No Strings Attached by Sheila Kumar

81Hq5qaiBEL.jpgNo Strings Attached by Sheila Kumar is the author’s first book that I have read. It is a story set in a newspaper office in Bangalore.

The blurb:

The kiss caught fire, growing more urgent, more intimate, its tenor changing rapidly as their mouths fused and clung. They make each other breathless. Their kisses are dangerous. Their chemistry is simply off the charts.
Samar Pratap Singh and Nina Sabharwal can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. Yet, they don’t quite trust each other either: he thinks she’s eyeing bigger fish, she’s convinced he’s a heartbreaker. They have both decided that falling in love is simply not an option – no strings attached is how they roll. Only, the fact that they have to see each other at work every day makes situations stickier and the more their lives become intertwined, the more they realize that love – a real and lasting love – is just a leap of faith away. But will they make that leap? Can they?

The story:

Nina Sabharwal, born to an English mother and a second generation British person of Indian origin, is in India on a two year contract. She works at India! Newspaper as Sales and Marketing Director and is a sensation in the office due to her British colouring. She is an Indian at heart and British in appearance. She has already completed one year in India and plans to return to London, a place where she belonged, in the Chelsea apartment she shared with her sister, Sue. Once back in London, she plans to work for one of the dailies and start on a long planned book and visit her mother in the countryside every weekend.

Samar Pratap Singh, known as Heartbreak Singh, the star photo journalist of the newspaper is the scion of an old aristocratic family from Rajasthan. Having gone to University in England, Samar is becoming the country’s most perceptive lens man and travels a lot both inside and outside India. Samar is the only person who does not react to Nina in anyway.

They are attracted to each other. He thinks she is having an affair with her married boss and he is out to protect the Boss’s wife. And she thinks he is engaged to Kashmira Jhala.

My take:

The book is interesting with a simple story, simple writing and good flow. The characters have been developed well and their feelings have been described beautifully. The scenes are such that they could be easily visualized.

I finished it in one day flat. Maybe a little less drag at the end would have made it better.


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