The Arrangement by P G Van

51K26XOpcvLI picked up P G Van’s latest book, The Arrangement from the Kindle Unlimited Library.

The Blurb:

Niha could not deal with the not-so-glamorous side of the movie industry anymore and decides to run away from it all. Where does she end up? In a small town where she crashes her car, causing a lot of damage to the town.

The accident is a blessing in disguise, allowing her to stay out of the limelight. To avoid the media attention and her past life, she needs to make an arrangement with a man who looks at her as if he despises the very sight of her.

Mahen wants to build his ancestral town into the next big economic hub and is upset when a rash driver crashes a car into a newly constructed building, setting it on fire. He wants to cut his losses and wants her out of his town, but she doesn’t want to leave. He agrees to let her stay for a month, only as a temporary arrangement.

An arrangement that was supposed to last a short time turns into something else when sparks fly between Niha and Mahen. Niha may have run away from her past, but she cannot hide from it. When Mahen finds out who she really is, will the new arrangement last?
Note: The Arrangement is a Stand-alone, Passionate, Contemporary romance.

The Story:

Niharika Ratnam, Niha to her family and Harika to the world, is an actress. She is fed up of being manipulated by her mother, who wants Niha to live her dream, the dream which she could not fulfil because Niha was born.

In an attempt to move as far as away as possible from her manipulating mother, and from meeting a prospective producer, Niha runs away from her home. She drives fast and ends up meeting with an accident. Once she regains consciousness, she finds herself in a hospital in an unknown place with strangers around her. There is a lady constable who wants to arrest her because she has burnt down a newly constructed building to ashes.

But she is saved by Mahendra Rayadu, the owner of the building, who had saves her from the crash. And he takes her home, where he stays with his grandmother, Naani, with the intent to send her home after she tells him her who she is and where she lives.

Taking this as an opportunity to stay away from home, Niha hides her reality from them and says that she has nobody that she can go to. Mahen gives her one month to stay in his house and keep Naani happy, as this is what he considers payment for the loss he has incurred. But he gives her a warning, that he would be observing her closely.

They keep crossing each other’s paths and are attracted to each other. But what will happen after she reveals her identity to him?

My take:

A simple sweet story about two people who meet and are slowly drawn to each other. The characters are realistic and relatable and I loved the way the relationships between them have been depicted. The book has friendship, love, romance, and above all grandchild- grandparent love.

The narration is simple and fast paced and the language is simple. I finished the book in two sittings.

The secondary characters also have been given a lot of space in the story. I am hoping that the author actually writes three more books in the series, the stories of other characters like Radha, Urmila and Deepa.


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