Rajasthan: A concise history by Rima Hooja

510GYVOnWnL._SX319_BO1_204_203_200_I received Rajasthan: A concise history by Rima Hooja as a review copy from the publisher, Rupa Publications. I would like to thank the publisher for the book.

The blurb:

Rajasthan, also called Rajputana within living memory, is an ancient land with a veritable treasure of oral and written histories. The region has a long history, stretching back to the Old Stone Age and its geography and environment have played a significant role in shaping its many facets—politics, literature, music, art, architecture and a vibrant and living intangible cultural heritage.

Richly illustrated, this book attempts to give you Rajasthan in a nutshell- a political, socio-cultural and economic history in a comprehensive, easy-to-read format. Since history is more than a chronological list of events. Rajasthan: A Concise History has used archival, epigraphic, numismatic, art-history, architectural and archaeology related information to provide a general overview of one of the most colourful states of India.

My take:

History was never my subject, I found it too boring. Maybe when we are in school and a subject is thrust upon us, we don’t have the time to like the subject.

In the book, the author has brought about the history of the most colourful state of India in a simple language. She has written about the story of Rajasthan (I am using the word, story, and not history, as I like addressing it that way) from prehistoric times (500 BC) to the present day Rajasthan, in a 839 page book (the glossary, the bibliography and the detailed index follows). In the book, she has addressed the major political, cultural, socio-economic, artistic and creative facets of the region. The state is a treasure of history. The pictures used in the book give the reader an idea of the various sources of information about the book.

The cover is beautiful, seems to be the road which passes through the Amer Fort in Jaipur. The book is a must read, and I promise you would enjoy your journey to Rajasthan with this book.

DISCLAIMER: I received the book as a review copy from the publisher, Rupa Publications, in exchange for an honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for the same.

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