Breaking all the rules by Sapna Bhog

41dz-vS9VtL.jpgBreaking All The Rules by Sapna Bhog is the third book in the Sehgal Family and Friends Saga. It is the story of Rithwik Bali and Aisha Solanki.

The blurb:

Enter a world of glamour, wealth and beautiful people. Enter the world of the Sehgal family and friends. A brand new series of books!

A workaholic by day, a playboy by night – that is the reputation, which precedes RITHWIK BALI – India’s most eligible bachelor – he always manages to create a stir, no matter where he goes or what he does. Tired of his extravagant lifestyle, his father gives him an ultimatum – to marry within six months or relinquish his position as the Managing Director of his company. However, Rithwik’s dilemma is that he’s not ready for marriage. Time is running out unless he comes up with a plan.

After surviving a dark tragedy, working as the personal assistant to the MD of Fortuna International is a dream job for AISHA SOLANKI, up until her boss proposes to her – a temporary engagement for six months. With her back against the wall and unable to decline all that Rithwik Bali has to offer, Aisha has a tough choice to make. Especially when, spending the next few months engaged in a mock courtship is not how Aisha envisioned her future particularly since she finds herself drawn to her dynamic, charismatic new boss.

Proposing their fictional engagement to Aisha was easy for Rithwik – after she proves her loyalty to him time and time again, the plan just clicked into place. But when this game of deception unexpectedly changes to something more, then all bets are off and rules will be broken!

Is falling for your fake fiancé a happy ending or a recipe for disaster?

Breaking All The Rules will be the third book in the Sehgal Family and Friends Saga. It can be read as a standalone. If you like reading strong characters in stories centered on family and friends then you will love this series of books.

The story:

Rithwik Bali, 31, India’s most eligible bachelor, who is on the social media for the wrong reasons. He is reckless, ruthless, rebellious.  A workaholic, he is also a risk taker, and goes for bungee jumping, scuba diving and other such high octane sports which are his passion. And his parents issue him an ultimatum, to find someone to marry or say goodbye to the business of Fortuna International. And now Rithwik has a month and a half left to either get a fiancée or to say goodbye to his business. And he does not want to be forced to marry.

Aisha Solanki is Rithwik’s PA, she is loyal and very efficient and dependable. She is 29 and lives with her friend Diya in Diya’s flat as her mother hates her and blames her for her brother’s death. She gets along well with her sister-in-law, Sabrina and Ahaan, her seven year old nephew.

Rithwik makes a fool proof plan to get out of the mess created by his parents. He asks plain Jane Aisha to be his fake fiancée for six months and makes her a proposition which she cannot refuse. Only four more people are aware of this closely guarded secret, his friends Rishi and Aditya and Sabrina and Diya.

All is moving according to plan until one day, there is something all over social media, something only Aisha knows and Ritwik suspects her hand in it.

My take:

The plot is interesting and what is more interesting is the way the author has presented the simple plot with unexpected twists and turns. The language used is simple and the story just flows from one page to another.

The characters in the book are well developed and the characters from the previous books of the series also make appearances off and on.

The story has friendship, romance, loyalty, misunderstanding, heartbreak, and hatred.

I liked the way the story moved weaving the characters of the other stories in the series. Eagerly waiting for the next book, the story of Veejay Bellani and Diya Thakur, and I hope I would not have to wait for long.

Though this book is the third in the Sehgal Family and Friends Saga, it can be read as a standalone.



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