Restless Hearts: A San Francisco Gold Rush Romance (Gold Rush Romances Book 1) by Mona Ingram

51tFJR-rkmL.jpgRestless Hearts: A San Francisco Gold Rush Romance (Gold Rush Romances Book 1) by Mona Ingram was a book that I picked up from Amazon Kindle courtesy BookBub.

The blurb:

Whoever said the streets were paved with gold must have been dreaming. San Francisco in the gold rush era was an intoxicating mixture of the wealthy and the desperate. How would Sarah fit in?

Determined to prove that she can make it on her own, Sarah poses as a married woman and boards a schooner bound for San Francisco.

Restless and eager to travel, Jamie agrees to set up a branch of his family’s merchant bank in San Francisco.

Each has something to prove but will their desire to succeed derail a blossoming romance?

The story:

The year is 1849.

Sarah Howard, 22, lives in Boston with her parents and younger brother Devon. Her father is a doctor and she wants to become one too, having assisted him in his practice. But her father disapproves. He wants her to get married to the boy he has selected for her. She cannot imagine living the rest of her life in Boston where nothing in the foreseeable future was likely to change. So, when her father is away, she leaves Boston, with her mother’s blessings and boards a ship to sail for San Francisco. She poses as a married woman, as she feels it would be safer that way.

On board the ship, she meets Anna and her daughter Melissa, Lucy, her cabinmate and Jamie Thompson. Jamie has worked in his family’s merchant bank. He is bored of his job as a banker and wants to have a look at the farm his grandfather left him on the Sacromento river. She is attracted to Jamie and slowly she starts loving him.

Once in California, she starts her food business and slowly she becomes successful. Sarah is a helpful person by nature and helps people she meets. Like those on the ship and even those she meets in San Francisco. But what about her, will she stay in San Francisco or would she move to Sacramento to be with Jamie?

My take:

The story is simple and the author seems to have done some research about the time, what with cars, candles and tents. Not to mention the long journey by a ship.

The characters are believable and both the primary and secondary characters are important to keep the story moving.

I really liked this book and will definitely read the next one in the series.


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