Still not over you by Aarti V Raman (Book 1 of Geeks of C@ltech Series)

51m0pVHXSHLStill not over you is the latest book by Aarti V Raman available on Kindle Unlimited. It is the first book of the Geeks of C@ltech series by the author. It is a story of second chances  set in Chicago and Pasadena in America.

The Blurb:

Christmas Eve. Chicago.


Ten years ago, I lost my best friend, the girl I loved, and the family and future I had counted on. All in one night.  Now, I have my bar and my brothers, my fellow Caltech buddies who stood by me when my own family did not. I moved halfway across the country but I haven’t forgotten any of it. Until she walks back into my bar and my life and asks for the impossible. I realize I haven’t forgiven her at all.


Ten years ago, my life fell apart. I went from being a beloved sixteen-year-old with a bright future to the girl who secretly betrayed her family. I’ve been paying for it ever since.  But I know, I am not enough. Not for the family. Not for the business.  And not for the decade-long secret that has the potential to destroy my fragile world once more.  Now, I have to do the unthinkable.  I have to work with Dev, the boy who loved me and who I sent away to exile ten years ago.

Now, Dev is back and he wants everything from me. My passion. My heart. My secrets.  And all I want is a second chance to put everything back the way it was.

Can love be enough to heal old wounds? Or is forgiveness an ugly four-letter word?

STILL NOT OVER YOU is Book One of The Geeks of Caltech series. A unique band of friends bonded by loyalty, brotherhood, and pain, the Geeks of Caltech are to die for and their women all they wish to live for!

The story:

Sundar Subramanian started AllMart, a family owned company, with Dibankar Banerjee, a financial genius, and made it a successful immigrant business story in the United States.

Zara Subramanian lived in their family home, Sycamore Drive, Riverside Heights, Chicago, with her family of 7, Grandpa Sundar Subramanian, Grandma, Aunt Vaidehi Sreedharan, cousin Aadi, her parents and Ma DSa, their housekeeper.

Having lost his mom in childbirth, father to work and grandfather to aneurysm, Dev Banerjee had practically been brought up in Grandpa Sundar’s house. Very close to Aunt Vaidehi, Aunt Vee, friends, partners in crime and comrades in war with Aadi.

When Zara Subramanian was fourteen, she realized that her childish hatred for Dev Banerjee, her brother Aadi’s friend and her grandfather’s partner’s grandson, had turned into something different.

When Zara was sixteen and in high school and Dev, nineteen and studying at Northwestern, they realized their love for each other. And on Christmas Eve that year, tragedy strikes, Aadi dies in a freak accident and Dev goes away.

Now, ten years later,

Zara is the Chief Executive Officer at AllMart, having studied very hard at school and college in an effort to fill the void created in the family and business by Aadi’s death and Dev’s going away and even marrying Ravi Singh to make her Grandpa happy. Three months ago, Zara lost her husband and parents in a car crash. She runs the business now as Grandpa is not well. But the Board is not happy and thinks that she is not capable of running AllMart.

Dev owns a Bar and Bistro, Geeks will be Geeks in Pasadena, California. When Zara asked him to leave and the rest of the family was too grief-stricken to check up on him, he felt abandoned and betrayed. His father also cut him away from the inheritance. His core group of friends, Shiv, Nico and Kit, got him transferred to Caltech and stood by him then. They are still there for him.

She comes to his bar in Pasadena and he is surprised to see her at his place. She tells him that she wants to nominate him as the co-CEO, wants him to work with her for a couple of months and wants his vote as Director in the annual Board meeting in two months. He does not want revenge, wants closure and information and now that she was here, he was going to get his answers. So, he agrees to help her for two months and moves to Chicago.

The prodigal son returns to the family, after staying away from them for ten years. He is welcomed with open arms by the remaining members and the two new members, Aadi’s girlfriend Lily and his son, Bret.

Dev is unpredictable, thoughtful and loyal when it came to family but when it came to Zara 2.0, he was confused and off balance, which he did not want to be at any point.

Zara had known when she had decided to ask him for help that seeing him again would be hard, would be impossible. She also knew that Dev was supposed to take over from Grandpa S when the time came having taken business courses along with his Engineering major. He had been groomed to be the heir since the day he was born.

They are attracted, he wants a second chance but she feels guilty for all that she has done.

My take:

Like everyone, I also love stories that have a happy ending, but when the story is about lovers reuniting after going away for a long time, it is like the cherry on the icing. This is one such story, where the main characters meet after a decade and have not stopped loving each other.

The story is simple but has been plotted well. The characters have been developed in detail and some or other characteristic of the author keeps coming up in between. The secondary characters in the story have a major role to play in the story. The author has described the feelings of the characters. The conversations between the characters have been beautifully depicted. The descriptions of the scenes were detailed and I could easily visualize the scenes.

Over all I loved the story, the characters, the scenes, the language, the feelings, the emotions….. a lot.

I just cannot wait for the next book in the series.





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