Her protector by Pooja Gupta

41cweMpoIOL.jpgI was in between books, so I picked up Her protector by Pooja Gupta from the Kindle Unlimited Library.

The blurb:

When Vikram Maheshwari’s eyes met with hers for the first time, he realized Nitara Sharma was special. Innocent, broken, and in need of protection, he took her under his wings vowing to protect her from the man who had killed her mother and was now thirsty for her blood. She stirred a protective streak inside of him, but he hadn’t counted on falling for the little beauty.

As his best friend’s cousin, she was forbidden to Vikram. It was wrong, but he had never been a man to play by the rules. He wanted her, and he was going to have her, and nothing would stop him from making her his wife, not the man after her life nor his contract marriage to the daughter one of his business associates.

The story:

Vikram Maheshwari is married to Kriya for four years and they are surviving the marriage because both of them mind their own business.  She is carefree, a social butterfly who was spoilt but had a good heart and he is an introvert who barely lost control over anything.

One day, his best friend, Samrat, asks him for a favour: to take care of his cousin and protect her from her step-father. Samrat cannot leave her at her home, nor can he take her with him to London, as she cannot leave till her mother’s death investigation is over.

Nitara’s world has turned upside down, because her stepfather, the person who she considered her guide, her hero had killed her mother for her property. And now her brother wants her to stay protected at his best friend’s house till he can come back to take her with him.

My take:

The story is simple and has been written well. The characters are well developed and the relations between them have been described well. Even the relationship between Samrat and his wife has been portrayed very well. The language is simple and the story is fast paced.

Looking forward to reading more books from the author.


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