Simha International by Sundari Venkatraman

9edcd-simhainternational-amazon-coverSimha International by Sundari Venkatraman is the first book in the trilogy called The Bansal Legacy. Menaka and Alok Bansal live in Mahabaleshwar and run a homestay. They have three children, Rohit, Rhea and Ritvick. Rohit lives in Mumbai, Rhea in Ooty and Ritvick in Udaipur. We shall be meeting them in chronological order in the Bansal Legacy series. This book is the story of the oldest among them, Rohit.

The Blurb:

Rohit Bansal, the handsome and suave managing director of Simha International, is the envy of many—from a director of the hotel to an employee.
A thief comes up with a simple modus operandi, believing that nobody’s really going to find out anything about the thefts taking place. But when a guest brings it to his notice, Rohit is determined to save the reputation of Simha International and ropes in a top-notch detective. Will Rohit be able to find who the thief is before time runs out?
The lovely and intelligent Tasha Sawant goes to work at Simha International as the duty manager. Her experience in the hotel industry only adds to the hotel’s excellent service.
Tasha is attracted to Rohit and it would seem that he reciprocates her feelings. Well, the lady isn’t looking for a permanent relationship as it looks likes she’s already had an unpleasant experience. But then, what about the guy? Does Rohit want any kind of relationship with Tasha?

The story:

Thirty three year old Rohit Bansal is the Managing Director of Simha International, a five star hotel in Mumbai. His single handed struggle and hard work was instrumental in setting up the hotel. Most of the shares of the hotel belong to him and his family members.

Tasha Sawant works in his hotel. She has a brother, who is eight years younger to her, and is a brat. She does not share a comfortable relationship with her mother, but gets along better with her father.she has not seen her family for the past three years.

The story starts with a guest complaining that he has been charged for the mini-bar in the room for the stuff that he has not consumed. And he wants to catch the thief.

Baidyanath Thakkar, one of the directors, has a gambling problem and is bankrupt. To get money, he wants his daughter, Muskaan to marry Rohit, but she knows that Rohit had some horrid experience and avoids women.

Akhil Shetty is a management trainee at the hotel and is jealous of Rohit.

My take:

The story is a love story with twists which crop up when they are least expected. The characters have been created with a lot of patience and are realistic. The scenes have been described in detail and it was very easy to picturise them.

The author has done a lot of research for the book, this comes out in the way she has described the hotel procedures and other nitty-gritties.

The relationship between the characters has been beautifully described be it the relationship between Tasha and Rohit or between Rohit and his hotel staff or Rohit and his family. The way the author has portrayed Rohit and Tasha’s maturity in dealing with a lot of things impressed me.

The names of the dishes as well as their description made my mouth water.

Waiting for Rhea’s story next.

Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of the book from the author as a part of the blog tour by The Book Club in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.


One thought on “Simha International by Sundari Venkatraman

  1. Thank you for the lovely review of Simha International
    I am so glad to see that you have enjoyed my book. 😀 ❤

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