More Than You Want: Millionaire’s Marriage of Convenience by Aarti V Raman

51ZQOtuKvcL.jpgMore Than You Want: Millionaire’s Marriage of Convenience by Aarti V Raman is one book that I read and enjoyed because other than the romance between the main protagonists, the author has dealt with relationships between the parents and their children, both positive and negative; relation between friends and also those between siblings. This story is set in Melbourne.

The blurb:

A Temporary Marriage

Jake Cavanaugh is a ruthless, self-made millionaire. He’s worked hard to overcome his outsider status because of his Indian-Australian heritage.

Now he only has one goal. To become CEO of the company he works for.

What Jake doesn’t know is that it’s going to demand a sacrifice from him.

Marrying the boss’s daughter.

Rachel Strand.

The one woman who tempts him to break all the rules.

Rachel is the quintessential, poor little rich girl. Ignored by her Australian billionaire father and criticized for being a flake all her life.

But now Rachel has a dream. The dream has a name. The Valemon Club – making it Melbourne’s next hottest night spot.

The only catch? No one will cross her father to help her.

Desperate, Rachel presents an outrageous proposal to Jake Cavanaugh.

Corporate shark-killer. Millionaire hotshot. And the hottest man she’s ever met.

A temporary, marriage of convenience that will each get them what they want.

But desire and romance have a way of laying waste to the most outrageous of plans. And sometimes, not often, life gives you More Than You Want. Doesn’t it?

The story:

Thirty three year old Jophiel Henderson Cavanaugh, Jake, comes from mixed heritage. His dad walked out on them when he was four and he and his elder brother, Bing, were brought up by their mother single handedly. Having worked for Cameron Strand for 18 years, Jake is now the COO of Strand Enterprises. A self-made, self-earned ambitious man, he has been listed in Forbes Asian young Turks under 35 to watch for. He is highly elusive, he is considererd to be an eligible bachelor in the Melbourne social circles. He works for 18 hours on week days and 8 hours on weekends and is very organized at home. Benton Mathers his best friend and his wife, Miranda, is his lawyer.

Rachelanne Marian Strand, 25, daughter of Cameron Strand was two when her mother left her and her two half-brothers with their father. Miranda Pritchard is her best friend and Miranda’s mother, Mrs Priscilla Pritchard is their housekeeper, den mother. She wants the ownership of a bar that belongs to the Strand Enterprises since she was little.

Rachel has a plan. And she proposes a business marriage to Jake for a period of six months.

Why marriage? Because she would get money from her grandmother’s trust as soon as she gets married and then she can invest it in the bar.

Why him? Because he is unpredictable.

Both of them have something to gain out of it: Cameron wants to choose the CEO only from the family and this would be his chance to become the CEO of Strand Enterprises before he turns 35. And then he can transfer the bar in her name.

Once they get what they want, they can go their separate ways. But do they?

My take:

I loved the story and the characters. They were funny, they were cute. The relationships between the characters was something that made me read the book twice. I loved the senior ladies and also both the Mirandas.  And the easy camaraderie between the siblings, the friends and the Cavanaugh’s was the highpoint of the book.

As with all her books. Aarti’s descriptions are beautifully done and detailed.

Loved the book and am eagerly waiting for the story of Bing and Amanda in the sequel.

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