Dance with me by P G Van

41xyoElOTqLI received Dance with me by P G Van as a review copy from the author and am thankful to her for the same.

The blurb:

When a video of Suhana dancing in her own home goes viral, the first thing she does is panic. Suhana got out of a loveless marriage and is trying to prove to her ex-husband that she can live her life without him or the money she got as part of the divorce. She had been a housewife all along, but now she is trying to rebuild her life. However, life throws her a wrench in the form of a viral video—a video that creates a sensation on the internet.
Samyan is her elderly neighbor’s son who is staying at his mother’s place while she is away, and Suhana keeps bumping into him wherever she goes. His very looks instigate new thoughts and sensations within her that she tries to ignore because of the man she thinks he is. But, when he helps her in the direst of situations, she finds out more about him and starts to feel a connection to him.

Dance with Me is a sweet, light-hearted and passionate love story with a happy ending.
Note: This is a standalone romance with content recommended for mature readers.

The story:

Sunaina was twelve when she lost her immediately family in a bus accident. She was eighteen, when she got married. Fourteen years later, she managed to get divorced from him, because she had found out that he had been cheating on hear for more than a decade. But he is constantly looking for ways to get back at her for filing a divorce after such a long time.

Now, thirty two year old Sunaina Vajra is a stay-at-home mother. Her fourteen year old son, Karan, is protective of her. Both mother and son had grown used to a life without her ex-husband as he spent a lot of time travelling. She had promised herself never to let her hatred for her husband influence her son. She had always craved attention, affection and appreciation, something she never got in her marriage.

She has been living in the current neighbourhood for over a decade and her house was on a small hill giving them privacy. So she is shocked and taken aback when she finds that someone has been making videos of her dancing at home doing household chores and puts them up on youtube.

To make matters worse, Samyan Singhal, the only son of the Singhals, is her neighbor as his mother, Mrs Singhal, is visiting family in London. And she is attracted to him.

My take:

This book is the story of second chances, the story of support and the story of standing up for yourself. There is love and what it can do. And I don’t mean the romantic kind of love only. I also mean the love between a mother and her child.

The story stresses on relationships between people, neighbours, parents and also friendships.

The characters are realistic and relatable. The language is simple and the story just flows. It is unputdownable.

I loved the book and also recommend it to everyone.

DISCLAIMER: I received the book as a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for the same.


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