The Cheeseburst arranged marriage by Prisha Lalwani

I picked up The Cheeseburst arranged marriage by Prisha Lalwani from the Kindle Unlimited Library at the recommendation of a fellow blogger.

The blurb:

Long gone are the ‘trends’ of having an arranged marriage, even in India. But set in 2010, in the cities of Varanasi & Noida, India, The Cheeseburst Arranged Marriage is like listening to your bestie’s love story. The book mimics how your best friend would narrate all the little details, all her assessments of the situation, how she finds things funny, and uses all her sarcasm and wit to make it a super interesting tale!

Ira was a charming girl, but overweight. Manav was a guy-next-door. They were polar opposites, one effervescent girl and the other, a quiet guy! They were destined to get married, but were they destined to fall in love? While cheese does make everything better, will it help build a path that leads to Ira’s heart? Read the story knitted with love; sprinkled with cheese; inspired by the author’s own life, to get all the answers.

The story:

Ira, from Varanasi, lives in Noida and is a psychologist in an MNC. She is twenty four and of ‘marriageable age’. So when she manages to reach home on Diwali, her parents propose that she meets Manav, an MBA working in Chandigarh. Manav and Ira are opposites, both in nature and their thought process, yet they get engaged.

And we travel with them through their courtship….

My take:

At the outset, the author has clarified as the story of her courtship ten years ago, and that was all that this book was about.  Her pictures make it all the more interesting.

I, too, had an arranged marriage, and there were moments in the book which took me back to my courtship days, though we met only once.

She has created life-like characters with realistic conversations. The story has been written in a simple language and is funny at times. The author has described the emotions well and also the scenes. It has been written in such a way that I felt that Ira was narrating the story to me.

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