Beyond the Truth by Sapna Bhog (Book 2: The Forgotten Trilogy)

Beyond the Truth by Sapna Bhog is the second book of the Forgotten Trilogy, and takes up from Beneath the Lies – Book 1.

The blurb:

They say facing trials makes you strong and dealing with trauma makes you a fighter.  But how much misfortune can one person endure? How much more heartbreak should I face until I can’t anymore?

When Damien remembered our son, I thought my battle was over. Little did I realize that my war had only just begun.

In this clash of wills, only one of us can emerge victorious. And it will be me!

I’m a mother.

I’m a wife.

I’m a survivor.

I am just another regular girl from India.

My name is Aaliya Singh Talbot and I am also the eighth Duchess of Kittridge!

And I will fight against all odds to keep my family safe.

That is a promise!

The story:

This story moves from where the first one ended.

Aaliya Singh Talbot, the Duchess of Kittridge is happy that her husband, Damien Alexander Talbot, who suffers from retrograde amnesia, remembers their son, Rian. But she is upset that he has no memory of the last five years, his life in India, his marriage or even Aaliya.

Damien tells Aaliya that he wants Rian’s custody and Aaliya tells him that she and Rian come as a package. So, Aaliya and Rian move into the mansion, much to the disappointment of Damien’s mother and Celia Parker, his ex-girlfriend and brother’s fiancée. And they leave no stone unturned to let her know that she is not wanted.

But what about Damien?

My take:

After reading the first book, I was eagerly waiting to read the second book. The love story with suspense and mystery added to it continues as the story moves back and forth between Aaliya and Damien. This story has been written in first person from the point of view of both Aaliya and Damien, and the name of the chapter is the name of the person whose point of view is being put forward.

The characters have been developed in detail and the back stories keep coming up and the continuity from the previous book is beautifully maintained. I loved Aaliya’s determination and strength. The relationship between Aaliya and Damien’s friends, Gabriel and Jonathan has been portrayed well. Aaliya’s cousin Jasmine adds to the mix. The friendship between Damien, Gabe and Jonathan is very realistic. I would love to read Jasmine, Jonathan and Gabriel’s stories too.

The story is fast paced and the language is simple. The twists and turns make the story is unputdownable as I really wanted to know what happens next, so I waited for the final book to be release so that I could read them back to back and complete the series in one go.

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