Playing with Fire by Devika Fernando

playing with fire cover webI received Devika Fernando’s book, Playing with Fire from the author herself, and I would like to thank her for the same. I do not read paranormal generally, but felt that this is different. This is first book of the four book series.

Felicia works as a librarian, having left her home. Her contacts are limited to her contacts and sister; her boss at the library and her roommate, Cindy.

Seeing a house burning, Felicia is attracted by it and starts walking towards it. Part of her wants her to react as a normal human being but there is another part beyond normalcy which wants her to become one of the flames. She has a great night vision that does not need so much illumination. Joshua, a private investigator, sees her and runs to protect her only to realize that fire has had no effect on her.

Joshua tells her that he feels that she is not common or normal or boring and gifts her a book, ‘The Magic in You- How to control your healing powers’. For her to succeed at living, he tries to make her control her powers and starts giving her lessons but she feels he scares and attracts her at the same time.

Joshua and Felicia are as different as ice and fire. He’s all about ice and she’s all about fire. They are opposites and opposites attract.

My take:

The author has described the characters very well making them relatable and some of the scenes have been well depicted, making them easy to visualize. Describing their lives and their childhood, she makes the reader realize why the characters are how they are,

Overall, a book well written. Though, I must confess, I had goosebumps reading some scenes.

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