Love and Curses: He could not forget what she could not remember. (Eternal Love Book 1) by Sunita Saldhana

51BRGjkB8ML.jpgI borrowed Love and Curses: He could not forget what she could not remember. (Eternal Love Book 1) by Sunita Saldhana from the Kindle Unlimited. This is the first book of the Series: Eternal Love.

The blurb:

When Amber meets Shardul, her heart starts doing somersaults and it seems as if her body has forgotten how to breathe. She has never been so strongly attracted to anyone before. But beneath the physical attraction, there is something else that she struggles with. Why does he seem so familiar when she is sure she has never met him before?

And why has she suddenly started waking up each morning with tears running down her cheeks, haunted by the same dream every night?

Shardul has been waiting for Amber forever. But fate conspired to keep them apart. He could not forget what she could not remember. Now that he had finally found her, would she open her heart to love or would he lose her forever?

The story:

Amber, 22, loses her mother to cancer at her ancestral village, Madkhol. She wants to go away for some time to study or maybe work in Mumbai. She goes to Mumbai, stays with Amanda, her friend and does an event management course there. Then she and Amanda start working at Confetti, wedding planning company.

For one of the programmes, Shardul comes for the role of the Master of Ceremonies. She sees him and has a sense of dejavu.

But she cannot recall. Or will she?

My take:

A book differently written, it kept me guessing. I loved the characters and the detailed descriptions of the people and places. The author has written the book in simple English that is easy to understand.

I loved the book and finished it in one sitting.

Waiting for the next one, which would hopefully give us an insight into this one as well.

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