Holiday Bridal Wave (A Forbidden Office Fake Marriage Billionaire Holiday Romance) (The Warren Family Holidays Book 2) by Gwyn MacNamee and Christy Anderson

I picked up Holiday Bridal Wave (A Forbidden Office Fake Marriage Billionaire Holiday Romance) (The Warren Family Holidays Book 2) by Gwyn MacNamee and Christy Anderson from the Kindle Unlimited Library. This is the story of the second Warren son, Archimedes, who is line to become the CEO of Warren Enterprises after Artemis left.

The blurb:

Wanted: one bride for marriage to billionaire heir at New Year’s Eve wedding. Submit resume and photo to

All I want is to be CEO at Warren Enterprises Worldwide, but the newly revised Warren Trust makes it clear…

I won’t inherit the company or the family fortune unless I’m hitched before the first of the year.

Too bad I don’t have a girlfriend or fiancée.

What I do have is charm, dashing good looks, a prestigious lineage, an email address, and a faithful assistant willing to help me sort through all the applicants.
But the longer we spend weeding out the duds, the more I appreciate the woman in front of me.

Too bad Blaire doesn’t fit the requirements for a Warren bride.
And one way or another, this New Year’s Eve, I’ll be kissing my wife at the stroke of midnight.
Helping my hot boss find a bride isn’t really part of my job description.

It’s busy enough around the office during the holidays without having to comb through applications from vapid bimbos who only want the Warren money.

But Archie needs my help, and I’m hopeless to deny him when he flashes me that panty-melting grin and sings my praises.

He says I’m invaluable.

As an employee…or more?

Because with every moment we spend together planning his loveless New Year’s Eve wedding, my heart inches closer to falling in love with him.

Holiday miracles are the things of fairy tales, but this New Year’s Eve, one might be found in the place they least expect it.

The story:

Archimedes Leonidas Warren, Archie, the second son of the Warrens of New York, always wanted to be the CEO of Warren Enterprises. But, as his elder brother and the first born, the title was Artemis’s. Until, Artemis decided to call it quits and follow his heart. Now, Archie can get what he wants. But, there is a rider. He has five weeks to find a bride, marry her by December 31 and have a kid within a year, if he wants to qualify for the role. And Archie is in a fix. He does not have a girlfriend, nor does he have an idea of whom he can start with. All he has ever wanted was this company, not some woman or a family, so, he asks Blaire, his executive assistant to help him find a bride. And also plan his wedding.

Blaire, who is everything that Archie isn’t. She is the girl who believes in Christmas and miracles. She has planned her dream wedding. And so to help her boss, she suggests that they run an ad in the paper and possibly set up a website. And as regards the wedding planning, she decides to take help from her wedding journal.  And they start ‘Operation Find a Wife’.

As they work in close vicinity of each other, Archie realises that Blaire is the closest friend he has and even goes out of the way to make her happy. And Blaire starts falling for him. But, unfortunately Blaire is not Warren material in Archie’s eyes, and he has to marry someone who fits the bill.

My take:

This is a sweet romance. As soon as I finished with the first book of the series, I really wanted to read Archie’s story. And I must say I was not disappointed. The story alternates between Archie and Blaire and we get to see both their points of view. I loved the Christmassy feel to the story with the detailed descriptions of the clothes that Blaire wears as well as the snow globes she has on her table.

The story has friendship, family, love, and humour mixed with a crazy rich family. I loved the characters especially the funny Blaire. I loved how the characters from the first book also make their presence felt off and on. And Athena as well. And am waiting to read her story next.

Once the story begins, the book becomes unputdownable.

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