Tornado Giveaway 2: book no 69: Voices old and new

Name of the Book: VOICES OLD & NEW
Publisher: Indireads

Read some reviews:

1. Vishal Bheeroo 
2. Dhivya Balaji 
3. Biswanath Banerjee 

The Book:

Voices, Old & New is a fantastic collection of short stories featuring the very best submissions from Indireads’ 2nd Short Story Competition 2014. It is available for purchase on Amazon, and is also available for free, as a thank-you gift, for a limited time, to all new and existing subscribers of the Indireads newsletter.

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About The Publisher 


Between the blue shores of the Indian Ocean and the white tips of the Himalayas is a land crowded with the rich history of many peoples. Tapping into the region’s diverse cultures, languages, religions and traditions, Indireads weaves an intricate tapestry of fresh voices from the sub-continent.Indireads’ books bring alive the vibrancy and intensity of modern South Asian life and present it in digital friendly formats, inviting new generations to fall in love with what it means to be South Asian. Digital, handy and engaging, an Indireads book is the perfect companion for a quiet afternoon under a Peepal tree, for the early morning ride on the bus, for that long flight or for that relaxing moment at the end of a long, draining day.

Indireads is a place for you to call home, whether you enjoy telling stories or you hope to abandon yourself to a web of words spun by other story-tellers. Join us on a magical journey through the sub-continent, with writers whose prose echoes the people’s voices, whose imagery paints vivid, familiar landscapes and whose stories capture the very essence of being South Asian.

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The Activist and the Capitalist by Vibha Batra

unnamedI received Vibha Batra’s The Activist and the Capitalist from the author herself as a review copy. It is the story of Anusha and Jai set in Chennai.

The story:

Jai Khanna, 28, one of the youngest entrepreneurs, became the CEO of VPK group after his grandfather retired. King’s Cross is his first project as CEO and he is passionate about it.

Anusha Iyer, 24, works for the Chennai Chapter of ITACC (Indian Trust for Art and Culture Conservation), an NGO. She joined the NCO after college and has continued to stay in Chennai after her parents moved to Coimbatore following her father’s retirement. Heritage conservation is her passion and so is baking and reading. She puts up a cupcake stall at her old college’s food fair every fortnight.

The story:

Anusha and Jai meet at a beach wedding. They go their separate ways and she continues to be in his mind. Six months later, Jai’s company buys Rasa Vihar, an ancestral property and they plan to build apartments for the rich. Anusha’s NGO is all out saving the heritage of the city and they meet again. This time they are at loggerheads.

He is drawn to her and tries to make amends, and they become friends and then her past and Rasa Vihar come in between them.

My take:

The story has been written in a steady flow and the speed does not slacken throughout the book. The language is simple and the characters are realistic. I loved it when he calls her Miss Firebrand Activist and she calls him Mr Hotshot Capitalist, this made the banter between them very real.

Book Source: Author

Publisher: Indireads

She loves me, He loves me not by Zeenat Mahal


I received the book, She lives me, He loves me not, by Zeenat Mahal, as a review copy from Indireads. Thank you, Naheed, for the book. What a book to release on Valentine’s Day. It is the story of Zoella and Fardeen set in Pakistan.

Zoella has been in love with her best friend’s elder brother, Fardeen, ever since she can remember. And to top it all, he loves the glamorous Neha. And then fate intervenes, he meets with an accident, disfigures his face and his fiancée, Neha, shies away from him. And Zoella fiancé breaks off his engagement with her.

So, Fardeen’s parents get beautiful Zoella married to grotesque Fardeen. She marries him because she loves him and he marries her out of pity. And thus, begins their marriage of convenience.

My take:

The language is simple and the flow is good and unlike other books from Indireads, it is a novel and not a novella, thus, making the story more interesting. This book revolves around the two main characters and the author has described in details, the feelings of both the characters. Initially, I felt pity for Zee but later I realized that she was quite a strong person and Fardeen deserved all my sympathy. The author has depicted an ideal relationship between the members of Fardeen’s family.

Book Source: Indireads

Publisher: Indireads

Canvas of dreams by Jaya Siva Murty


Canvas of Dreams by Jaya Siva Murty  is the story of Riya and her life.

Book Blurb

canvas-of-dreamsRiya seems to have lost everything—the man she loves to another woman, her husband to death and her soul to fear.

When she finally realizes her dream of opening an art gallery, however, things begin to look up. On the one hand, she is working closely with the handsome artist, Rehaan. On the other, her first love Ryan comes back into her life, and the other woman is out of the picture.

But can she move on from her past, or will its long fingers cast a shadow on everything she does?

The story:

Ten years ago, Riya and Ryan studied in the same class since kindergarten in Kanpur and Ryan would help Riya in Maths. They were family friends and would meet off and on. Slowly, the friendship developed into love and Ryan moved to Philippines in the eleventh standard but they would find time to meet when he would be back on vacations. They move to college, she, to study fine arts at Baroda’s MS University and he, to University of Phillipines. And, thus started their long distance relationship, until she hears about Sia.

Now, Riya is 32, a widow for 5 years, working in an Art Gallery. She goes to Singapore to attend the ‘South Asian Curators Summit’ and runs into Ryan, He is still the same and as affectionate as before and a confused Riya comes back to Mumbai. With the help of her best friend, Shweta, she overcomes her nightmare and moves back into her marital home. She decides to convert it into an art gallery and meets Rehaan, an artist, who falls in love with her. And then Ryan comes back to Mumbai.

My take:

The story has been written very well and the characters are very real. The English is simple and the flow is good. The supporting characters also have an important role to play. I liked the way the author has moved from first person to third person without affecting the flow of the story. The book is actually a beautiful story painted in words. An excellent work for a debutant author.

Book Source: Indireads/ The Book Club Group

Publisher: Indireads