The Secret Love by Nisha Sahoo

51F1RY4vcVLSome books you pick up just because you like the blurb and some because of the cover. I picked up The Secret Love by Nisha Sahoo as I liked both the blurb and the cover:

The blurb:

Tania had different aspirations and dreams but guilt forced her to safeguard her father’s dreams. However huge debt by her father made her agree to an indecent proposal.
She could have still continued with her life if her family wasn’t so hell-bound with her fake husband. There was no escape for her, either she had to deal with this alpha mighty egoist man or return his money.

Read THE SECRET LOVE to find out what happened to Tania and her father’s dreams.

The Story:

Tania Sharma, the daughter of Anand Sharma, is an architect who works for a renowned builder in the city as a junior architect. And once her father passed away, she turned into a poor commoner from a pampered princess. She is upset to see her mother sorting out jewellery to raise money to clear the debt and decides to visit her father’s best friend to take help. But Mr Ahuja refuses.

Sahil Mehta, a visitor at Mr Ahuja’s office, sees her there and decides that he would marry her and tells his mother so, but Tania refuses to marry him. He then offers to buy her father’s business and she tells him that she would not sell as she would try to keep the studio.

Her long term boyfriend breaks off with her because she refuses to go to the US with him and then suddenly, Sahil tells her that he is ready to help her run the business, if she would agree to marry him as that would make his mother happy.

My take:

A simple story written in a simple language.

The characters are realistic and so are the conversations between them.

I liked the flow of the book, but I felt that the second half was a little rushed.

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