The Apartment by Sweta Kondavalasa

apartment.jpgI picked up The Apartment by Sweta Kondavalasa from Kindle unlimited as I liked both the blurb and the cover.

The Blurb (from Amazon):

What happens when a girl with strong career goals meets a careless rich kid?

They fight, they disagree but in the end they fall in love. Amaya Sharma, a girl from a mediocre family in Luckhnow but there is nothing mediocre about her. She had big dreams which came crashing down when her father announced her wedding on her 18th birthday.

Shocked but determined she ran away from home at 18 and landed in Mumbai with an internship in a PR agency. 5 years of hard work, blood and sweat she was now the leading PR agent of Bollywood hot shot.

She was a girl for whom her dreams were the only purpose in life until she moved into Casa Paradiso the most expensive address in Mumbai and met Vivan Malhotra.
Vivan Malhotra, a typical rich kid whose parents had money but no time but he wasn’t a miserable and sulking guy. In fact he made the most of this situation and used this to his benefit. A typical street smart guy who grew up Swiss boarding school and wine and now back to Mumbai to pursue his dream of being a musician. He has his two best friends Aman and Karan who mean the world to him. He is blessed with drop dead good looks and even deadlier voice which reaches the heart and melts the soul.

He lives in Casa Paradiso, a property owned by his dad and one fine day Amaya moves in as his neighbour and soon appointed as his PR agent to launch him.

What follows is a blazing and passionate romance between them.

The story:

Amaya Sharma was 18 when her father said that he would get her married off within two months because there were two younger sisters to marry and a pampered brother’s education to pay for. She had big dreams, wanted to be a fashion designer and was lucky enough to be accepted by a PR firm for an internship. So, taking all her money with her from her bank account and the help of a friend, she fled from Lucknow to Mumbai with the hope of making it big.

After five years of hard work in Mumbai, 23 year old Amaya is the Head PR of Dreams and Desires, has found an apartment on rent in Casa paradise, an upscale housing society in Mumbai, the home for the rich and the famous. Mohit was the only one who protected her in Mumbai where she had come as an eighteen year old and has stuck to her since then and the only person from her family whom she misses is her mother.

Amaya has a new neighbour in the new apartment, Vivan Malhotra, an ultra-rich kid, a trained commercial pilot and an upcoming musician. Having studied in Switzerland ever since he was 10, the only things that mattered to him are his friends Aman and Karan and his music.

He has a new album coming up and his father hires a PR agency for the works. And which agency does he hire, Amaya’s. She hates people who get everything easily in life.

They are attracted to each other, but have no time for personal relationships.

My take:

A simple plot, likable and relatable characters, written in simple English. Loved the end.

All that the book required was better editing, that would have reduced the spelling mistakes, improved the grammar, punctuation as well as made the story crisper.

A good attempt. Looking forward to more books from the author.

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