThe Love Letter and other stories by Buddhadeva Bose is a collection of seven stories and two one-act plays translated from the Bengali by Arunava Sinha. All the stories have been written very well and carry a very deep meaning and my sincere advice to all the readers is that they should read one story at a time to savour it.

My favourite short story is “The Shadow” which talks about silent love never acknowledged and “Twenty five years after- or before” is my favourite one act play written about two lovers who meet at an international airport after 25 years.

The book has been beautifully written and does not feel like a translated work at all. But the stories take a lot of time to be absorbed.

Must read.

Book Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Release blast: Defining Moments by Dori Lavelle

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Title and Author: Defining Moments by Dori Lavelle

No. of Pages: 148 Pages

Series: Moments in Time

Publication Date: 29th August 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Secrets. Lies. Betrayal.

How much heartbreak can one heart take?

Melisa Dane has made
it through the worst. Her heart was broken, but Florian Dane, better known as
“Heat”—and the man of her dreams—returned to mend it. Now, with her family
almost complete, Melisa is ready to sit back and enjoy life.
But fate isn’t done with her yet. The perpetual smile on her face freezes when
the second man to steal her heart shows up in her life once again. Scott
Bergfeld, the husband she buried and grieved for years ago, is not dead, and he
comes back bearing secrets.

Heartbroken and confused, Melisa tries to find answers to questions she never
thought she’d ask, but what she learns throws her life into turmoil. Soon,
cracks start to form in her marriage with Heat. As her heart is torn into two
halves—between the man she loved first and the man she married first—she comes
dangerously close to having her whole life destroyed again. How many people
will end up getting hurt? This time, does she have the strength to make it

*Although this novel is a sequel to Bittersweet Moments, it can be read as a standalone.*


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Dori Lavelle is a mother, wife, and a sucker for happy-ever-afters and mint chocolate. Give her a great romance novel and a mug of hot chocolate and she’d be one happy woman.

Growing up, Dori read a lot, and when she wasn’t happy with a particular ending, she wrote a different one, just for herself. Before long, she was writing stories when she should have been doing homework. The time has come for her to share the stories she cooks up in her head.

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A Perfect Mismatch by Leena Varghese

814TcYpQkNLA perfect mismatch by Leena Varghese is her debut book for Mills and Boon. It is the story of Armaan and Zara who fight with each other at the slightest pretext.

The Blurb:

Once, Armaan Malhotra was Zara’s secret teenage fantasy. Now, they find nothing right with each other!

Zara is a spirited woman, fiercely guarding her hard-earned independence as a chartered accountant. An orphan, her mother’s indiscretion has haunted her life. Armaan is a celebrity artist, with a deep-rooted aversion to commitment. Born in an old business family, his father’s infidelity has rocked his beliefs.

Zara finds Armaan callous and insensitive. Armaan finds Zara stubborn and rebellious. Both find it impossible to trust anyone.

When under pressure from Armaan’s mother, they agree on a short term arranged match, things turn chaotic. Soon the undercurrent of tension and attraction turns into skirmishes, flaring up into a full-fledged battle on their honeymoon. Could they let go of their fears and let desire transform into deep abiding love forever?

The story:

Zara, a chartered accountant, had been brought up by her maternal aunt Sudha Seth after the death of her mother, when she was two. Unable to bear the pain inflicted on her, her uncle sends her to a boarding school and to avoid the bickering of her aunt, her cousin, Bani and her friends, Aparna and Armaan, she would prefer to stay in the convent orphanage in the summer vacations. She always craved for a family and all she has of her dead mother is a faded old photograph. She had always excelled in academics and had worked hard to where she was today.

Armaan Malhotra, 34, is an artist, who does not believe in love, marriage and happily ever afters courtesy his father who had left them.

During the teenage years, she was infatuated to Armaan, her aunt’s best friend, Vini Malhotra’s son, six years her senior. A meeting with Armaan unnerves her and at any meeting, they would clash with each other without any rhyme or reason. She meets him again, after a couple of years when she, while playing with Aparna’s children, throws a mud ball, which accidental hits his painting spoiling it.

His mother wants him to get married and using his late father’s will as an excuse, asks him to get married to Zara, much to the shock of Aparna and Armaan. In the meanwhile, Sudha tells Zara about Vini’’s plans and Zara refuses straight away. As his mother is unwell, Armaan convinces Zara to marry him for a period of six months and they sit and draw up their terms and conditions for this contract marriage. For him, she is the perfect candidate because they really don’t like each other and for her, she feels that this way she would be able to stand up in front of her relatives.

My Take:

Once I received the book, I could not help myself and started it reading it stat, leaving everything and believe me, I did not regret doing so. I still have a smile on my face as I am writing the review.

Both Armaan and Zara are lovable characters. Well done, Leena for creating such lifelike characters. I loved the way the author has shown the compassionate side of Armaan making the reader fall in love with his character in addition to Zara’s.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Harlequin India

Playing with Fire by Devika Fernando

playing with fire cover webI received Devika Fernando’s book, Playing with Fire from the author herself, and I would like to thank her for the same. I do not read paranormal generally, but felt that this is different. This is first book of the four book series.

Felicia works as a librarian, having left her home. Her contacts are limited to her contacts and sister; her boss at the library and her roommate, Cindy.

Seeing a house burning, Felicia is attracted by it and starts walking towards it. Part of her wants her to react as a normal human being but there is another part beyond normalcy which wants her to become one of the flames. She has a great night vision that does not need so much illumination. Joshua, a private investigator, sees her and runs to protect her only to realize that fire has had no effect on her.

Joshua tells her that he feels that she is not common or normal or boring and gifts her a book, ‘The Magic in You- How to control your healing powers’. For her to succeed at living, he tries to make her control her powers and starts giving her lessons but she feels he scares and attracts her at the same time.

Joshua and Felicia are as different as ice and fire. He’s all about ice and she’s all about fire. They are opposites and opposites attract.

My take:

The author has described the characters very well making them relatable and some of the scenes have been well depicted, making them easy to visualize. Describing their lives and their childhood, she makes the reader realize why the characters are how they are,

Overall, a book well written. Though, I must confess, I had goosebumps reading some scenes.

Book Source: Author


The Runaway Bridegroom by Sundari Venkatraman

TRB-AmazonI received an ARC copy of Sundari Venkatraman’s latest book, The Runaway Bridegroom, from the lady herself and left the books I was reading and favoured the book because I am a hard core fan of happy endings. And I must tell you, I did not regret it.

The Blurb:

Chanda Maheshwari’s family is shaken when her thirteen-year-old bridegroom Veerendra runs away immediately after the wedding. The eight-year-old child doesn’t even understand the impact on her life. Unable to face their neighbours and friends, the Maheshwaris move from their village to Jaipur and begin a new life in the city.
Fourteen years later, Chanda is studying in a Delhi College. She takes up a temporary job at RS Software Pvt. Ltd. and falls head-over-heels for the boss of the operation. But what about Ranveer Singh? Is he interested in her?

Ranveer’s secretary Shikha is desperate to make him fall for her. All she wants is life-long security with a rich man. But it’s nerd Abhimanyu who keeps getting in the way. Abhi is Ranveer’s second-in-command and Shikha isn’t keen on him as she’s eyeing the main chance.

When Ranveer appears to show interest in Chanda, she’s faced with a new problem. Astrologer Vidyasagar insists that she would get back with her husband Veerendra. Does anyone want to know if she wants to do that?

Chanda feels torn between the man she has fallen for and the family values that have been instilled in her. Will she ever find happiness?

The story:

Fourteen years ago: Chanda, the only daughter of the Mohan and Meera Maheshwari, is married to Veerendra Choudhry, Veera, when she is eight and he, thirteen, only to find out that he has run away. Both the families are heartbroken and the Maheshwaris sell off their land and property and shift to Jaipur to start their life afresh.

Now, the Maheshwaris are well settled, their sons are well established and Chanda, 22, is a final year student of Bachelor of Management Studies at Delhi. She has placed herself in a fortress and does not let emotions reach out to her. Ranveer Singh, 27, MD of RS Software Pvt Ltd, comes to her college to give a lecture on setting up and managing a business. He tells the institute that he would give temporary jobs to four of their students and Chanda is one of them.

From day one, they are attracted to each other, but there is one thing which is keeping them from confessing their feelings to each other, his guilt of leaving his wife and her belief that she is tied to the man she was married to. Then there is Shikha, his secretary, who is trying her best to woo him.

In the meanwhile, her parents consult and astrologer and meet Veera’s parents in an effort to find him but he is not in his village also.

Chanda comes back home and wants to annul her marriage so that she is free to marry Ranveer and Ranveer goes to his village to seek divorce so that he is free to marry Chanda.

My take:

Sundari, you have done it again.

I loved the book and the characters. The language and the flow are good. I especially loved it that the families were fully involved in the story. The way she has depicted the feelings of the characters make them so real. The relationship between the Maheshwari siblings has been depicted very nicely. I loved the way Ranveer and Chanda were sending messages to each other on the office LAN.

Highly recommended.

Book Source: The author

Publisher: Flaming Sun

Full Circle by Yamini Vijendran

full-circleI received Yamini Vijendran’s ‘Full Circle’ as one of the 23 books in the Tornado Giveaway organized by the Book Club. Thank you Naheed, of Indireads, and Rubina of Book Club for the book.

The Blurb:

Malini has everything she could wish for: a loving family, a good home, and years of happy memories with her late husband to look back on. But she’s haunted by a secret that’s she kept for forty years, and can’t bear to keep any longer.

Her search for answers takes her back to her home town of Kumbakonam, and brings her face-to-face with a choice that could either lead to her heart’s deepest desire, or rip apart her comfortable life.

The Story:

Malini was five when her mother died and she, along with her elder sister, Nalini, managed their father’s house and everybody in the town had praises for them. Malini was beautiful and intelligent in her studies. Ranjan, their neighbour’s nephew, would teach maths to Malini and she fell in love with him. But fate had it otherwise. Malini’s family migrated to Chennai and she got married.

Now, forty years later, Malini lives with her son, Jayanth; daughter-in-law, Geetha and granddaughter Rumi, in Chennai. She suddenly wants to go to Sneham Retirement Home in Kumbakonam, the town where she grew up, much to the disappointment of her children. She wants to find answers to questions which have been with her all her life. She shifts to the Retirement home and meets Konkona there, who becomes her confidante.

My take:

A very different story written in a way which wants the reader to read ‘just a little bit more’ before keeping the book down. The story begins when Malini wants to move and goes back and forth between the present and the past. I loved Malini’s character right from when she is a little girl to now when she is a grandmother. I could actually visualize, a small girl running around in Pavadai, singing in the temple and even weaving garlands, the author has described the scenes so well. She has beautifully described the relationship and the understanding between the sisters.

Loved the book and am waiting for more from the author.

Book Source: Publisher courtesy the Tornado Giveaway organised by The Book Club

Publisher: Indireads

Format: Ebook


Scandolous Housewives: Mumbai by Madhuri Banerjee


I received Scandalous Housewives: Mumbai by Madhuri Banerjee as a review copy from the publisher. Thank you, Ram, from Rupa Publications for the book.

The blurb:

Sapphire Towers: Just another residential high-rise in Mumbai where the humdrum routine of daily life carries on with clockwork precision. But beneath the tranquil surface lurks a web of lies and deceit spun by a group of lonely housewives.

Gita, frustrated mother of two young daughters, longs to escape the monotony of her marriage and lusts after a forbidden relationship. Sarita, conservative Gujarati housewife and mother, is addicted to kinky sex and pays a dear price for it. Stylish working mother, Aarti, nurses an appalling secret that could end her marriage. And sultry ex-model Natasha, who seems to have it all, is hopelessly in love with a much younger man—the son of one of her friends. Even as these women scramble to conceal their darkest secrets, an anonymous email is sent out to all the residents of Sapphire Towers with horrific consequences.

Racy and unputdownable, Scandalous Housewives: Mumbai is the first book in the sizzling new series by bestselling author Madhuri Banerjee, which tell the stories of the unsung housewives of urban India who will go to any lengths to fulfil their deepest, darkest desires.

The story:

Four ladies who live in Sapphire Towers, a residential high-rise in Mumbai, meet in the evening in the lawns, where the children play and they sit and gossip. They are experts in conversing about maids, diets, exercise and children- these topics keep them well boned with each other. They even have formed a group on Whatsapp, the lovely ladies group.

Gita, married to Shailesh is a mother of two daughters, Anu and Renu, aged 4 and 10. She lives with her in-laws, her husband works late and when he comes home, he is too tired to play with the girls. Her brother-in-law, Sahil lives in a different flat in the same complex. She feels that, in their family, Shailesh brings the money and Sahil, laughter. On her birthday, she wishes for love in her life. She is an excellent cook and wants to independent, she wants to open a catering service, Gita’s Kitchen.

Sarita, married to Jay, belongs to a rich but stingy Gujarati family. She has grown up children, Rahul and Rhea. In the earlier years of her marriage, she is a glorified maid, and is still expected to cook because she has nothing else to do. She and her husband are movie buffs who watched the latest film every Friday.

Aarti, is the only working lady in their group, married to Amitabh, lives in the flat next door to her inlaws and has a seven year old son, Aaryan, who is looked after the grandparents when she is at work. Her family has an active social life and she is expected to accompany them to parties. She has a secret which she knows, would shake the peace in her life.

Natasha, an ex-model, is married to Vikram, a photographer, who is constantly travelling. She has a teenage daughter who is closer to her father and has no respect for her mother.

They are housewives, meeting and greeting each other everyday, sharing some of their household stories with each other. But all of them have their own deep dark secrets which they do not share with each other, until one day, someone who has been recording their movements, sends an anonymous email on the society email to all the members exposing everything.

My take:

The story is different and has probably, highlighted a lot of things happening around us. The author has created the characters very carefully keeping in mind the circumstances that makes them what they are today. The characters seem realistic as if we meet such people every other day who could be onne of the charateristics of the characters.

A nice book, but some contents are meant for Adults only.

Book Source: Review Copy provided by the Publisher

Publisher: Rupa Publications