Groomnapped by Sundari Venkatraman

802ca-groomnapped-amazoncoverI received Groomnapped by Sundari Venkatraman as a review copy from the author. And I would like to thank the author for the book.

The blurb:

The lovely and feisty Surekha is the eldest of three daughters of a carpenter from the wrong side of the tracks. She teaches science and maths in the Bihar Public School.

Ameya is the only son of a millionaire farmer-cum-builder and over and above that, he’s educated too.

They meet and fall in love quite easily, the drawback being the dowry system prevalent in Bihar. With Ameya’s parents expecting a huge dowry and Surekha’s parents having a tough time eking a living out of their humble income, it seems like the match between the two lovers is one made in hell.

Ameya isn’t one to take things lying on his back. But when the parents who adore him otherwise are so set against the marriage, will he be able to make Surekha his?

My take:

Surekha Yadav, 21, the eldest daughter of Liladhar, a carpenter and Lachi, a house help, teaches science and maths to class seven students at a co-ed school in Paliganj. She excels in dancing and can make some extra income with this skill. They need the money as they need to support the education of Radhika and Vaishali, her two younger sisters.

Ameya Verma, 24, the only son of Jagjivan, a rich and powerful landowner, and Daksha, returns home to Paliganj in Bihar, after completing his degree in farming. While his father deals with the development of the city by constructing buildings, Ameya prefers to manage the farms.

Ameya meets Surekha during the preparations to his friend Ratan’s wedding, as she is their choreographer.

For him it is love at first sight. And he plans to woo her and then make her his wife.

Surekha realises that Ameya is too rich and she is from the wrong side of the tracks. So she accepts the fact that this relationship would never end in marriage.

My take:

A sweet love story with well developed characters. The title as well as the prologue made me curious how this groom would be kidnapped. The language is simple and the scenes have been described in detail that I could actually picturise them and felt that they were playing before my eyes.

The writing is simple and fast paced, and I can see a sequel coming.

Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of the book from the author in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.

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