Unexpected love by PG Van

51Jt3w2AZOL.jpgUnexpected love by PG Van is a short, sweet and steamy romance (in the words of the author herself) which can be read in one sitting as an in between read.

The blurb:


Piya went on a blind date after being set up by her best friend. She almost ran when she realized her date was set up in an adult club.

Rajeev was intrigued by her innocence and wanted to know more about her.
When they meet at a rather unusual place, sparks fly, hearts beat rapidly and they cannot deny the instant attraction.

The story:

Piya Mithra is convinced by her best friend since childhood, Jai, to go on a blind date with the guy he has chosen. She is reluctant and agrees to do so once at Jai’s insistence.

And then…..

My take:

It was short and steamy alright.

The author managed to develop the characters and present them in such a short book. The language is simple and the book is fast paced.

The twist at the end left me surprised.

A word of caution to all readers: the book has adult content.

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