A Journey to Remember (Happily Ever After Book 1) by Shabana Mukhtar

51fHV0qTZoL.jpgI picked up A Journey to Remember (Happily Ever After Book 1) by Shabana Mukhtar from Kindle Unlimited as I wanted to read a short story in between reads.

This is the first book in ‘Happily Ever After’ series.

This series consists of unrelated cute love stories and novellas that can be read standalone. This is for all the helplessly romantic souls who don’t mind reading about how love can be found in most unexpected circumstances.

The blurb:

Asmara is from Indore, working as a campaign manager, living in Kolkata for an assignment. She gets a much deserved short vacation. She has a lot of plans for spending the holiday with family and friends. Little did she know that destiny has other plans for her.

The journey by train gets extended by a couple of hours, but not before scaring the passengers for life. Does any good come out of it?

Read the story as it happened.

A tale of a long and tiring journey. A short read of finding unexpected love.
The story:

Twenty four year old Asmara hails from Indore and has a three years experience at advertising agencies. She work in Mumbai as an Advertising campaign manager.  She travels to various cities for projects occasionally and currently, she is on a project at the Howrah branch on a temporary relocation. She is travelling to her hometown on a short vacation for, three days and a weekend and is travelling for the first time travelling by train in the region.

In her train compartment are two more families, one young couple with two young children and an older couple with a handsome son, whom she names Ali Kazmi mentally, whose actual name is Fawad Khan. Fawad works as an HR manager at BHEL Bhopal and the family is travelling to Bhopal to attend a relative’s wedding.

She has to call up home and her phone is dead, and Fawad helps her and she day dreams of marrying him. And then there are naxalites who attack the train.

My take:

A simple love story with likable characters written in a simple language.


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