Beautiful love by PG Van

51JKWCABWuL.jpgBeautiful love by PG Van is one book that left me with a smile for a long time after I had kept the book down. This is a short story about two friends.

The blurb:


Kushi is excited about her childhood friend’s destination wedding and hoped for it to be a distraction from the chaos in her life. She downs some extra shots at the bachelorette party and before she knows it, ends up with a handsome stranger on a balcony. She doesn’t remember what happened except for his dark eyes and sweet words. Who is the stranger, and why does she remember only him and nothing else?

The story:

Twenty six year old Kushi Agarwal, an emergency room doctor in San Francisco comes to India for her best friend’s wedding. Megha is her childhood friend and the two girls had made an innocent pact when they both were eight that they would get married at the same time- that was their deal. The wedding is at the family owned resort.

At the masquerade party. Kushi is drunk and meets a man who drops her off to her room. And she does not remember anything else………

The next morning she realizes that he is Nirvan, Megha’s cousin. And that Megha had tried to set them up three years ago.

My take:

I loved the story and the characters.

I was hoping for a long one but the author has managed to express the feelings of the characters.

Loved the book and waiting for an unabridged version.

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