About last night by Nidhi Javalagi

41Mzy0-GdNLAbout last night by Nidhi Javalagi is a short book of seventeen pages that I picked up from the Kindle Unlimited library as I liked the blurb.

The blurb:

She’s a runaway bride. He’s a superstar. Two different worlds. One unforgettable journey.
Sasha Surve has been stood up at her much awaited destination wedding in Goa. Humiliated and embarrassed she decides to run away rather than face the pity of her wedding guests. Her destination? Comic Con Mumbai. Except of course her car breaks down and she’s stranded on the highway at night.

Kabir Kapoor is India’s new heartthrob. He’s the guy who seems to have it all. He’s driving back to Mumbai when he finds a distraught girl on the side of the road and offers her a lift.

Thus begins a 10 hour journey from Goa to Mumbai that neither of them will ever forget.
Full of love, laughter and warmth, ‘About Last Night’ is a heartwarming story about heartbreak and healing.

The story:

Pune girl, Sasha Surve, had been stood up by her fiancé at the altar and to avoid a confrontation, she runs away to Mumbai from her destination wedding at Goa hijacking her own “Happily Ever After” car by promising the driver some extra cash. They are gone some distance and the car breaks down. As she is panicking, a car stops and it is driven by Kabir Kapoor, India’s hottest new superstar, who id driving to Mumbai and offers her a lift.

And the journey begins.

My take:

A book with two characters, though there are a few more, but this book focuses on just the two main characters.

The conversation between the characters just flows. The book is funny at times and I loved the easy banter between the characters. The author has developed the story giving a bit of back story which explain a lot of their actions. Overall, a nice book written in a simple language that left me wanting for more, maybe there would be a longer, better edited version of the story.


A Runaway Bride Sasha Surve Who While Making A Getaway From Her Destination Wedding In Goa Bumps Into The Bollywood Matinee Superstar Kabir Kapoor. The Overnight Road-trip From Goa To Mumbai Forms The Backdrop For About Last Night..


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