Before All Else by Sapna Bhog

Before All Else by Sapna Bhog is the final book in the Forgotten Trilogy, and should be read after Beneath the Lies – Book 1 & Beyond the Truth – Book 2.

The blurb:

I was living in the dark for the longest.

Loving her showed me the light.

And now I have two reasons to remember every bit of my missing memory – Aaliya & Rian. I will never give them up. Nothing will keep me apart from them again.

I will protect my wife and son.

My name is Damien Talbot and I am the Duke of Kittridge. I will remember who is conspiring against my family. And I will make them pay.

That is a promise!

This is Book 3 in the Forgotten Trilogy.

The story:

This story moves from where the second one ended.

Aaliya Singh Talbot, the Duchess of Kittridge is recuperating in the hospital after getting shot. Her husband, Damien Alexander Talbot, wants to protect his family from the unknown attacker and they all fly to India along with the security team.

At first Damien is uncomfortable in India, but as the time goes, things start moving normally, but Damien is upset about not remembering things and also about the unknown attacker.

Tragedy strikes and they decide to come back to London.

But what about their safety……..

My take:

An interesting end to a thriller. I started this book as soon as I finished the second book because I wanted to know who was after the family. The story moves back and forth between Aaliya and Damien and has been written in first person from the point of view of both of them, and the name of the chapter is the name of the person whose point of view is being put forward.

The characters have been developed in detail and the back stories keep coming up and the continuity from the previous book is beautifully maintained. I loved Aaliya’s determination and strength. I loved Damien’s protectiveness. The relationship between Aaliya, Jasmine, Damien and his friends, Gabriel and Jonathan has been portrayed well. I would love to read Jasmine, Jonathan and Gabriel’s stories too. And Mike as well.

I loved how the author merged this series with the Sehgal Saga and now I feel that we shall be seeing the Talbots in the Sehgal books as well.

This series is not only a romantic thriller, but also is a lot about friends, family and understanding. The story is fast paced and the language is simple. The twists and turns make the story is unputdownable.

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