One Night in November by Sudesna Ghosh

I picked up One Night in November by Sudesna Ghosh from the Kindle Unlimited Library. This book is a short sequel to One night in October by the same author.

The blurb:

This short story is the sequel to One Day in October.

Gita is 40+ and in love. She’s found the sweetest man – who cares about age and all that?
Life has changed in the last 6 weeks but her relationship with her parents remains unchanged.
But then there’s a long night of darkness.

Will there be light in the morning?

The story:

Twenty one days after Gita met Neel in a movie theatre and twenty one days of happiness, Gita is again at crossroads, what with her parents’ expectations of her.

My take:

I had been waiting for the sequel to One day in October ever since I finished reading that book. This story takes up from where the previous one ended and explores Gita’s relationship with her parents and Neel further.

This book is a short and quick read and reflects emotions like love, happiness, responsibility and helplessness. I could feel for Gita who had sacrifices her happiness for her family who were selfish enough to taunt her.

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