One day in Paris by Shobana Mahadevan

I picked up One day in Paris, Shobana Mahadevan’s latest book from the Kindle Unlimited Library.

The blurb:

What would you do if you get a chance to spend one magical day in Paris with your high school crush?

Aditi has just arrived in Paris for a one-year course. She runs into a bit of a trouble when a stranger from her past sweeps in and saves her. And it is not just any stranger. It is Rishi, her high-school crush. The one who had monopolized her thoughts, her feelings, and her entire life while having been blissfully unaware even of her very existence. And just like that, Rishi, whom she never thought she will see again, breezes back into her life nearly a decade later.

Tall, handsome, and intelligent, Rishi provokes a resurgence of old feelings in Aditi. Aditi discovers that Rishi is everything she had envisioned him to be and more. Sparks fly between them, and she is astonished to find a sizzling connection and intense chemistry developing between them.

There is just one snag – it is Rishi’s last day in Paris. Can one measly day in Paris change anything?

It is Aditi’s second chance. Would she be able to make him fall in love with her in one day? Or will the continents just divide them forever?

The story:

Aditi was in Class 10 when she developed a crush on a class 12 student, Rishi. And then he left the school and so did she.

Now, ten years later, Aditi is in Paris for a one year course and she runs into Rishi at a train station. It is Rishi’s last day in Paris, so he suggests that they spend it sightseeing together.

My take:

A simple story of a girl who wishes to meet her school crush before she dies. And her wish comes true.

Add to that the charm of Paris, and you have a romantic tale.

I loved the characters and also the interactions between them the scenes are well described and the story is a quick read.

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