We are imperfectly perfect by Nikita Gupta

51uJjs-JrwL.jpgI was browsing through Amazon.in when this book caught my eye. We are imperfectly perfect by Nikita Gupta, a fifteen year old girl.

The blurb:

“Everything is perfect.” I said out loud to myself.

No! It isn’t. My inner voice said.

“No! Everything is perfect.” I said out loud again.

No. It isn’t. It never was. My inner voice said again.

Samaira Oberoi, a simple, beautiful girl who means the world to her daddy, falls in love with her childhood crush. Her father, Viren, being completely against love marriages can’t believe his little girl would take such a step for a person she has known only for a few days.

Sidhant Singhania, on the other hand, is a rich and handsome man who never thought he would fall in love. When he does, his fate makes him hate his love, leaving both the hearts broken.

Will Samaira and Sidhant be together? Will her father accept her love after knowing the truth? Will this imperfect love find its way to perfection?

My take:

This is a simple story of childhood classmates meeting after six years and realizing that they love each other. Then the daughter wins over the girlfriend and so on.

The author has created the characters in such a way that I felt that I had met a Samaira or a Sidhant in my life. The language is simple and the feelings of the characters have been portrayed well.

She has also portrayed relationships well, be it the friendship between Samaira and her friends or Samaira and her brother. The father daughter relationship was the highpoint of the book.

I felt a little better editing could have made the book crisper, shorter and more enjoyable.


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