A Night Out With Royals: A Novella (Royals of Stellangård Book 0) by Aarti V Raman

51tfi3o7-wlI borrowed A Night Out With Royals: A Novella (Royals of Stellangård Book 0) by Aarti V Raman from the Kindle Unlimited Library.

The blurb:

They might be European royalty, but their lives are all too real!

June 3, 1990. Princess Margaret is getting ready to have her third baby, getting ready for a ball, and getting ready to defy the love of her life.

Prince Wilhelm, the ruler of Stellangård, is adamant that his heir and Crown Prince will attend boarding school, just like generations of Heinricksons have done.

He is having serious doubts about the American he’s married to, the woman he can’t live without.

The woman who flouts tradition and family honor openly for love of her children.

Brothers Michael and Xander are hoping for a miracle that will keep them from being separated. Even though their father’s word is ironclad.

Tensions rise as champagne bubbles on this most important night for Stellangard’s monarchy.

Will Wilhelm and Margaret make up before the first dance of the Summer Ball? Can Michael and Xander’s prayers be answered?

A Night Out With Royals is a blast from the past Royals of Stellangård novella, that visits beloved characters and gives new insights into their lives.

The story:

Princess Margaret Marlena Heinrickson, an American shipping magnate’s daughter, had met Prince Wilhem when she had come down to Stellangard for a skiing holiday a decade ago. And she had ended up getting engaged to Crown Prince Wilhem.

Now, in her mid-thirties and a mother of two, she is still a woman of taste and does not shirk from making bold decisions.

But, she does not interfere in the upbringing of her elder son, Michael, which is Wihem’s forte. And her favourite is Xander, the younger one.

And after eleven years of marriage, she tries to talk Wilhem into not sending Michael to boarding school when he is ten. And that too just before the Summer Ball…..

My take:

I loved reading about the older Royals especially after reading Xander’s story. A bonus book, and now I can’t wait to read about Michael and Lena.



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