The Girl With A Secret Crush By Sudha Nair

517lwK5bOHL.jpgThe Girl With A Secret Crush By Sudha Nair is a feel good story by the author which I had recently borrowed from Kindle Unlimited. A short story, the book is only 32 pages long.

The blurb:

Twenty-nine-year-old Malini is single, a cat lover, and a proofreader with a secret crush.

Vikram Mathur is a bestselling author with more than a dozen books and a debilitating problem—the writer’s block.

What Malini wants more than anything is to meet Vikram, but he doesn’t even know she exists.

What if wishes were to come true! Read this short and sweet story to find out.

Will Malini get her heart’s desire?

Will Vikram be able to write his next bestseller?

The story:

Malini S Vaidyanathan, 29, a literature graduate, joined Jayco Publishing fresh out of college as a proof reader. In the eight years that she has worked here, she has proof read 14 books of Vikram Mathur, but has never met him. Even the bad pay and no promotion do not demotivate her. She has a secret crush on the writer as reads and re-reads his books. So one day, when her boss, Sagarika, is on a much deserved vacation, she gets a call from Vikram that he has a major writer’s block and needs to discuss the story problem of his latest book. Sagarika tells Malini to fill in as she is the one who knows his work the best.

But narcissistic, arrogant, cynical Vikram is not like the hero of his books and to top it all, he does not like anything she says.

My take:

A short story with well-developed characters. The story is fast paced, simple and sweet.
The author has described the emotions of the characters in details.

This may be the prequel to a novel in the offing, one can hope.


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