A Hasty Hookup by Varsha Dixit

41zl7ECPRMLA Hasty Hookup by Varsha Dixit is the first book of the Wallflower Series. This book is the story of Gina Bansal and Ojas Purohit, an estranged couple.

The blurb:

Married to one, engaged to another!

Gina Bansal, twenty-eight, could never in her wildest dreams have imagined this to be her relationship status. It will soon only get murkier as she is determined to divorce one and marry another. Five years ago, a mistake committed in name of love cost Gina her family, friends and everything she held dear. She even had to move countries. But now she is back in India, determined to divorce her cad of a husband. However, she is forgetting that a true cad never fights decent nor fair.

Work and women have kept the reclusive and retired Colonel Ojas Purohit busy. Fate left him scarred, crippled and robbed him of a career that was his passion and his life. For him, fate has a name—Gina Bansal, his estranged wife of five years. And now she is back, wanting a divorce. Ojas is determined to put her through hell before he even gives her a minute of his time, forget a divorce. And this time luck is on his side for his enemy needs him more than he needs her. Or so he thinks.

Will Gina and Ojas survive each other? Will memories of their past complicate their present? Is desire forgotten same as desire dead? And who are these Gina’s BFFs, the Wallflowers? What roles do they play in this Hasty Hookup?

All these answers and more in ‘A Hasty Hookup,’ first book in the Wallflower Series by Varsha Dixit. It is a story full of unexpected twists, wit, sizzling chemistry, cliffhanger ending, mature language and content.

The story:

Gina Bansal was 23 and married for just over a month, when her husband, Ojas, took everything away from her, her love, her family, her self-respect. Though except for her father, no one had broken ties with her, but for her family, she was like a distant relative. Her mother sent her to a distant relative to carry on with her life. She even did not tell her best friends, the Wallflowers.

Now, five years later, Gina is 28 and lives and works in Singapore. Ritesh is her friend in Singapore, she had bumped into him three years ago. She had never discussed her personal details with him but when he asks her to marry her, she tells him that she is married but separated from her husband. She agrees to marry him but for that she has to divorce Ojas.

Gina calls up her lawyer in Bangalore and asks her to get her a divorce by mutual consent. When two weeks later, there is no response from the other party, her lawyer suggests that she goes down to Bangalore and meet her husband and convince him to give her an uncontested divorce. And she decides to take the bull by its horns, meet Ojas and ask him to sign on the divorce papers.

She also decides to ask the Wallflowers for help, but is not sure whether they would help her after what she did? For five years her Wallflowers, her friends, has been her 24X7 besties, soulmates, frenemies, spiritual gurus, and every other relationship out there. So Gina, The Pretty Awkward One sends them a message and they take her back with open arms.

Gina takes a flight back to Bangalore via Delhi. The Fiesty One, Kyra Saigal, now a journalist with a top news syndicate and travelled all over the world and The Duchess, Doyal Barua, now a rich successful, business woman are there to receive her at Delhi. The Shy One, Meher Chaudhary, her BFF, now a doctor, doing her post graduation in orthopaedics is there to receive her at Bangalore.

Meher and Gina go to the Purohit’s residence only to meet Puru, Ojas’s younger brother who tells them that Retired Colonel Ojas Purohit, 35, her estranged husband, has a farmhouse on the outskirts of Pune where he lives with PA, Vinay Dhaliwal and a cook.

Gina comes to the farmhouse and asks Ojas for a divorce which he refuses reminding her that she did not want one five years ago. She pleads.

In the meanwhile, Puru tells Vinay to make sure that Gina stays and Vinay has to keep her there as it is very important to keep them around each other. So Vinay comes up with a plan and tells Ojas to ask her to do something that she would not be able to do and promise to sign the paper only if she does it. And when she fails, she will have to leave….

Ojas feels only anger and rage towards her, because she cost him his friend’s life, his leg and his career. So he asks her to work as his secretary for two weeks and at the end of the two weeks, he would give her a quick divorce.

What happens next……

My take:

This is the first book in the series and is the story of Gina Bansal, The Pretty Awkward One, the Wallflower name allotted to her.

The characters have been portrayed beautifully. Ojas is the real BAD MAN in the book, what with long hair and impeccable clothes. His house is as dark as his mood. Gina is desperate for the divorce. Puru has something up his sleeve and Vinay is the decent one in the book.

The relationship between the girls is excellent. They just took up from where they had left off, five years had no value in this relationship.

The book has so many ingredients, friendship, love, separation, desperation, jealousy. The book is fast paced and I really enjoyed it. The twist in the end left me wanting for more.

Waiting for the next story, to see what holds for Gina and Ojas and also which wallflower would be up next.



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