Served with love by Priyanka Menon

9789352644032.jpgBooks by Priyanka Menon are a treat to read. They are sure to lift up your mood anytime of the day. Served with love by Priyanka Menon is one such book. Once I picked it up, I just could not put it down and was reading it whenever I got an opportunity. This book is the story of twenty six year old Pakhi Mehra and forty two year old Abhimanyu Dev, both of whom share a love for cooking. The book is set in Mumbai, Kolkata and Jaipur.

The story:

Abhimanyu Dev, orphaned early and brought up by a doting grandfather, has his life chalked out. He is forty-two years old and single, and intends to stay that way. And he runs a hotel with all the care he might have devoted to a home. In walks Pakhi, taking charge of the hotel kitchen. A guardian to her niece Abhithi, Pakhi is passionate and opinionated, and focused on the little girl and on work.

Abhi and Pakhi rarely see eye to eye. Sparks fly and tempers fray. Yet there are two things that bind them – gourmet meals and their love for Abhithi. The little girl’s affection and innocence draw Abhi out of his shell in a manner he had not anticipated. As for Pakhi, her niece is the very centre of her life.

When Abhithi is kidnapped, it brings Abhi and Pakhi together as they follow her trail to Mumbai. Will they find Abhithi and each other in time? Served with Love is a mature romance for a new age.

The story:

Pakhi is an assistant chef at Leela Palace Bengaluru, a hotel she joined after her graduation from IHM, because Rajeev Ramaswamy, her fiancé, wanted her to, so that they could be near each other, when she has to quit her job and move to Mumbai to take care of eighteen month old Abhithi, her niece after the death of her brother and sister-in-law in a car accident. Rajeev does not appreciate the break-up.

Mow eighteen months later, three year old Abhithi is her reason to live. Paki loves her like her own daughter and the trio of Pakhi, Abhithi and Mr Mehra, Pakhis father saty in Mumbai. Her father is a retired school principal and writes books for children.

Abhimanyu, orphaned at a young age, was brought up by his grandfather, Pratap Dev, who not only was a grandfather, but his mother and father as well. Both Pratap and Abhimanyu share a very, very deep bond.

Abhimanyu, one of India’s renowned chefs, the head chef at Dev Intercontinental, is sincere and passionate about food and has been firing sous chefs who cannot meet his expectations. Pakhi is comfortable with all sections of the menu but her heart is truly in desserts. She in search of a job and lands the job of sous chef at Dev Intercontinental.

Though initially they fight over small things but they are attracted to each other. Pakhi has no place in her life for distraction and Dev does not believe in love, he is practical and a realist and is too old to believe in fanciful notion like love. Like Pakhi, he also does not need any distraction in his life.

To him, Pakhi is the kind of woman you took home to your family but Abhimanyu had lived his life on his own terms and could not compromise on that. And Pakhi loves her niece too much to give her up for someone.

My take:

The book is beautiful, the story, the dialogues, the descriptions, the characters, the emotions…….(I am breathless)

The characters have been beautifully created with a lot of detailing. The dialogues between them are so real that I could feel the characters were conversing right befor my eyes. Jaipur and Kolkata are two of my favourite places and the author has described them so beautifully, I felt that I was travelling with Pakhi and Dev to these places and seeing the places with them – so good are the descriptions.

The relationships between the characters, Abhimanyu and his grandfather; Pakhi and Abhithi; Abhimanyu and Abhithi have been beautifully depicted.

Loved the book immensely. It is unputdownable.



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